Film Session: Michigan State

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Morgan dribbles at the top of the key and decides to hoist a 3-pointer:

McSwain is the nearest IU player to hoop for the rebound, but as the ball bounces high on the miss, here comes McRoberts off the right wing:

McRoberts gets high off the ground and grabs the board:

As he turns away from the basket, Morgan sneaks behind Ward to open space on the left high post:

The pass comes:

Morgan scores and is fouled at the rim:

Morgan completed the 3-point play at the line on this possession. This was one of many little, great plays by McRoberts on the evening. Good work to get the rebound and find Morgan in succession.


Continue to page 3 to see a host of Indiana rebounds:

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  • IdahoHoosier

    So many impressive hustle plays. But so many possessions IU comes away with 1 point instead of 2 or 3 because they can’t hit free throws! Those misses add up fast and cost IU another close game.