• Ron Cordry

    Rob Johnson = six turnovers. He did this same crap, last year. Did Archie watch ANY game tape from last year? Newkirk is never was good enough to be at IU. I’m disappointed in Miller’s defense & he got outcoached again, tonight. His starting five, but Morgan, sucks. They never come out of the gate, ready. Bench them, dammit! Ever since Bob Knight left, IU has had nothing but mid-major, used car salesmen as coaches. Sick of all their big talk. Archie is no different. Make it happen or get out! How much is his annual salary?$? Million $.

  • sarge

    Wow, stupid comment after 12 games. You should make some more insightful comments or get out yourself. He doesn’t even have one of his own recruits to sub in for anyone. You think we have another starting 5 somewhere on the bench? Please throw out some names or keep the comment to yourself. Talk basketball, please, instead of foolishness.

  • N71

    I’m writing this comment off as frustration.