Five takeaways from Indiana’s win at Iowa

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Indiana won its third road game of the season on Saturday afternoon as the Hoosiers beat Iowa, 84-82, at Carver-Hawkeye Arena. The victory improved Indiana to 16-12 overall and 9-7 in Big Ten play.

Here’s a look at five takeaways from the win over the Hawkeyes:

· Johnson catches fire in Iowa City: Juwan Morgan has carried the load offensively for Indiana for most of the season. But as foul trouble limited Morgan to just 27 minutes on Saturday, an IU senior stepped up with a huge offensive effort.

Robert Johnson, one of just six players in IU history with more than 200 made 3-pointers, tied a school record with nine made 3s in the victory.

“I didn’t realize he made nine 3s,” IU coach Archie Miller said postgame. “I realize that he made some, but I wasn’t up to speed on exactly how many. I knew he made some really big ones. He made a big one right in front of our bench to put us up four. Then during that run in the second half, he made some big ones. I’ve been waiting for him to step up and have one of these nights.”

While his shooting has been up and down this season, Johnson’s 3-point shooting percentage this season (37.3) has edged ahead of his junior season (37). He’s also 18th in the conference in 3-point shooting percentage in league games at 39.8.

· McSwain buckles down late defensively: Indiana didn’t have an answer defensively for Tyler Cook, but the Hoosiers were able to contain him when it mattered most.

A major reason the Hoosiers were able to muster up stops in the game’s final minutes was senior Freddie McSwain, who stood his ground against Cook.

“I think the big thing about Freddie is he’s giving us consistent effort,” Miller said. “He’s another guy that can rebound. We got manhandled on the glass, especially in the second half. He was able to help us defensively.”

Not only did McSwain score the game winning layup, he also held Cook, who finished with 28 points, scoreless in the game’s final minutes.

· Iowa’s defense is historically bad: How bad are the Hawkeyes defensively?

If the season ended today, Iowa would have the worst Big Ten defense of the Ken Pomeroy era, which dates back to 2002. Here are the ten worst Big Ten defenses since the 2001-02 season:

With remaining games against Minnesota and Northwestern, the Hawkeyes may avoid finishing with a number worse than Rutgers did in 2015-16.

But for a team that was picked by many to finish in the top half of the league, it’s been an embarrassingly bad season in Iowa City.

· Indiana shoots better than 50 percent on 3s for first time in Big Ten play: On an afternoon in which its defense didn’t travel, Indiana won in large part because of hot perimeter shooting.

Aided by Johnson’s record tying day, Indiana hit 14 of its 24 shots from distance in the win. It was the first time the Hoosiers have shot better than 50 percent on 3s in conference play.

The 1.256 points per possession were also a Big Ten best this season for Indiana.

· Win secures a top seven seed in Big Ten tournament: In addition to securing at least a .500 record in conference play, Indiana has now secured a top seven seed in the Big Ten tournament.

There’s still plenty to play out with a week remaining in the regular season, but Indiana has a legitimate chance at the No. 6 seed if it can win one of its final two games.

That would require Penn State to finish 1-2 over its final three games. The Nittany Lions play today at Purdue, host Michigan on Wednesday and travel to Nebraska to close out the regular season.

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  • runelord

    You have to like that the ref is looking dead at his feet in the picture

  • runelord

    You can shove your hush and your troll label.

  • Ivan Renko

    Ron Patterson was academically ineligible coming out of HS at the time, wasn’t anything Crean could do about it. Patterson’s AAU coach also said it had nothing to do with IU’s oversign at the time

  • coachv

    baptized in a hotel pool. lol. i heard some players said they were baptizing strippers by pouring champagne over them

  • coachv

    i call them hypochristians

  • coachv

    i agree with a couple of your points. if you are paid with taxpayer dollars, you should not use your job to preach religion. it’s in the constitution. secondly, as someone who does not believe i could never have played for crean. i even get uncomfortable as a coach in my son’s church league when they gather everyone at center court to pray before games. praying in the locker room at the behest of the head coach is not something i could abide for 4 years without feeling like a hypocrite myself.

  • coachv

    if god doesn’t care about children being mowed down with assault weapons, he sure as hell could give a damn about your team winning a game. why anyone would bow down to a god who allows defenseless children to be killed and assaulted is beyond me.

  • coachv

    that’s not very christian of him

  • coachv

    the best time of the year! from mid-feb thru march is when basketball takes center stage as the greatest sport on earth. i am praying for a miracle that puts iu in the dance

  • StudentHoosier

    I’m upset with myself for being so late to the party, because man what a win that was.

    Student Hoosier’s 5 Takeaways:

    1. Devonte was simply born to play basketball. Dude is an absolute beast.

    2. Planting Hartman in the middle of that zone was both genius and effective. The guy plays great in traffic has been making smart passes as a Hoosier for 5 years. Great move by Archie.

    3. I’ve been very critical of Newkirk in the past (rightfully so IMHO) but my main criticism was that he just played way too much. He looks comfortable and adequate as a bench guy.

    4. It’s a shame that Freddie won’t get 3-4 at a D1 school to develop. The dude is an absolute beast defensively, and some refinement to his offensive game would make him an overall very good player.

