• sd chuck

    Extremely happy Damezi coming to IU!

  • TomEke

    A couple thoughts:
    -He scores off the dribble both in the mid range and from 3 pt.
    -The word eccentric comes to mind — his shot release and his movements are unique to him IMO. Regardless, DA is effective in terms of numbers (he is nearing Demetrius Jackson’s St Joe County scoring record), but he is also effective in terms of winning (Riley is undefeated).
    -Riley chooses to put the ball in DA’s hands when Penn is fouling at the end of the game.
    -You can tell this is the Penn broadcast right around 1:16.

  • IU Hoosiers # 34, 1979-83

    I thought he broke Jackson’s scoring record.

  • coachv

    they need a bigger score graphic on the screen

  • IU Hoosiers # 34, 1979-83

    My bad. He broke Jimmy Webbs scoring record.

  • TomEke

    I believe Webb is City (South Bend) Record, while Jackson is County (St Joe) Record.

  • IU Hoosiers # 34, 1979-83

    Tom, you’re right on that. Discussing this just made me realize how great Jimmy Webb was. Sadly he only lived to be 33.

  • Hoosierkamp

    agreed. It is nice to see him attacking hoop and not just shooting 3’s. His shot is so quick and he seems to be a decent defender. Maybe a little slow of foot right now…. but he is also just better than most others.

    He could be an incredible and dangerous offensive player and a late shot clock guy. Seems like he needs to develop a good amount, but his upside should be really high

  • WhatsUpKnight2.0

    wow, love the speed and aggression on both sides of the floor. i’d love to see an entire team of tough players like that, for a change! not sure if i’ve seen any highlights. assumed he was more of a spot up shooter, certainly not the case. kid can create offense, go to the left hand, and knock down mid-range jumpers. and i don’t know his wingspan, but dang!

  • sarge

    Would anyone else love to see South Bend and New Albany for the state title?

  • TomEke

    At 1:12, you’ll see SBRiley pick up the full court press while up 23 points, come up with a steal, and score a DA basket. . .

    Talk about no mercy in a rivalry game — I love it.

  • inCMitrust

    Looks like he could be a very good perimeter defender with his length. His release on shot looks a little low, but it is quick. Doubt he will start next year, but will definitely see lots of minutes.

  • john

    Does anyone feel sorry for Kentucky high school players this year?

  • VOXAC30

    Not much to dislike about this kid….. man he is good!
    – Could be the video but he doesn’t look fast but laterally he is very quick
    – Inside game, mid-range, and an outside shooter
    – Couldn’t tell his defense on dribble drive but he has very quick hands
    – He is not afraid to play seems like he is going to be all over you and attack the basket

  • VOXAC30