That’s A Wrap: Devonte Green

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Welcome to “That’s A Wrap,” our player-by-player recap of the 2016-2017 Indiana Hoosiers. First up: Devonte Green.

Green (32 games): 4.4 points, 1.8 rebounds, 1.1 assists, 55.7% eFG, 71% FT, 44% 3PFG% in 15.2 minutes per game.

Green showed flashes of brilliance in his debut season at Indiana and has already proven he can shoot at the college level, but inexperience and limited minutes prevented him from truly breaking through.

Green contributed to the win over Kansas on Nov. 11 with a clutch 3-pointer, but didn’t bury another shot from deep until Dec. 4. In the home opener against UMass-Lowell, Green scored six points and added four steals, although much of that came in garbage time.

After suffering an injury vs. Nebraska to open Big Ten play, Green didn’t play in the next two contests (Louisville, Wisconsin). When Green returned, he struggled to acclimate to conference play, scoring five points or fewer in 12 of the next 13 games. Even during that stretch, however, there were times Green would pull off a dazzling pass or a timely steal.

The injury bug once again bit Green later in the season, as Crean noted on his Feb. 14 radio show that he had suffered a back spasm while trying to lift a 35-pound bar.

Once Green neared full health, he once again showcased his immense potential.

Perhaps the best stretch of Green’s freshman year came at the end of the conference season. Green reached double-figures scoring in three of the last five games of Big Ten play (including the two tournament games) and shot 71 percent from three (10-of-14).

Against Northwestern, the first game of that five-game period, Green capped off a 22-0 run by banking in a 70-foot heave. It was the second time Green banked in a buzzer-beater from beyond halfcourt.

Green has also proven himself to be a capable defender. His steal percentage of 2.6 was the second best on the team, behind only OG Anunoby (3.0). There are other components of his defensive play that need improvement, but he’s well on track to becoming a solid two-way player.

There is a lot of polishing to be done with Green’s game. His turnover rate of 28.8 was the highest on the team, and he finished the season with more turnovers (40) than assists (34). If Green wants to earn consistent minutes as a lead guard, he’ll need to clean that up.

There was also the time he made Tom Crean irate after attempting to throw an alley-oop to Freddie McSwain as the clock expired.

But for a three-star recruit that barely cracked the top-200 of 247Sports composite rankings for the class of 2016, the growing pains can be forgiven. A bright future likely lies ahead if Green decides to stay the course in Bloomington.

Bottom Line: Green worked his way up from rotation player to the first guard off the bench for Indiana. He’s proven himself to be unafraid of the big moment, an attribute rarely seen from freshmen entering pressure-packed situations. If Green can take better care of the ball and continue shooting above 40 percent from deep, a successful future lies ahead for him.

Quotable: “(Green) just played with a high motor. Moved the ball. There’s certain things you’ve got to live with – that one turnover late in the game – he’s going to get so much better when he can play with those eyes up. And he’ll be such a better player. He really will. Most guys go through (growing pains) and he’s got to get to that point. But he played hard. He just played basketball. And he held his matchups very well. So he did an outstanding job” – Tom Crean after Indiana’s win over Northwestern.

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  • IU Marine

    I see a lot of potential in DG and hope that he recognizes that his future is with IU. He is a high effort guy and adds excitement when he is on the floor.
    Go Hoosiers

  • Ole Man

    Really like this kid. Hope he decides to stay.

  • WhatsUpKnight2.0

    one more game tonight and that’s it. hopefully the storylines will be fast and furious starting tomorrow, far as who’s staying and who’s going. i do hope DG chooses to stay. yes he’s got a shipload of work to do, but i like that he plays with swagger. the kid’s fun to watch

  • stillstoned2011

    Indiana needs a proven point guard that can run the show and put points on the board when all else fails. I don’t see DG as that guy. If the Hoosiers are to return to greatness they need a higher quality of talent, leadership and mental toughness.

