Film Session: Eastern Michigan

  • 11/27/2017 7:53 am in

The Hoosiers scored 1.42 points per possession against Eastern Michigan’s 2-3 zone on Friday afternoon.

One way the Hoosiers were able to have success? Getting the ball into the middle of the zone and making quick decisions once there.

We’ll take a look at four such situations in the latest edition of Film Session:

De’Ron Davis sets a ball screen for Josh Newkirk:

Newkirk passes the ball left to Robert Johnson as Davis cuts to the paint:

Johnson threads the pass through to Davis as the back line of the defense comes to meet him and the ball. Juwan Morgan lingers behind:

Davis makes the quick pass to Morgan:

Morgan slams it home and is fouled in the process:

Morgan hit the ensuing free throw to start the Hoosiers out with a 3-0 lead in the contest.


Continue to page 2 to see IU’s zone offense create a 3-pointer for Devonte Green:

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  • Its really exciting to see an IU team able to feed the middle again, like the old days! Those bounce passes are looking really good. IMO those teams that had 5 players out looking for the three all the time were like watching a game of ‘HORSE’.

  • Mark Bando

    Yeah, no longer will we have to fear the syracuse zone defense. I will never forget watching michigan shred the syracuse defense with freshman mitch mcgary in the middle the game after our sweet 16 loss in which we looked mostly inept.