At the buzzer: Fort Wayne 92, Indiana 72

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Quick thoughts on a 92-72 loss to Fort Wayne:

How it happened: In a game that had similarities to Indiana’s season opening loss to Indiana State, the Hoosiers were again run out of Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall by an in-state opponent on Monday night. Fort Wayne gained confidence in the first half by dictating pace, capitalizing off of turnovers and making seven 3-pointers. In the second half, the Mastodons turned the contest into a complete beatdown. Indiana had no answers as Fort Wayne hit 17 3-pointers, which tied the record for 3-pointers made for an opponent on Branch McCracken Court. Rather than avenging last season’s disappointing, stunning loss to Fort Wayne at War Memorial Coliseum, the Hoosiers put together an even bigger clunker. The loss doesn’t erase Indiana’s win over Notre Dame over the weekend in the Crossroads Classic in Indianapolis, but it’s clear evidence that plenty of work remains for this group.

Standout performer: Juwan Morgan finished with 14 points and 12 rebounds in 24 minutes.

Statistic that stands out: Fort Wayne turned 18 Indiana turnovers into 29 points.

Final IU individual stats:

Final tempo-free stats:

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  • AndyCapp

    LOL, my bad. Maybe we could just start using initials instead of stupid monikers.

  • inadvertentelbows_stillhurt

    Anyway.. your positivity hasn’t amounted to “W’s”..

  • inadvertentelbows_stillhurt

    I watch the crummy games.. i just tape most… and the truth hurts …lol.. only winning teams have trap games.. IU hasn’t been winning ..

  • inadvertentelbows_stillhurt

    I watched the ND game.. I didnt have anything to say
    . I haven’t watched the IPFW game.. and probably wont….

  • hardly

    No disrespect to FW, but IU should be able to beat them on 2 days with no sleep. This is an execution problem, not a scheduling problem.

    I agree with everything else you said.

  • randy

    I have no impact on the players or coaches, so my positivity hasn’t willed them to their wins or losses. What has your negativity done for IU?

  • inadvertentelbows_stillhurt

    Mine either.. thank you very much

  • MikeinNC

    Yep, I can’t argue with that, you are correct we should easily beat them on two days rest and prep. I just thought it looked like a textbook trap game – in state underdog who has had the game red circles on their calendar all year, a team that proved last year it could win, and just two days after a big game. It would have been better to have some other cupcake on the schedule in this slot and have IPFW scheduled under more normal conditions. But you are right, we should power it through and win.

  • Dsct1

    Your seriously saying RJ, DD, or JM couldn’t play in Europe which by the way is pro ball. Your statement is the joke.

  • Dsct1

    I pay attention, possibly you should then you would see OG hardly played last year due to injury, Blackmon missed significant time. The only player taking a paycheck for playing that contributed significantly was Bryant.

  • John D Murphy

    Maybe not talent. But the right talent for the system. I don’t want want Archie to bend for this group. He is laying the foundation for future years. It is painful but ultimately meaningless to lose this game.

  • BigBayTie

    It’s not likely (at 6-6) that this team is going anywhere in the postseason. He needs to bench some kids to hold them accountable for their lack of focus and effort. It ain’t rocket science…

  • Ole Man

    Take your thimble full of basketball knowledge and go back to the elementary school playground. I’m sure you’re a big deal there.

  • Dsct1

    I am sorry Ole Man; exactly where is it that you are applying your vast knowledge of basketball. Your last comment was a typical comment for a person with knowledge issues. Can’t discredit the statement so try personal attacks. I have followed this site for a couple of years now and if the Alex wanted this site to grow and have active participation other than just the few who always comment and eventually bow to your ignorance rather than try to debate with a Nanner Nanner boo boo debater this would be a better site. Facts the 3 I named could play pro ball somewhere next year. Fact of the 3 you mentioned to be playing pro ball this year only Bryant played substantial minutes for IU last year, and only OG is playing in the NBA today. If you want to stay on topic please do. If not have your nurse turn the drip up on what ever meds your on.

  • Dsct1

    I fully agree with your comment.


    I’m pretty sure I get what you are saying and for the most part agree with you.


    So are you saying they would finish fourth in the Big ten ?

  • William Stephens

    I posted this earlier. If DeVonte Green doesn’t step it up in a big way, he had best think about a transfer to another school or learn to be a B team player. He has been given a good shot and to date has failed completely. I also included Curtis Jones in the statement. He opted out since I posted the earlier comment. IU has some incoming talent that fits what Archie likes. If the Crean players want to play much it is time to impress. IU is short on depth at the front line, We play De’Ron Davis, Juwan Morgan, Collin Hartman. First guy off the bench is a short but powerful McSwain, who is not a scorer or Justin Smith. Yet we have a 6′ 10″ Clifton Moore who doesn’t see the floor. This kid is rumored to have NBA talent yet Archie won’t play him, while the earlier mentioned struggle. He may opt out also. We have five seniors who are gone next year. ( Hartman, Priller, Johnson, Newkirk, and McSwain) the remaining players may want to improve their efforts or consider a change of venue. Indiana is twelve games into the season, a new coach and system is not the excuse for no effort! Archie received his nickname from being like Archie Bunker ( grouchy ) it is only a matter of time till life as a basketball player at IU this season isn’t fun. No great coach will tolerate lack of effort if they want to continue working. If you can’t put out the effort don’t wear the candy stripes! Leave. I don’t want any prima donna’s thinking I am privileged to watch them play for IU!

  • Ole Man

    I won’t engage you in a battle of wits because you come to the fight firing blanks.

  • Ole Man

    If you want to continue your childish behavior do so.
    You think somehow to win a debate which is based upon nothing but opinion on both sides?
    You interject arguments based solely upon your chosen rationale as if they were somehow relevant fact.
    You disparage others who disagree with you.
    You clearly demonstrate disrespect with your behavior.
    That is not the problem of this board.
    It is your problem.
    You’re not here to discuss basketball, but to “prove your manhood” through internet posts.
    That is freakin’ hilarious, dude!

    And now you propose to tell Alex how to run ITH, the most successful single sport board in existence. This year alone the paid forum has experienced over 18,000,000 visits.

    As I said at the beginning, if you want to continue your childish behavior do so.
    I will be no part of it.
    You’re blocked for being an immature, trollish individual.

  • Dsct1

    No I came on here to have an opinion, that this team has talent and that I do support Archie. But to blame these losses on lack of talent is wrong. You started the personal attacks. I’ve seen you attack everyone who doesn’t agree with you. Unlike some who were trolling for disagreements with you I’m just here with fellow IU fans. I made my point you started the attacks.

  • sam

    You know nothing about me. You never use emojis I guess.. who’s the girl, you are the ole comment ?… I don’t doubt both of you are.?