• SkidMarks

    The audio doesn’t work.. Anyone else having the same problem?

  • HoosierStuckInKY

    Works for me. Or at least the first 5 seconds of each video did so far.

  • N71

    That was fun viewing and a ton of info. Things that stood out:

    + Its been a while since I felt like we were in good hands, a mean, its been a long while and with Archie, I finally feel like the guy in change knows what he’s doing. Its been weeks now since he was hired but I’ve noticed I don’t kick my dog as much.
    + Tom really seems to believe in Archie
    + Ed is really happy to be back home
    + Bruiser has been around

  • Ivan Renko

    only seems to be coming through my left earbud when wearing headphones

  • HoosierStuckInKY

    Archie has a way of speaking that just makes me think he has everything under control. Not a lot of coachspeak.

  • Ole Man

    Working for me.

  • Arch Puddington

    “Its been a while since I felt like we were in good hands”

    So true. There is just something steadier about the demeanor, the approach, and the thinking than we have been used to. And based on admittedly small sample size, his teams give that same sense. I watched the Dayton-Wichita State game in the tournament, and both teams just looked like they knew what they were doing. After the game was over, the studio panelists made a real point of how obviously well coached both teams were.

    I look forward to them saying that about our team.

  • TomJameson

    A lot of really good comments about specific players. Love to hear those and you can see them related pretty good in the “Notes & Quotes” story before this one.

    Everything Archie said makes me feel very encouraged about next years level of play, and level of success.

  • SCHoosier

    I’m a pretty tough sell on many things..but if Archie Miller was a public stock on the New York exchange..I’d be loading up at today’s prices.

  • Piker

    Was not good. Couldn’t hear the questions and had to hold my ear to the tablet speaker.

  • Missing Moye

    I’ve heard Archie talk plenty and he always impresses. But this is my first chance at hearing the assistants and I came away equally impressed. They all seem like charismatic, down-to-earth, genuinely good guys. I couldn’t be more happy with the coaching staff as a whole.

    One point I would like to make is that it was mentioned multiple times at how hard the current players work. It was also mentioned that they have been very mature, accepting, and open to learning. This further makes me grateful for CTC for bringing in the right kind of kids and instilling values and work ethic in them. Say what you will about Crean (and I have, and did), but the vast majority of players he brought in represented the university very well.

  • Agreed. I was originally pretty certain that Archie wouldn’t have enough time to get in and implement his system by next season. Listening to him talk like this, however, and I think things could be much better, much sooner, than I expected.

  • iugradmark

    Lots of good stuff in the videos. I agree with others that these assistants all seem like they will fit with the school and the places we are going to recruit.

    With TB likely leaving, Archie has figured out that IU will go as far as DD goes next year. They are expecting him to be a transformed player physically and mentally. I hope he wants it as bad as the coaches want him to get there.

    CH has a long way to go in his rehab. When I saw him on the first video that was my takeaway and it seems that the has a ton of work to do. I am not worried whether he will put in the work but do wonder what kind of player he will be next year.

    No real mention of TB and I expect he is gone. I don’t blame him but was hoping. While he mentioned Rob and JBJ were still finishing up with class work before focusing on NBA, it sounds like TB is already out. I liked the comments about Morgan. I think he could have a really special year next year. Let’s hope he is healthy all year. Finally, there was a comment about possibly keeping all the guards. Some positive comments on Green being the kind of player Archie likes to recruit. I still think James will go but Archie is taking time to point him out so perhaps he comes back.

  • Video was provided to us by IU as we weren’t able to film on our own.

  • SkidMarks

    It’s working now

  • I look forward to them saying that as well, and about teams with so much more talent than Archie had at Dayton. Archie simply didn’t have four- and five-star players who bought into his system, and I think there are plenty of kids out there that fit his mold. Once he has them in place, I think people are once again going to be really, really afraid to play Indiana.

  • I think what you’re saying about TC’s players was even more true the last couple of years. I think he specifically went after kids of character after some of the issues the previous couple of years. That’s not meant to knock (that many) previous players, because I think most of the “problem kids” were just youngsters who made poor decisions. Our current roster, though, is cream of the crop in terms of attitudes.

    That said, I do think TC lost them at some point last season. He wasn’t getting what he needed out of them — they were playing hard, sure, but they just didn’t seem focused and bought into TC’s system. I’ll leave it at that, because i don’t want to inject any negativity toward TC into what was meant as a positive.

  • Arch Puddington

    And in that same spirit, Indiana fans are going to be really happy with their team. I don’t mean to run down CTC, who resurrected the program and give us back something that had been lost, but the truth is that even when he was winning, there was something unsettling about the whole thing. The sloppiness of our play, the oddity of the press conferences, the manic demeanor,and the disconnect with Indiana High School basketball all left a queasy feeling. CM leaves no such feeling, and I can’t wait to see how his program emerges.

  • You’ve pretty much outlined my own impressions perfectly.

  • Lance76

    Well stated. When RMK came out and said something to the effect that Indiana fans would like basketball with CAM, that was reassuring to me. It takes some luck to win a NC, but at least now I feel we are in the hunt.

  • Todd Lindeman

    Just got a chance to listen to the interviews on my lunch break. Love arch I think he is brilliant. Keep him talking to the press he is very well spoken!

  • Spooky

    LOL I’m sure your dog is relieved.