  • pcantidote

    I really like his game and he would seem to be a great fit for Arch’s system. He just seems like a kid where the moment is never too big for him, he isn’t afraid to take the lead, and he has an edge to him.

  • Ms hoosier

    I think if he stays he will excell in Archie’s system. Creans system was just too fast which caused a lot of his mistakes but with his quickness and his ability to shoot the ball he can be a very good guard!! He also showed flashes of seeing the floor and good passing skills in transition

  • IUfanforever

    Well Stoned which says it all…I think with Archie Miller on board and a little coaching Green will be a perfect fit as our point Guard. We need him back.

  • SCHoosier

    It was fun to watch DG’s development through the year .Early on..he took quick shots and was caught on defense watching the ball and not his man. (Neither unusual for a freshman) As the season progressed..IMO..DG was our best at “feeding the post” and getting thru a screen. He was more selective with his shot and showed he could attack the basket. DG showed very quick feet.. can be a real pest on defense. I hope he stays around to see how Coach Miller’s schemes can/will make him a better player.

  • Koko

    Crean is going to Temple.

  • Mark Bando

    Assuming OG and TB are going, next to Davis, this is the guy I want to stay the most

  • iugradmark

    Can anyone site the rules on practice? I was thinking in the past that official practices ended with the championship game but don’t recall if that was changed.

  • inLinE6

    You gotta credit Coach Crean for finding Green. Very solid 4 year player. When we signed him I was scratching my head (just like any time we sign a sub-200 player) but he sure doesn’t play like one.

  • I think official practices ends when your team’s season ends. Hence another value of playing longer in a tournament — you get more practice time.

  • Agreed. I think he’ll be able to read defenses well, which is important in a motion offense like Archie’s. And I think he has the desire to be an aggressive defender, which also fits.

  • inLinE6

    I’m not sure I understand what “proven” is. Very very few kids are “proven” to succeed in college these days. Most need development and go through that freshman moments. I’m believing in DG. Frank Mason was also an undersized underrecruited 3-star guard who turned out to be ok!

  • HoosierOne

    DG is great. I’m looking forward to watching him start next year and helping the Hoosiers be a great success!

  • IllinoisHoosier

    Creans system? By that you mean lack of system. ?

  • IllinoisHoosier

    I see some potential. Needs to take care of ball first, dish 2nd and score 3rd.

  • Rick Pearson

    Sure hope he returns really think he’s got great potential

  • sd chuck

    This kid needs to stick around, imo, he will flourish under ARCH

  • stillstoned2011

    Well, Indiana needs one of those very very few kids that are “proven”.

  • TomJameson

    If you’re talking about offense, you’re forgetting that IU always had a top rated offense. It’s a lack of defense that lost us games and brought the hammer down on Crean.
    If you just want to make a dig then okay, go ahead, but if you want to be accurate then you probably want to get your facts straight.

  • TomJameson

    I couldn’t agree more. I think DG will flourish under Archie.

  • TomJameson

    Everyone seems to be forgetting about Josh, or underestimating him. I think he was showing his true self toward the end of the season, and that was pretty darn good. He’ll be our point guard, I’m pretty positive about that, but Devonte will be getting a lot of minutes with him.

    I think Josh, Devonte, and Robert will all share starting duties … maybe even together. Think we’ll have a pretty good chance at seeing a 3 guard system again. Remember, Archie was a pretty darn good guard at the D1 level himself.

  • TomJameson

    DG might just be the best overall passer on the team. He’s shown us some doozies!

  • TomJameson

    I think I’ll put Robert Johnson as the next in line as far as wanting him back. He’ll be an extremely important part of the team next year. It would be a big blow to IU if he went elsewhere.

  • Green is where it’s at. Keeping him is a must. He added immediate electricity to the team when he was on the floor. You can’t teach that. He’s going to be great, but probably won’t be around for all 4 years.