That’s A Wrap: De’Ron Davis

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Welcome to “That’s A Wrap,” our player-by-player recap of the 2016-2017 Indiana Hoosiers. Up next: De’Ron Davis (Previously: Devonte Green)

Davis (34 games): 5.9 points, 3.1 rebounds, 0.7 blocks, 48.8% FG, 75.6% FT in 13.9 minutes per game.

De’Ron Davis was playing catchup from the start of his freshman season in Bloomington.

The Aurora (Colo.) product didn’t arrive on campus until late August as he finished up academic requirements back home to become eligible. Fellow freshmen Grant Gelon, Devonte Green and Curtis Jones had the benefit of spending the summer on campus getting acclimated to college life and working out. That extra time is typically a major benefit to incoming players.

Things didn’t get easier from there for Davis. He battled nagging injuries into the fall that had him in and out of practice, according to Tom Crean.

But despite missing the summer and the injury setbacks he had to work through, Davis was a force in the paint for the Hoosiers when he was on the floor as a freshman.

In the season opener against Kansas, Davis scored just four points in seven minutes, but knocked down a pair of crucial free throws with 42 seconds left in overtime to give the Hoosiers a four-point lead. In a loss to Wisconsin at home on Jan. 3, Davis was the primary reason Indiana was able to keep things close in the second half. Ethan Happ had no answer for him defensively as he scored 12 points in 18 minutes.

And in IU’s Big Ten tournament blowout victory over Iowa, Davis went a perfect 7-of-7 from the field on his way to a career-high 15 points.

Davis scored in double figures just six times, but he used the highest percentage of possessions of any Hoosier while on the floor at 24.1. While there may have been a narrative advanced by some that IU didn’t utilize the post enough under Tom Crean, the numbers show that touches weren’t a problem for Davis. His efficiency in post-up possessions, according to Synergy Sports, was solid as he scored 78 points in 101 possessions, but is certainly a mark he can improve upon as his career moves along.

Offensive rebounding is another strength for Davis as he finished the season with an offensive rebounding percentage of 13.8. He didn’t have the minutes to qualify, but that number would have ranked as the fifth best among Big Ten players. According to Synergy, Davis scored 1.31 points per possession on offensive rebounds. That number ranked in the 83rd percentile nationally.

The good news for new coach Archie Miller is that Davis appears to be committed to seeing things through in Bloomington. His high school coach, Danny Fisher, said Davis plans to remain in Bloomington. Having a potential All-Big Ten player and former top 50 recruit on the roster will be a huge boost for Miller in building his first IU roster.

Bottom Line: Davis should benefit from having a full offseason in Bloomington to improve upon his conditioning as he enters his sophomore season. His minutes were at times referenced to as “hockey shift” as a freshman because he simply wasn’t in the shape to play for extended stretches. He’ll also need to work on defending without fouling as his fouls per 40 minutes (7) were the highest on the roster. Ultimately, the upside for Davis should excite IU fans for his future. He’s already one of the most polished post players in the Big Ten and has the potential to quickly develop into an All-Big Ten type of player.

Quotable: “He’s very, very hard to guard, and he’s got great feet, great hands, great eyes. He can pass the ball. We want him to do a lot of passing now and we’re not doing enough cuts to get those passes.” – Crean on Davis following IU’s loss to Michigan on Feb. 12 in Bloomington.

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  • Ptmontana

    There’s a video out there with Davis against Collins from Gonzaga and as I remember neither could stop the other, which isn’t too bad.

  • John D Murphy

    I have maintained all along that he would and should go. But with every passing day the sand trickles through the hour glass making the odds of staying a little better. 19 days until the deadline to declare. With DD, JM, JS, FM, and CH; Coach Miller has a lot to work with. Add TB and now we have potentially one of the best front lines in the B1G (IMO). You have the same optimistic feelings about JBJ or (I’m whispering) OG?

  • John D Murphy

    I wouldn’t want to root for another WCC team next year. Collins, Williams-Goss and company are going to be laser focused do some work. I’d take 3-2 odds they’ll go into next year’s NCAA without a loss.

  • Indiana_Banners

    I highly doubt Collins returns to Gonzaga but if he does, look out

  • iugradmark

    Seems kind of nutty when you don’t even know who the team is going to be for sure yet.

