• Bill Graham

    For some reason the only thing I want to hear is Archie talking about how much the players are going to run.

  • Jtime

    Disgusting. That’s the best way I can describe this game. Awful in nearly every phase of the game.

  • SeeingRed

    You think this group is going to respond to a firm hand? Don’t see it.

  • Ron Cordry

    Archie called it after the first game. This team has a soft backcourt & DeRon is just wasting his time. There are NO leaders on this team. No point guard. Johnson is a brick waiting to happen, when he’s not hanging his head & feeling sorry for himself. I don’t see any pride in this team. Must’ve been some wild partying after the Notre Dame game & it showed up in the IPFW game. Pathetic. Archie is right. It’s on him. Change that god awful/never ready starting lineup & quit coddling Johnson. We lost a very talented Curtis Jones for Johnson & Newkirk to keep starting? The turnover/brick city twins. SMDH!

  • HoosierOne

    The partying comment makes a lot of sense. That will linger for days, even at that age. ?

  • Rob Ennen

    This team is just good enough to get you fired! Its a good thing its Archie’s first season.
    We will get better when the seniors graduate.

  • sarge

    It’s the only good point he made, but he’s probably right about it. Many people talked about this as a trap game after ND.

  • Tommy Morrsion

    Bonehead move scheduling this game. No excuse for the loss, and I know so little about the scheduling process… but my goodness. Who though this two day turn around was a smart thing,

  • Jethro Jones

    Oh to be a fly on the wall in the locker room after this one. Something tells me Archie probably wasn’t as calm as he was during this interview.

  • AndyCapp

    Coach’s face and body language says it all. I would NOT want to be participating in practice on Tuesday!

  • SCHoosier

    Love Rob..appreciate his defense but after 12 TO’s in two games its time for him to ride the pine..and come off the bench. Also I’d recommend the trainers not let him eat the heavily buttered popcorn just before tip off! Kid has hands of stone.

  • kelton drewery

    IMHO, if all players would give the effort that McRoberts puts forth everytime he’s on the court, we would be in better shape. This young man’s effort is what INDIANA basketball is all about. I’m not talking about his talent, but his effort.

  • Lance76

    Archie is PO’ed and my wife says that I am “grumpy” after IU losses. I will be surprised if the s_ _t doesn’t hit the fan in practice this week. In fact that is what I like about Archie–he will hold the players accountable. If this was Archie 3rd or 4th year I would feel different than I do now.