Film Session: Purdue

  • 01/30/2018 9:00 am in

Here’s Haas getting the ball near the left block once again:

This time Smith and Juwan Morgan make things difficult for Haas and force him out of the paint a bit. Newkirk has rotated down to Edwards and he’s covered him well enough that there won’t be an easy pass and score. P.J. Thompson is open on the right wing and┬áDakota┬áMathias points for Haas to pass to him:

Haas has to dribble out to the left corner to try and find space. He gets a visual on Thompson:

Haas makes the pass as Newkirk and Zach McRoberts converge to the right wing:

But as they do, Thompson immediately passes to Mathias:

Johnson rotates over to get a hand up on the shot, but Mathias is able to get the 3-pointer off and knock it down:

A much better job of help rotations from the Hoosiers here on this possession. But the result remains the same with another bucket from the Boilermakers.


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