  • The only logical conclusion is that they’re as excited about the coaching change as we are.

  • iugradmark

    I would love to see OG play for Indiana but people around him have to look out for his best interest. He was injured in a very strange way this year and there is no telling whether that might happen again. If he can get a multi-million dollar contract, I feel like he should take it. He seems to be high on the draft boards and it doesn’t sound like he will be fully recovered to do the workouts so if those projections hold up, he should enter the draft and not risk his shot at a big paycheck.

  • John D Murphy

    They make assumptions. 4 of the top 7 recruits are still listed as undecided and the number 1 recruit is going to Missouri (which doesn’t help figure things out). Duke has 1 (and maybe 2) of their returning bigs transferring. Several Duke players have already declared and 3 more are making decisions. I bet Duke is in that top 15. Just the time of year. They’ll put out another version when everyone has declared. And another version when some return. And another version when all the transfers out are announced. And another version when all the transfers have landed. And another when practice starts. And another right before the season. And we’ll lap them all up like they are ambrosia (I’m counting myself among the lappers).

  • John D Murphy

    Is he listed on the mock drafts. I haven’t noticed him but I haven’t been looking.

  • John D Murphy

    I absolutely agree. I was just asking @Nicks about his feeling as he has his divining rod out and in use.

  • By looking at his total possessions used in Synergy.

  • Hmmm… I think we all agree that TB was utilized… differently… according to TC’s “positionless” concepts. You’re asserting that DD was the cause of his better utilization, not TC — almost like DD did his own thing as opposed to following how TC would have utilized him.

    Not arguing with you here, just clarifying your position.

  • I think the answer is simple: for whatever reason, DD was utilized more properly as a big man.

  • iugradmark

    I agree with your comment. I think DD is a natural back to the basket player and has a bit more girth to hold his position. TB seemed to post up and if he didn’t receive an entry pass would move to the outside where DD seemed to just repost low.

  • That’s an interesting point. TB was more effective in the post his freshman year as well.

  • Sandra Wilson

    I can still remember Vitale screaming to pass the ball to Zeller twenty times during a big game and we almost never did. If he could see it, anyone could. Remember the Syracuse games? The ball rarely entered the post area.

  • MarkHoltzHoosier

    I’ll give you that CZ, NV and even TB were in the lineup at the 5, but seemed to play outside the post throughout the tenure of CTC.

    However; I think it’s fair to say that Tom Pritchard, HMP, Luke Fischer briefly, and DD all generally played down low most of their time.

    So while Crean teams often saw a 5 playing more like a 4, that might have been more about the types of players he was getting than his choice to utilize them improperly.

    Since CZ, NV and probably TB are all going to spend most of their time in the NBA at the 4, it seems to support that their skill sets lend them to that position.

    And yes, the is a significant difference between NBA and NCAA basketball. And yes, the types of the players being brought into the program is on the coach.

    But at the end of the day, I think Crean used who he had in the way that would allow the team to be the most successful. But, I wish he had brought in more options to use as a traditional 5.

  • Mark Bando

    thank god crean is still not here. he’d have davis out on the perimeter most of the time next season or playing “point forward”

  • Mark Bando

    fun looking at these even though they are mostly guesswork

  • Mark Bando

    correct, and because of that, think alot of the players will be staying

  • AndyCapp

    You are not alone in your thought process, many of us saw what you saw over the past 9 years. Guess we can’t use absolute statement’s like “Crean doesn’t know how to utilize bigs properly” when one of them was. I suppose the proper way to say it is that Crean didn’t know how to use bigs 89.9% of the time 😉

  • cbags05

    C’mon man…move on

  • I would make one change there: I think TC used who he had in the way _he thought_ would allow the team to be most successful. I have no doubt that was his intention, obviously. It seemed to me, though, that he tried to impose his strategy on the games, rather than adjusting his strategy for how the games were actually playing out. If there was one thing I would accuse TC of, it would be that he was stubborn to a fault — he was simply obstinate in his unwillingness to change certain aspects of his coaching that simply weren’t working.

  • Brad

    Be careful. I’ve been crushed on here today for sharing a similar opinion. Crean apologists are out in force today. A lot of people on here are still supporting Crean.

