Film Session: Iowa

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Collin Hartman didn’t score a single point during Indiana’s win against Iowa on Saturday afternoon.

But the veteran fifth-year senior, playing with a brace on his knee and a bandage on his thumb, still made his presence felt in a big way. Hartman had five assists on the afternoon, four of them setting up Robert Johnson 3-pointers. Hartman also had a block and two steals during Indiana’s second half run which put them up 13. That block and one of those steals led to points for the Hoosiers on the other end of the floor.

We’ll take a look at two assists, a block and a steal from Hartman in the latest edition of Film Session:

Johnson passes the ball to Josh Newkirk at top of the key:

Newkirk looks to get the ball into Hartman in the middle, but Maishe Dailey lingers near him. So Newkirk swings the ball left to Devonte Green:

Green has the proper angle to pass to Hartman and he does. Meanwhile, Justin Smith hangs in the left short corner:

Hartman immediately makes the pass to a cutting Smith:

Smith gathers:

And throws it down on a reverse with some flair:

Juwan Morgan has often been Indiana’s man in the middle this season. But with him grabbing some rest last in the second half with two personal fouls, Hartman’s skill set and experience makes him more than capable of being a facilitator in the middle of a zone defense.


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  • TomJameson

    Great job as always Ryan. Easily one of my favorite pieces at ITH.

  • coachv

    in consideration of the first highlight: hartman had several opportunities for assists for layups on the weakside. this is the problem when you don’t turn and face the basket immediately when you receive the ball. against zone, you get the ball in the middle, turn and look weakside. that’s where the layups are. hartman (and others) never does that. i don’t know why miller doesn’t emphasize that but when you are a 28 year old senior, you should know that buy now.

  • hoosierpapa

    not sure about what set your referring to but there isn’t anyone on the weakside baseline. this set looks like a classic zone overload run to perfection. But you are correct about turning to face to present a triple threat stance.

  • coachv

    just remember from watching the game. kind of irks me like all the players who post up 22′ from the basket. guess i’m old school. or just old

  • IU Hoosiers # 34, 1979-83

    He will be 24 this June, not 28 yet.

    Great observation on facing the basket.

  • iugradmark

    I have noticed this all year and since multiple players do it too, I think they are being told to move the ball quickly vs face up.

  • dlneubec

    I don’t know. I learned that you make that quick pass to the cutter immediately (if there) before the defense has time to react. If you take the time to face the basket you give the defense time to recover and you expose the ball to the defender who was behind you and could not get to the ball until you turned around. If there is no cutter, then you face the basket.

  • Colt

    You know what is sort of sad about college hoops these days? Is the number of teams and players that have no clue how to properly attack a zone defense. I am surprised more coaches don’t sprinkle more zone into their defensive schemes.

  • coachv

    hey! real basketball talk. you make a good point about protecting the ball for ball side cutters. but what is the cutter is weakside baseline? you don’t see him or helpside defense. so on a quick pass, it’s fine not facing the basket. otherwise turn around and see the floor. a lot of opportunities from the high post

  • Dan Neubecker