Vijay Blackmon joining IU roster as a walk-on

  • 05/30/2017 7:37 am in

Guard Vijay Blackmon, the younger brother of James Blackmon Jr., is joining the Indiana roster as a walk-on according to multiple reports published late Monday night.

Blackmon, who helped lead Marion to the Class 3A state championship in 2016, played part of last season for NAIA Saint Francis.

Blackmon averaged over nine points for Saint Francis before leaving the team in late January.

The 6-foot-2 guard was originally offered a scholarship by Tom Crean early in his high school career.

James Blackmon Jr. left Indiana after his junior season for the NBA draft.

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  • BannerOrBust

    Well this caught me by surprise, welcome to the squad!

  • HoosierHeel

    Seems like a pretty high level guy to bring in as a walk-on, and this puts another Indiana kid on the roster. I would say this is a win!

    In addition I think at one point Coach Crean offered Vijay, so he’s got to have some potential, even if he doesn’t have the same game his older brother does.

  • mctravis2

    This is a big win, there’s another Blackmon brother coming up. I believe he will be a freshman in HS next year. Still quite a ways off, but a big time player in the making. Having already landed 2 of the brothers has to give IU a good shot at the third.

  • So what’s the story with his stint in the NAIA? Why did he not play in an NCAA school?

  • HoosierConsumer

    Why did he leave the St. Francis team mid-season?

  • TomJameson

    I think it’s a good thing. Hopefully Archie can focus Vijay’s attention on basketball and get away from the hype that’s probably surrounded him because of the shadow cast by his older brother.

    Don’t know anything about why he played at Saint Francis, but I’m thinking the talent wasn’t growing, to keep the D1 offers going, and pretty sure that Crean had been backing off as well. Don’t want to speculate more than that, just glad we have him.

    This does change the guard situation a bit.

  • pcantidote

    I’m glad to hear this. I think it shows that there is goodwill between the family and the new coaching staff and IU in general, and it may also suggest a changing tide in state. Welcome.

  • John D Murphy

    This is a fun story. Truth be told, I’m a touch more interested Christian’s younger brother than James’, but it is still a feel good moment.

  • onehoosier

    Glad to have him as part of the team. This adds to a deeper bench, and gives Archie the ability to hold players accountable. Crean was always willing to let walk-on’s earn meaningful minutes, but sometimes he really didn’t have better options.

  • iugradmark

    I think this demonstrates that James and Archie were able to form a good relationship in the short time they were together. I am sure James told his brother about Archie and what he was able to take away with the direction of the program.

  • SCHoosier

    Word is he’s a player. Welcome to “guards galore” VJ!:)

  • indigodoc

    He has to sit a year so it won’t really change anything next season.

  • mctravis2

    Do NAIA-to-D1 transfers have to sit out? I know the NAIA has a totally different set of rules for transfers so I’m not sure how this plays out in this scenario…

  • Yep, that’s what’s most positive about this — the more former players embrace Archie, the better for the program, I think.

  • Do walk-ons have to sit out generally?

  • iugradmark

    My guess is that Archie (and Coach Crean) have worked whatever connections they have to get James a contract. I am sure that Senior appreciates what IU has done for his family so far and was comfortable sending his son to IU with Archie. I hope Vijay maxes out his experience at IU. Guards are going to feel the competition.

  • indigodoc

    if they transfer they do.

  • indigodoc