  • cbags05

    Discussions about crean are growing very stale. So your supporters are just chosing to stop talking about it.

  • I think it’s more that TC wanted his team to play position-less basketball, and so that’s how he coached, and some players were better at it than others. I simply don’t think he saw DD as a player who was going to be successful outside of the post — at least at this point in his career. Whether TC would have tried to coach DD into being that kind of player, as he did with TB, is something we’ll never know.

  • John D Murphy

    Funny that Jeromy Hollowell’s 3PT % went up form his soph season at IU of 21.9% to 33.3% his junior year after t’fering. It could be he either laid off (or laid on) the weed. Most likely he was being used as a 3/4 instead of a pt guard one possession and a center the next. WS hit 33% that year. NV hit 52% (on 1.1 a game). That team had talent and was massively disappointing.

  • I’ve been thinking that Archie is going to have a bit of a challenge on his hand dealing with the numbers. He has 16 players who could return or come into the program, and only 13 spots. So far, we haven’t seen any player who’s definitely, absolutely leaving. So, Archie could very well have to actually prune the roster somehow, and I’ve been wondering how he’ll do that if the need arises.

  • I’m not supporting TC, but I do agree that it’s time to move on. I mean, it’s just more enjoyable to focus on the positives moving forward than to review the past negatives. Now, I recognize that sometimes it’s unavoidable, as with projecting how a player might do next season — the only thing we have to compare with is last season, which means how TC coached said player. But I do agree that we can do so without directly attacking TC.

  • John D Murphy

    They’ve had the full dose of caffeine today. They are fired up.

  • IULore

    He just might.

  • John D Murphy

    “I’m stupid. You’re smart. I was wrong. You were right. You’re the best. I’m the wrost. You’re very good-looking. I’m not very attractive.”

  • IULore

    This whole thread was about odds on winning the title.

  • IULore

    You site anecdotal evidence of one game, there was a whole run down ITH did on Zeller’s usage.

  • John D Murphy

    Not on the CBS top 25 which has Oregon at 26 (in a top 25).

  • IULore

    I agree. Marquette was also 30 minutes from his hometown.

  • IULore

    Are you always this fragile when confronted by alternate viewpoints?

  • Julyguy

    Davis reminds me of a young Ray Tolbert. Ray had trouble catching or holding on to the ball his freshman year, and not real fluid. But Ray could rebound. Davis is a lot like him but potentially will be a much better offensive player.

  • Brad

    I was acknowledging what I thought were past mistakes by Crean and where I think/hope Archie will correct some of those problems. People get so defensive anytime something is remotely close to an “attack” on Crean. Can’t fix the problem if we can’t acknowledge it exists.

  • Julyguy

    Agree- Miller stated we will be an inside then out offensive team when a fast break isn’t possible. Bryant suffered from the run and gun then 3 point shot or the “weave” which ran the clock down requiring a desperation shot. Davis had the right idea to stay in the post but the offense didn’t benefit the bigs.

  • Pot, meet kettle.

  • Mark Bando

    I was mostly kidding, but Crean did have a bad habit of using Troy, Juwan and others as point forward. I”m pretty sure I’ve moved on, but does that mean I can’t mention Crean ever again?

  • Man, you can do anything you want, up until ITH itself determines otherwise. We all can.

  • Mark Bando

    ok, good, thanks. i’ll try and focus on the future

  • Don’t thank me. Thank… I don’t know… Logic and ITH or something.

  • inLinE6

    Hollowell was used at different positions, not just the point. He initiated the offense sometimes, just like Morgan and Hartman, but was not used as primary ball handler. He wasn’t as good as his ranking suggested and his focus and work ethic were in some question.

  • inLinE6

    HMP on the floor is a recipe for failure. There’re only two types of players, who can play and who can not. Vonleh was not stuck at the center. As someone suggested he was a face-up 4 and stretch the floor. His post up play was limited and largely because of his effectiveness.

  • inLinE6

    Yeah after he nailed a few 3-pointer, things changed.

  • Ole Man

    DD assumed much of the role played last year by TB. That is because of his abilities as much as TC’s coaching. TC couldn’t use him outside because the kid has no outside game nor the chops to handle driving, etc.

  • Ole Man

    Yes, it is. And to use TB as an example is entirely fair. BTW, I’m not the one who brought up TC.