POTB 207: Recapping Notre Dame, Fort Wayne and more with Mike Miller

  • 12/20/2017 2:56 pm in

Podcast on the Brink is back for a new episode with hosts Jerod Morris of The Assembly Call and Alex Bozich of Inside the Hall. The show is available weekly.

In this edition of the show, Morris and Bozich talk in the first segment about the wild three days for IU basketball that included a win over Notre Dame and a loss to Fort Wayne. In segment two, Bozich is joined by Mike Miller of The Herald-Times to discuss why it felt like Notre Dame was a turning point and more. Among the topics discussed:

· The highs and lows of the last week for IU basketball
· Why the Fort Wayne loss was an execution problem and not a packline problem
· The recent play of Zach McRoberts and why he’s earning extended minutes
· The future of the backcourt and why IU needs better guards
· Lack of leadership from the upperclassmen in the Fort Wayne loss
· Why the Notre Dame game felt like a turning point
· How important pace was in Fort Wayne’s win
· What we can learn from the next two games, if anything

And much, much more. As always, feel free to drop the show a note at [email protected].

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  • iugradmark

    Thanks guys. I really appreciate these discussions. I also appreciate the honest assessment. Our seniors are not leading. I had hopes that with Collin back and clear expectations put on Robert that we wouldn’t be back here but we are. These guys need to get in someone’s face when they are playing like this. Historically we have had kids that weren’t the most talented but could lead. I don’t think it is in Robert so Collin I’m looking at you. Is this what you came back to do?

  • Marek Wojciech ?ugowski Lugows

    Defensive lapses and systemic failings are forgivable early in the season and under a new coaching regimen, but glaringly deficient performance at shooting, especially at free throws and at three-point efficiency are just not acceptable. These metrics of Indiana Hoosiers have been traditionally expected to be at national best.

  • Arch Puddington

    What does it mean to say that poor shooting is “not acceptable”? Do you believe that Archie or anyone else can simply will better shooting into existence? RJ, JN, and DG are all shooting slightly better from the free throw line than last year, while JM is slightly lower. DD has fallen apart, but whom do you blame for that? Everyone involved agrees it is a mental issue, not a mechanical one, so what precisely do you think Archie can do to fix that?

    No one is shooting very well from the 3 point line, but then our most frequent shooters didn’t shoot very well from the 3 point line last year, either. (Well, other than JBJ, who routinely drew the other team’s top perimeter defender. His absence alone is enough to explain why RJ and JN are both slightly down this year). Shooting drills can help over time, but none of this year’s players are known as elite shooters. Not even RJ, who is below 40% for his career.Take away Yogi’s senior year, in which defenses were stretched by two elite shooters (YF, NZ) – heck, sometimes three, when JBJ was healthy — and RJ is about 35% for his career. His shooting is down this year, but with no other perimeter shooters to give him space, and with a new coach and system in place, that isn’t even surprising.

    It is frustrating that we can’t shoot well, but there very little that can be done about it. It is a technical skill, which means that unlike x’s and o’s, there is no quick fix. Even CTC had bad shooting teams, such as the 2013-14 team that shot just 44% from the field (this year’s team is at 47%), and just 34% from the 3 point line. We may not like it, but it is unlikely to change, especially given Archie’s emphasis on defense.

  • Marek Wojciech ?ugowski Lugows

    Mental issues are exactly what professional/medical/coaching staff should alleviate.

  • sd chuck

    Coming into the season the question seemed to be the front line, how would DD preform, JM had never looked to be an offensive threat, a pair of senior guards should solidify the back court. Well, JM has answered the bell, DD has looked ok at times, but the senior guards have not produced. FT shooting as a team is disappointing, love RJ but 6 TO’s a game? Defense is getting stops, but run killer mistakes, (TO’s, missed FT’s, poor shooting), have made it tuff to maintain momentum.

  • Koko

    Yes of course lets send ’em all to a shrink…..that’ll handle
    everything won’t it? Come on man reread what Arch said and if you still don’t get it then read it again.

  • Lance76

    I seem to remember a few games back that Collin got into a bit of a rift with FMcS. Something happened on missed assignments and haven’t seen FMcS so much on court lately. Teams can not under rate chemistry. I was very impressed with chemistry from ASU lately, but there again winning does help.

  • iugradmark

    Thanks for that bit of information. I guess I never knew why Freddy was playing so bad at the end of that game and why he looked upset and Juwan had to talk him down as they go ready to get into the handshake line. I didn’t realize that Collin had said something to him but if that is what happened, I am glad. That was some really awful play at the end of the game by Freddy and somebody needed to say something.