    5. Dakich is annoying. I used to not mind him, but man…. I mean did anyone catch his little Big Ten rankings graphic? He had MSU at 1, claimed it was subject to change since at the moment they were getting wrecked by Northwestern, then he actually made a new ranking and they showed it! He moved MSU down, and they eventually won! What an IDIOT!

  • coachv

    of course you can say we will never know when any coach shows a player the door as that is never going to be made public

  • coachv

    i take that back. miller showed gelon the door

  • HoosierEconomist

    To clarify, ND Football is the closest thing to a fan base completely deluded into believing that Jesus wants them to win games YET they have systematically covered up various sexual assault allegations and well… allowed a student to die because Brian Kelly REALLY WANTED TO WATCH PRACTICE VIDEO FROM A BIRD’S EYE VIEW.

  • Right, just re-watched the game myself. He’s clearly out of bounds with his left foot, which is what the ref calls, and then the replay shows his right foot being in bounds. The ref got it right this time.

  • dagovernor

    Crean was the worst at this, and my hunch is that why a lot of players didn’t come here. I couldn’t imagine wanting to play with someone who wore god on his sleeve like that if you weren’t very religious. I was always against his bible quotes on twitter and the like.

    It’s one thing for an individual player to do that, but for the coach of a team at a public, state-funded university to be doing so, is tone-deaf and not the best in my opinion. It’s alienating and not inclusive.

    I know Archie doesn’t roll that way, but if the strength coach is, kind of frustrating, to say the least.

  • Parker Gabhart

    Then he claimed “of course they came back” like he knew it all along!

  • Missing Moye

    Actually, that’s not quite correct. Patterson was eligible by NCAA standards and even took classes at IU that summer during his freshman year. Though he qualified by NCAA standards, he did not pass a “faculty sponsorship screening process” at IU and it was determined that he was unlikely to succeed academically, so we moved on. That said, he was eligible immediately at another school that year, though it was so incredibly late in the process that he ended up going to prep school.

    All of that may have been entirely legitimate and the fact that we were over the scholarship limit in mid-August (until this happened) may have had no bearing whatsoever. I just know it looked bad enough at the time that it caused me a little concern.

  • Vernon Aldrich

    Look nick, I understand a discomfort with something that you feel would negatively impact IU basketball recruiting and I agree with that sentiment. I don’t agree with your assertions that because Marshall espouses his beliefs on his personal twitter page it negatively impacts the program. He may not mention a word about his beliefs to anyone that doesn’t specifically ask. That wouldn’t be proselytizing would it? I think your exaggerations in your first post on the topic clearly indicate a dislike of the mention of Christianity relative to the success of our team, because the “kind of Christianity” espoused by the ones that proudly proclaim their faith doesn’t mesh with yours. There are verses where Jesus directs that sort of behavior from his followers. Can you be a Christian and not follow Christ’s word? I could never accept the Christian doctrine I was raised with as true and therefore don’t claim to be Christian, but I believe sound principles to live by are all metaphorically described in religious bibles. And as long as a man is principled and is respectful of my rights as a human being, I’ll respect him and his. You criticize Rob for only mentioning his God when things are good and a “two-pound” cross on Hartman’s neck, and Marshall’s twitter page; 2 players on a team of 17, 1 coach on a staff of 11 (not counting graduate managers), and 1 school in an NCAA of 351 Div 1 members. Of course that’s not enough substance to rationally draw a conclusion of “de facto” or systemic proselytizing in college basketball, but somehow you do. It might be advisable to re-read your own posts in a few days. It seems you are accurate when you say you’re “cynical”. I sometimes have a cynical bent for institutionalized religion. I apologize for calling your assertions ridiculous. Wrong language to encourage civil discourse. To everyone else, I apologize for engaging this discussion in the wrong forum.

  • Vernon Aldrich

    I agree that Archie is not pushing a religious faith, and apart from what his religious views may be, he is open-minded enough to get a proven effective strength coach in spite of what the strength coach’s religious beliefs may be. You are using a public forum to push your religious view even more forcefully than Rob or the strength coach. They aren’t attempting to force their views – through debate, as you are – on anyone or condemning anyone for standing proudly in their commitment to what they believe. If you don’t like his twitter account, don’t pull it up in your browser. I don’t follow any religion, but am very comfortable knowing that we all are part of the same Universe and have the right to be proud of what we believe, even if you disrespectfully disagree. You ARE judging, just not owning it.

  • vicbert caladipo

    Wahhhhhhhhhh. Poor baby.

  • Vernon Aldrich

    What are you basing your ridiculous assertions on? You’ve mentioned 1 player, 1 basketball coach – that is no longer a coach, and 1 strength coach all from the same institution, conclude that they are overwrought with religious fanaticism, then name 1 institution from what you deem a polar view, and then develop a proposition regarding ALL universities?? No offense, but this sounds more like a personal rant than a true attempt at a mature discussion. Not even interesting.

  • Vernon Aldrich

    Your sarcasm doesn’t change the fact that your superficial assertions have no supporting data other than your presumptuous opinion.

  • Vernon Aldrich

    I’m sorry you can’t substantiate your opinion and have to resort to threats. I would enjoy a sincere discussion.

  • This particular call was being used as an example to make a point, I think. It turns out that it’s a bad example, because the ref did get it right only the game producers showed a replay that misconstrued the call.