Video: Class of 2019 forward Trayce Jackson-Davis sectional highlights, interview

  • 03/05/2018 9:41 am in

GREENWOOD, Ind. – Class of 2019 IU recruiting target Trayce Jackson-Davis scored 11 points in front of Archie Miller to lead Center Grove past Franklin, 74-39, on Saturday night to win the Greenwood sectional.

Center Grove will play Evansville North on Saturday at Seymour in a Regional semifinal. Inside the Hall was at Greenwood on Saturday and we’ve compiled highlights of Jackson-Davis in addition to a postgame interview:

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  • Lance76

    Noticed that he has had coaching early with his foot work around the basket. His enthusiasm shows in the interview and seems very polite. Parents seem to have done a great job with this young man.

  • HoosierEconomist

    Fran and Archie as in mad Fran?

  • Hoosierkamp

    ha, appears so. No way he goes to Iowa

  • INUnivHoosier2

    Fumin’ Fran

  • vicbert caladipo

    Off topic, but since none of my sports teams win anything I have to resort to consolation prizes……..sooooooooo glad UM pounded peeyoo yesterday even though the refs tried their best to give it to peeyoo. I’m not so sure Bielein isn’t the best coach in the bigten.

    On a side note……really good Phil Mickelson won…..he is like our IU players…just a good classy guy….bout time nice guys finish first for a change!

  • IdahoHoosier

    I wasn’t able to watch the UM/PU game unfortunately, but it is funny to hear you say the refs tried to give it to PU. A good friend of mine who went to PU and was at the game in NYC said emphatically that PU lost because the refs tried to give it to UM. Just goes to show both sides can find ways to complain about the refs win or lose.

  • SCHoosier

    I hope this kid is a priority for the Hoosiers. Smooth on the court and off.

  • vicbert caladipo

    VE to start the game ran up someones back for a rebound………Thompson fouled a guy twice on same play….haas was hooking people all night.. CE had his foot on the end line and wasn’t called when the game was close..I think we went over this before and no offense to your friend but peeyoo fans aren’t the brightest and will complain about every call…just my opinion but mark my words they will get a crew that calls things tight and they will get their just due and get knocked out of the tourney

  • vicbert caladipo

    5 takeaways from the big10 tourney…

    1. The way to shut up the buffoons on the Neb bench is to kick the crap out of their team
    2. UM is a bout as resilient a team I have ever seen….credit to one of the best coaches in NCAA
    3. At 6-11 245 Mo Wagner looks like an 8th grader next to Haas
    4. UM gets 3 straight quadrant 1 wins in 3 days but still won’t get better thAN a 5 seed. UK gets pummeled by FLA and will still get a 4. The sec gets way too much love

    5. PSU and NEB will be in the NIT and deserve to be there. They both had their chances and lost….this news will also kill any chance of IU getting into the NIT. That committee isn’t going to take half the field(embellishing) being big10 teams

  • Ole Man

    #4 agree
    #5 totally disagree; and you can’t complain about MI’s seed, then say PSU and NEB belong in the NIT.
    They don’t, IMO. They deserve to dance.

  • vicbert caladipo

    Ole man if I went by MY STANDARDS I’d agree but the NCAA has made it perfectly clear they are basing their decisions on this quadrant BS….I sometimes wonder if they should just do away with the media and coaches polls since they don’t matter…RPI is a joke. Look at UMs resume…they deserve a 3. I am a big believer in how you finish and UM is playing as well as anyone in the country and deserve at least a 3. Personally I don’t think Neb or PS are any better than us. You will probably disagree but imo our top 4 is much better than the next 10

  • HoosierEconomist

    lmao get out of Indiana defcon Fran.

  • HoosierEconomist

    I have to say I disagree. One of them, preferably the one that played spoiler to Holtmann’s otherwise stellar first year, deserves a play in instead of [insert garbage Pac-12 team here].

    Nebrasketball has had several quality home wins this season but can’t expect to dance if they can’t out play Illinois.

  • IdahoHoosier

    I hear you. I think it says more about fandom in general than anything specifically about PU fans, but that is just my opinion. Usually both sides of any game feel the refs screwed them. I was actually REALLY impressed with PU in December/January when they looked dominant, but their luster has worn off a bit lately. They look beatable and heavily match-up dependent. I don’t think it’s impossible they make a good run in the tourney, but I’m thinking they fizzle out earlier than previously expected.

  • Ole Man

    HoosierE and Vic — we’re not that far apart in thought.
    My take is that teams such as OK and Baylor have no place in the tourney, but a 13-5 team in the Big Ten (even in a supposedly down year) earns an invite. I think PSU’s work also deserves an invite.
    They didn’t really get rid of the RPI; they use it to determine which quadrant teams belong in. Totally bogus!
    Also, they are not counting quad one losses against a team, i.e. OK is 6-10 against quad one. They only count the wins.
    Lastly, RPI is determined by the perception of the league.
    Big 12 for example is overrated as tough. But when they play one another they’re playing another highly rated (overrated) team.
    Yeah, right!

  • N71

    Reading ITH this past week has me feeling as though we’re reinstalling a culture that had gone dormant somewhat. What really hit me was seeing the images of DeRon, Justin, and Race at a game in Seymour, Indiana…they are all from out of state. They look a little wide-eyed at the crowd for a high school basketball game, larger than some seen at Assembly Hall this past season and certainly larger than what they were accustomed to when they were in high school. There’s also a few images of them going over to Romeo after the game and a comment from Romeo, ““It’s pretty cool that they took valuable time out of their Saturday to come down and watch me play when they could have been doing something else”. Between the current roster getting a feel for the connection people have with basketball here, the new staff, and now Damezi, Robert, and perhaps Romeo along with the 2019 guys, a type of basketball ninja warrior monk thing feels like its developing. You come to Indiana for a number of reasons but somewhat unique to IU is entering a tibet of sorts where basketball is worshipped.

  • Kyl470

    With the possible rule changes with the NBA my guess is Trayce never plays in college and goes straight to the NBA.

  • sarge

    I love how he comes out making quick passes from the post. Pretty much eliminating the ability to double him in the post. He also makes quick moves when he decides to take it to the rim and he is a good passer. He is going to be a great player. He is patient when they don’t double him with his head up and the ball high. Great fundamentals.

  • inCMitrust

    Jackson-Davis should be our number one priority for the 2019 class and I believe he is. If he commits I believe it will be the start of Archie landing top 50 recruits on a regular basis and for me it will eliminate the only question I have about Archie-recruiting. If he lands Romeo this year, he did it one year earlier than I expected. Love what I’m seeing from Archie’s first class. I think some of them might be ranked a little low.

  • Ms hoosier

    Michigan would beat Kentucky by 15 points!!!

  • Tenacious Newt

    I thought I heard Seth Davis prattling on during one of the tournament halftimes with regard to the last ten games no longer being a part of the equation. Which is absolute bollocks if true.

  • MrNobody

    Just as all the good PU teams do 🙂

  • Arch Puddington

    This has been my opinion of them for some time. They don’t have a lot of good wins, especially lately. Their early victories against Arizona and Louisville were good, but both look less meaningful now than they did at the time. They did beat Michigan twice, but most recently more than a month ago, and since then they have lost all four of their games against quality opponents. The bottom line is that that for all their size and experience, they just aren’t very athletic.

  • inCMitrust

    He is a top recruit, but he isn’t even top 20. He is a long way from one and done or none and done. Maybe next year he doubles his stats and I’m wrong.

  • Kyle Fuehne

    Please dont waste my time with “highlights ” against a team that rolls out a 6’2″ center.

  • Ivan Renko

    lol get outta here