Film Session: Wisconsin

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In a week full of darkness for the Hoosiers, the performance of De’Ron Davis on Tuesday night was the light.

The freshman’s 12 points on 5-of-7 shooting tied for a team-high. In the first half, Davis scored his first four points on two offensive rebounding putbacks via drives from James Blackmon Jr. and Robert Johnson. Davis’ man left him to try and block lay-ups, allowing the Colorado native easy rebounds and scores.

When he entered the game at the 16:15 mark in the second half, the Hoosiers trailed by seven. Davis scored eight points over the next 5:09 of the contest to help erase the lead and bring the Hoosiers to a tie at 51-all with the Badgers.

During that stretch, Indiana continually fed Davis — including Thomas Bryant, who seemed to be energized by Davis’ play —  where he showed poise, strength, aggressiveness and good footwork in the post. While Ethan Happ was too much for the Hoosiers to handle, Davis proved similarly challenging at times for the Badgers.

A supercut of Davis’ scores are below:

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  • SCHoosier

    Great minutes by Davis..he’ll get more. Unfortunately, IU went to the well once to often at the end of the game. DD was triple teamed and lost the ball at a critical possession. That one he needed to throw back out. Kid is coming on..and boy do we need that.

  • Bud Jenkins

    I don’t know what Crean was talking about in his presser that IU didn’t shoot 3’s bc they were getting good shots in the paint, all of these shots were highly contested with 2 sometimes 3 guys on DD, and they went in with pure willpower… I am not sure what game CC was watching, these were not ‘good’ shots, however, they did go in.

  • Jonathan Thomas

    Can I revise my estimated win/Loss please! New one at 10-11 Losses…I was at 7

  • Ms hoosier

    Yes we do need that, along with the CuJo we saw against KU!! If we could get that duo going we could turn this thing around!! But unfortunately I believe CuJo’s confidence has been damaged just a little bit with Creans substitutions.

  • vicbert caladipo

    CJ is lost in the forest and the squirrels ate his trail of bread crumbs.

  • vicbert caladipo

    The way things are going we all might need a weekly revision

  • ForeverIU

    Don’t want to speak for Crean (he speaks enough for himself, LOL). But I think what he meant is that the shots were good because they were going in. Also, that’s what good centers do; they take on two and three defenders and hustle and win, and at least draw a foul. I might watch IU play just to see how DD continues to develop. He’s a joy to watch, and my prediction is that by season’s end his NBA stock will be higher than we expect.

  • PBzeer

    Something else I found noticeable in the video is when you watch the ball, McRoberts is the only one that really passes without dribbling the ball all the time. This team has a bad case of dribblitis that results in way too much dribbling without any purpose.

  • vicbert caladipo

    The sheer size of him will get him NBA looks, but the poise and precision he plays with get him in round one. He grew 2 inches from when we signed him and who knows, he may grow 2 more. He already looks bigger than his listed 240. Side by side with TB who is 255 he looks as thick maybe bigger. If he progresses even more this year, he may be gone after one year. If the team continues to struggle and he progresses, he WILL be gone.

  • Getting the ball to a center who’s capable of scoring is the whole point, not to get it to him when there’s only one defender on him. That’s been a huge problem–the guards’ inability/unwillingness to get the ball inside. Once DD has the ball, then he can either score if possible or pass it back out–with two or three people on him, someone else has to be open.

  • BL4IU

    and we played big during that stretch. Helps with post feeds and defense.

  • IdahoHoosier

    I’ve seen criticism of TB and his lack of “skill” in the paint. He may not be as skilled as Davis, but the real issue is that TB doesn’t stay in the paint, nor does he get the ball when he is in the paint, enough to be effective. Davis seems more successful/productive than TB because he is less likely to drift out to the 3 point line. I truly believe if utilized in the post where a built 6’10” dude belongs(!) TB’s numbers would be better. Hate me if you like for this comment, but go watch Purdue. PU currently has better shooters than IU, but they still use their big men by going into the post, then making a big-man move or passing it back out to open shooters.