Film Session: Marian University

  • 10/30/2017 8:33 am in

Carter Taylor sets a ball screen on Robert Johnson:

McSwain hedges and both trap the ball:

As its swung to the other side of the court, McSwain recovers:

KC Earls drives through the top of the key to the left elbow and threads a pass to Taylor in the left corner:

With just four seconds left on the shot clock, he heaves a deep contested jumper:

It’s a longer rebound due to this, which Devonte Green snags:

He takes it up the court and has Johnson and McSwain to his right:

Green makes a move into the defense and three Knights lean his way. McSwain is open near the hoop:



Nice work by Green running the break here, all set up by Indiana forcing a tough look late in the shot clock.

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