Film Session: Georgia Tech

  • 03/16/2017 7:58 am in


Indiana begins this possession with not every player guarding a man. But as Okogie moves into the middle, Johnson is pointing to Jones to get out to the right wing and mark Jackson:

But as the ball is swung to the left wing and entered to Okogie, Jones sinks down into the paint to double, which leaves Jackson very open on the right wing:

As Okogie passes it to Jackson on the right wing, Jones moves off him and back up top:

So it’s an uncontested 3-pointer for Jackson which he drops in:

Hard to say for certain, but it looked like Jones thought Indiana was in a zone while Johnson was instructing him to get into man defense as he picked up Okogie. Either way, Indiana’s defense was disorganized and it led to a wide open look for the opponent with relative ease.

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