Film Session: Michigan State

  • 02/04/2018 2:22 pm in

Justin Smith sets a ball screen for Josh Newkirk:

Newkirk gets to the basket and misses his lay-up attempt. Here comes McSwain streaking to the basket for the rebound:

McSwain is up above Ward for the board:

As he goes up for the putback, he gets the ball stripped from him:

He’s able to regain possession:

McSwain’s next putback attempt doesn’t fall and the rebound heads up in the air:

It falls to Newkirk:

Newkirk’s shot attempt is blocked by Kenny Goins:

That block is scooped up by Johnson:

He’s by Miles Bridges and finds Smith streaking down the middle of the lane:

Smith is fouled on the dunk attempt and made one of two at the line:

Indiana’s persistence for the ball despite a host of misses was the difference here.


Continue to page 4 to see some McSwain hustle:

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  • IdahoHoosier

    So many impressive hustle plays. But so many possessions IU comes away with 1 point instead of 2 or 3 because they can’t hit free throws! Those misses add up fast and cost IU another close game.