Video: Romeo Langford talks senior season, recruiting at Forum Tip-off Classic

  • 12/14/2017 7:56 am in

Class of 2018 New Albany guard Romeo Langford helped his team bounce back from Friday’s loss at Floyd Central in Saturday’s Forum Tip-off Classic at Southport.

Langford finished with 42 points in a 97-59 blowout win over Fort Wayne North. Postgame, he met with reporters to discuss his senior season so far and his recruitment.

Watch more than seven minutes of postgame comments from Langford below:

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  • Donnie Vick

    It sounds like Archie has some work to do yet to get him but he does think highly of Archie.

  • dennis powell

    From what I saw on the highlight tape this kid looks ready to go at the next level. It sure would be great to have a team full of Indiana kids again.

  • N71

    Man, I have no idea where he’s going. If I put myself in his shoes Vanderbilt would be my last choice, I’d be double or triple teamed every night. Kansas would have much more appeal from a pure basketball point of view. And then IU is a little more difficult to read because we’re literally evolving from game to game. If I were him I’d have a much better understanding of IU come Feb/Mar so the longer his decision goes the better for us I’m thinking.

  • N71

    He’s so low key its hard to see where his passion lies. If I’m that good though I’m probably already thinking about the NBA, contracts, trainers, financial advisors, insurance, diet, etc. College is just going to be a short stop on the way to something much larger and longer-term. If its IU great but we need to stay focused on our thing brick by brick. If we don’t get him I hope Archie doesn’t take too much flack.

  • WhatsUpKnight2.0

    hard to muster up much hope that he’s coming to iu. in spite of that, it’s hard not to like the kid. he speaks with a maturity beyond his age. so regardless of where he goes for his one season of cbb, i’ll wish him well (especially since he doesn’t have dook or pUKe on his list).

  • Tyler Lang

    We are in this kid’s top 3 choices, when less than a year ago IU didn’t even seem to be on the radar. Yes some of this may be luck with Calipari not giving him PT and the U of L scandals. But Archie has really made up ground on Romeo and has impressed me recruiting wise thus far. The “inside out approach” is front in center when we look at commitments and future recruits.

  • Outoftheloop

    I disagree. At IU he would be “The Man”, a scoring machine, the key player to a rapid “turn around” to a top 15, or higher, status. At Vandy he will always be #2 to Darius, the “Hometown Hero”. Vandy will not be a top 25 team. KS will be a title contender, but it is a long way from home and Romeo, as good as he is, is just one of the guys, not even a guaranteed starter.

  • Outoftheloop

    If he looks at all at Victor Oladipo’s season and training, he will go to IU. What a great opportunity to be mentored by the NBA’s next rising star!

  • Brad

    Amazing that we are still in the conversation for landing this kid. Clappy left the program in a mess. Archie is doing everything he can to hold it together.

  • IUBizmark

    Funny that his three schools are great choices all for different reasons.
    IU = Hometown hero. More so, “the man” than any other school.
    Vandy = Trio of young studs/friends getting to play together.
    KU = Be a part of a group of highly talented players with a HoF coach who is an NBA pipeline.

  • WhatsUpKnight2.0

    haha! good stuff, bball. and it’s a good point, he’ll benefit from a solid pg (i.e. phinisee or garland) to run the team.

  • Steve Morgan

    I agree with you about Romeo not buying into the mystique of IU, but if you look at his lifetime, a lot of the mystique hasn’t been there. We went to the championship in 2002 when he was what, 2 or 3? From there, he probably(?) started following around the time of Eric Gordon at IU, but most of his remembrances would be the rebuild and the hit or miss seasons of the last administration. So to echo what a lot of people are saying, that we are still in this thing now is pretty amazing, and says a lot about how Archie is selling the program. Because we were absolutely NOT going to get him before Archie. I’m holding out hope, although it doesn’t look as promising as it did before DG declared to Vandy. Regardless, seeing how some of our incoming freshmen shot the ball in the Forum highlights is making me excited for next year’s team. And can we please get TJD locked down for 2019!

  • Steve Morgan

    Not arguing that he doesn’t seem all that enthused about us right now, just that we weren’t even going to be on his radar before Archie- this comes from conversations I had with people close to the program. Part of the mystique problem seems to be that due to his geography, he has spent his life more attached to the Louisville program. So we’ll see what happens, and maybe we can get some extensive construction on I-65 between Louisville and Nashville to complicate the Vanderbilt situation!


    After watching and listening to several high profile kids in person, albeit several years ago lol, I would normally agree with your comment, but with RL I think it could very well be that he is watching, waiting and listening to not just the staff or not just the team, but both at IU. I could be totally wrong. I’ll put it this way, out of the small number of high profile recruits that would wait to sign and instead listen and watch a particular team from the head coach down to the last player on the bench before making a final decision, I think there’s a good chance it is him and his family.


