An early look at Indiana’s potential roster for the 2017-18 season

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In his press conference on Tuesday, Indiana coach Archie Miller was asked about the scholarship situation for the 2017-18 season.

Miller inherited an oversign situation from the previous coaching staff, but is confident that the situation will be resolved without issue. Here’s a complete transcript of Miller’s comments on the subject:

It’s not a big challenge yet. We still have guys now that one’s gone, and we have three more guys that could walk in tomorrow and say I’m not coming back. So when that happens you’re kind of looking around and saying, now we’re one under, so we have a lot of things coming and moving, but I don’t anticipate it being challenging. I think it’s going to work itself out.

Communicating is big this time of year anyway, especially heading into the off-season. I met with the guys a ton on the front end. We’re going to meet with them a ton on the back end as well as they get ready to part for summer break.

So I think those things will sort themselves out as they normally do. We had a couple instances in Dayton where we were over, and at the end of the day we ended up being under two and three when it was all said and done. So you never can tell. But we’ll sort it out. We inherited and we’ll fix it.

A few pieces – Collin Hartman, Josh Newkirk, and De’Ron Davis – have already fallen into place for next season’s roster. But there are others, particularly the three who have declared for the NBA draft without hiring an agent, with decisions to make.

Here’s a current breakdown of the roster (scholarship players only listed below):

Seniors (6): Collin Hartman (redshirt), James Blackmon Jr., Robert Johnson, Tim Priller, Josh Newkirk (redshirt), Freddie McSwain

Notes: Hartman has already indicated that he will return, as has Newkirk. Blackmon Jr. and Johnson have entered the NBA draft without hiring agents. Both have until May 24 to decide whether to stay in the draft or return to school.

Juniors (2): Thomas Bryant, Juwan Morgan

Notes: This group could have attrition as Bryant is on NBA draft boards as a potential second round pick. OG Anunoby, who would have been a junior, is definitely gone after declaring for the NBA draft and announcing plans to sign with an agent.

Sophomores (4): Devonte Green, De’Ron Davis, Grant Gelon, Curtis Jones

Notes: According to Miller’s comments on Tuesday, Davis is planning to remain in Bloomington all summer to work out. His high school coach, Danny Fisher, also said previously that he is staying at Indiana.

Freshmen (3): Clifton Moore, Al Durham, Justin Smith

Notes: All three signees have reaffirmed their commitments to the program and are expected to arrive on campus in June.

Our scholarship numbers page also has a color coded chart with IU’s numbers for the next four seasons.

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  • TomJameson

    Almost sounds like you’re talking about offense, which was almost always top ranked at IU. Defense is another story, but the offense was good.

    And, that is exactly why I think Archie is going to produce pretty well in his first season. Don’t think he has to teach them offense, other than how to use his system, and it really is a similar system. Where we’ll see the biggest difference is the defense, IU will actually be playing some of that … and consistently (IMHO).

    My feeling is that the team know how to play defense, but have never been pushed to play it well, and all the time. Arch will fine-tune the offense, work hard and build on the defense, and out-produce for his first year. That’s my prediction no matter who returns or not.

    The 2018-19 season is going to be fantastic. I’m calling it now.

  • TomJameson

    You know Tom, I think McSwain will be one of the surprises next year. Whether it was getting into better playing shape, gaining confidence, or whatever … he was starting to come around toward the end of the season. He’s really explosive offensively, but can play defense as well. I think he’s going to be a good fit for Archie,

  • Ivan Renko

    indeed, thanks for that fact of least returning minutes. looks like the original comment was deleted haha. but no way in hell can you claim the roster issues are the same at the outset haha laughable.

  • TomJameson

    I see where you’re coming from.

    Say a player who has two degrees decides to give up his scholarship mid-May and pays his own way for half-semester. Then, only one (other than OG) goes the pro route.

    All of a sudden IU isn’t oversigned anymore.

    Pretty sure that’s all legal, but even a half semester at IU is a nice chunk of change.

  • Ivan Renko

    I think these players are itching to see what it’s like to play for a high-level (or up and coming depending on how your perception) Xs and Os coach who stresses fundamental basketball and defense. I’m thinking if just about any other coach was hired we would’ve seen a larger exodus and 3 year rebuild. I’m confident that will be avoided and next season we’ll win 20+ games and make the NCAA no problem.

  • MK


  • MK

    You claim quite a bit of fact based on reading someone’s facial expression through the tv

  • 3AM Burrito

    I think JBJ goes. He is an outstanding offensive weapon, and showed as much while here and healthy. His defense? Meh. So if he comes back, senior year, JBJ not much leverage on Archie to play him – it’s his last year. So if JBJ defense is not where Archie likes it, he could ride the pine. I just don’t see him rocketing up NBA boards not matter what he does next year at IU. Not knocking JBJ, he is one of greatest scorers and shooters at IU of all time and if he comes back would break lots of records. I just think he is likely ready to move on.

    Bryant is an interesting case. I would think all signs would point to him staying – he is young for his class, could really improve his stock after kind of an off year. But he really seemed to love Crean. So i could see him leaving due to that loyalty to Crean, but if he stays he could easily go from 2nd round to top 10 pick. That upside may be enough to have him return.

    Wish all the players well whatever happens, certainly is a tough thing on a kid to have this happen during their college career


    There is something to be said about coming back for another year of college ball sometimes being more hurtful than helpful and I believe that to be true in numerous cases. In TB’s case however, factoring in last season and his overall performance, I think he helps himself by coming back for another year. This gives him a chance to show that last season was an anomaly and that he is back to the player he was his first season when it comes to his draft stock. One more year to improve, and prove, that he is worthy of a first round pick, but not so long that it gives them the chance to be able to say that he doesn’t do this or that well enough and has had four years to prove it and if he was going to be able to do those things better he would have already have gotten better at them.


    Right !! As in flips all the way to the bank….if a person can do flips holding that much money.


    One of the first things I thought about when the CM hiring was announced and I started to think about the current players and how they might fit in with his style, was that FMc seemed like the kind of player that you would have seen on one of his Dayton teams and one who’s contribution was obvious. I think he will have more success under Miller than he would have had with TC. That’s not a dig at TC and/or his ability to develop a player, but rather a difference in coaching styles and how they want their players to play when on the court.