Film Session: Purdue

  • 01/30/2018 9:00 am in

On the last possession of the first half, McSwain gets physical with Haas as Ryan Cline receives the ball on the right wing:

McSwain and Haas have their hands on each other as Cline looks to enter the ball:

McSwain still has his hands on Haas as Cline rotates the ball:

Now posted up on the left block, Haas gets the ball as McSwain has a hand on his back:

The pass is high, but Haas grabs it:

McSwain forces Haas out to almost the free throw line and gets a high hand up on the shot. It doesn’t fall at the buzzer:

While McSwain gives up several inches to Haas, he arguably had the best individual success guarding him on Sunday because of his strength and physicality. Matt Painter could be seen barking at the refs after this possession, as McSwain maybe got away with a foul or two as well here, too.


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