    Even if the ” mystique” was there and had been there for a few years, I don’t think it’s that much a factor in his big picture. When you understand what kind of talent you are/have, a lot of the things that would normally play a fairly big part of a recruit’s decision doesn’t carry the weight that it would with many others, especially in today’s college bball world.


    Correct this kid is looking more at those kind of things than he is “mystique” and that kind of thing. And pretty smart on his and his family’s part IMHO.

  • inCMitrust

    IU has a couple advantages on the other schools. Driving distanc

  • dwdkc

    Leaving behind high character guys including players like Juwan, RJ and Collin is a long way from “leaving the program in a mess”. Are we missing some pieces that would make us a lot better? Yes. Were there some questionable coaching issues? I think so. But don’t insult a good guy who did all he could for IU.

  • dwdkc

    True, but the guy is so low key how could you really tell. Seems like a nice, patient kid to politely stand there and actually answer all the questions with something other than pure clichés. I’m not feeling a good vibe now either but there’s still time I think.

  • bfdm

    He’s not coming to IU. You can see it.

  • Brad

    Character isn’t winning games.

  • Jeremy

    I think he is going to Vandy. He does not want to announce that now so he doesnt get boooooood during his high school games around the state.

  • Darrell Allen

    Nice kid, great future, but I would agree with your assessment! Unlike Damon Bailey, he’s going to disappoint many Hoosier fans! Bobby Knight & Bobby Plump are only memories and his generation today feels no sense of loyalty or honor for representing Indiana college basketball. He says he believes he’s the best player in the country and those players don’t go to IU anymore!

  • marcusgresham

    How would you not say he’d be “The Man” at Vanderbilt? Garland is a PG. He might be “The Man” if he has to, but as a 1 your job is to get it to someone who can score.

  • Lance76

    RL may have to “share” the ball more @ Vandy. I think in recent IU history that certain players would shoot more to enter NBA. Something was off during the end of last years Big Ten season and it was not able to be corrected.

  • Garrett Fredrick

    Do you know how to read a map? The whole state of Kentucky separates TN and IN. Vandy is not 45 mins farther from Bloomington. It’s a whole 3-4 hours, man. And an hour time change.

  • IUBizmark

    Because Garland is a scoring PG and they also have 5 star Simi Shittu (#7 overall player) as well as 4 star SF Aaron Nesmith in addition to their current roster.

  • jqwest

    inCMitrust means that from New Albany to Nashville is only about 45 minutes longer than going to Bloomington from New Albany, and they are correct. I am from Elizabeth, small town right beside New Albany. NA and Btown are both in Eastern time, Nashville in Central. That means the family would gain an hour on the way down, lose one on the way back.

  • dwdkc

    Well never mind then on my last sentence because I see you persist with the juvenile reference despite lots of annoyed rebukes from others, but the program isn’t a mess. The culture of hard work and doing the right thing is solid, the players are pretty good; we just lack a piece or two to be really competitive at the top end. There’s a reason this was considered the best job available by far this past year.


    You have to remember, that when it comes to Archie it’s totally different than the other coaches that he has literally been talking to for years. He had probably never spoke to him let alone been recruited by him or anyone on his staff, not watched very many, if any, of the games he had coached or even talked to anyone that was being recruited by him. I think the Langfords are doing their homework and feel like they need to see how Archie is going to do things now that he is on a bigger and more competitive stage. They may very well be doing the same thing that I am, in that I’m kinda just watching and listening intently before making a final decision about whether he is, “the right one”. The coaching landscape is littered with mid major coaches that had well above success at that level but didn’t exactly set the world on fire when they stepped up to the next level. With there not being even a single example of his coaching at the next level ( IU) for the Langfords to examine and with there not being any past body of work at IU for them to look at I think they feel like they need to see as much as they can when it comes to how Archie is going to handle things at IU, and I think they are totally justified in thinking that way. This is really RL’s first look at how Archie utilizes a higher level athlete against what will normally be a higher level opponent. With RL being the caliber of player that he is I’d say there’s a pretty good chance that this camp feels like they need to see how Archie handles things in a much higher profile setting and how he is going to go about things in general at IU. I think that kind of situation gives a recruit that is seriously considering a school (which I feel like he is since we made his final three) a real reason to watch and study a program before making a final decision. I’m in the group that feels like the longer it goes before he makes his decision the better are chances are with him. I’d say that if he does end up signing with us that they were almost assuredly watching and studying us at length.