Film Session: Georgia Tech

  • 03/16/2017 7:58 am in


Lammers grabs the rebound for the Yellow Jackets off a Curtis Jones missed 3-pointer:

He outlets to Josh Heath:

Four Hoosiers are near midcourt and none are picking up the ball. James Blackmon Jr. is pointing to the frontcourt with his back to the ball as Juwan Morgan points to Heath. Jones has two Yellow Jackets on the right side of the court and he begins to sprint up to Josh Okogie:

Heath wasn’t bringing the ball up the court with that fast a pace or looking to push in transition. But with Indiana’s four defenders still doing a whole lot of nothing and Jones marking Okogie, Tadric Johnson has plenty of space to the hoop and Heath makes the pass:

Davis chases on the catch:

But Jackson has enough of a head start to dunk it home:

Indiana failed to pick up the ballhandler or secure the rim on this possession. Just a complete and utter lack of defensive awareness here.

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