The Minute After: Iowa

  • 02/22/2017 12:32 am in

Thoughts on a 96-90 loss to the Hawkeyes:

Another game the Hoosiers seemingly had in control down the stretch on the road, and yet another one they threw away.

Against Minnesota, some failed box outs from the Hoosiers — and some fortuitous movement from the Golden Gophers on their final possession — sunk Indiana in a game they led for nine of the final 10 minutes of the contest. Tonight, the Hoosiers sprinted out to a 17-4 lead as Josh Newkirk and James Blackmon Jr. banged home 3-pointers. Fran McCaffery was so angry with how his team started the contest that he pulled his five starters for five fresh Iowa bench players. The Hawkeyes were able to battle back and make a game of it, but Indiana continued to lead the entire way — and even had an eight-point lead with just under five minutes to go in the contest — until a Tyler Cook dunk and and-1 with 2:10 to go put the Hawkeyes up two at 73-71.

The Hoosiers were able to stick in there and get the game to overtime, as Josh Newkirk sunk two big free throws with 25 seconds to go to tie the game at 75. Thomas Bryant got away with a foul at the buzzer on Cook’s attempt and we went onwards to overtime.

But the final five minutes were a microcosm of all the plagued the Hoosiers in this one. Indiana simply had no answer for Peter Jok all game long. It was a masterful performance from the Iowa senior. When Jok wasn’t hitting shots when he was freed off the baseline to the perimeter (6-of-12), he was living at the line drawing fouls against the Hoosiers. Jok capped off his evening by scoring a ridiculous 15 points in the overtime frame — with 11 of those coming from the line. The senior ended the night 22-of-23 from the charity stripe, setting an Iowa record in the process. He finished with a game-high 35 points.

Late turnovers in the second half helped Iowa get it to overtime and Indiana continued with its carelessness in the overtime period, as it turned the ball over three times. McCaffery had his Hawkeyes pick up the Hoosiers in the backcourt and employ a trap at halfcourt for long stretches of the contest. The Hoosiers are already turnover prone and this defense made them even more so, as their turnover percentage of 25.9 was above their season average. And even when Indiana broke the trap line of the defense and got the ball deep into the frontcourt, the Hoosiers sometimes made bad decisions on the baseline for turnovers. And as Zach Osterman noted on Twitter, this defense also just completely wore down the Hoosiers by the extra frame as they limped to their fifth straight loss.

The numbers are now starting to look pretty ugly. Indiana is tied for 12th in conference with Ohio State, just one spot ahead of Rutgers in the Big Ten cellar. It’s now impossible to finish conference play with a winning record. And at just two games above .500 overall, there’s evidence to support the fact that an invite to the NIT is far from a guarantee.

Northwestern has struggled of late and the Hoosiers get the Wildcats at home on Saturday night. Can they stop the bleeding or is a sixth straight loss on the way?

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  • Xavier


  • Ohio Hoosier

    Number six is on the way.

  • KingofKentucky

    Two games ago IU lost on a last second shot. Tonight, against Iowa we lost in OT. Based on my math they’re only two games away from the magical third overtime that it takes to win. : (

  • Ole Man

    Five in a row!

  • KingofKentucky

    Longest losing streak since the 2010-11 team.

  • Chuck McGregor

    Hawkeyes ROCK

  • cbags05

    Folks, apparently Yogi Ferrell was pretty good.

  • kennygeorge

    ?, Doesn’t creans contract end in 2018? I thought he signed a 8 year in 2008 and then got a 2 yr extension. I haven’t heard of glass doing another one.

  • Jeremy

    Up by 8 with 4:46 to go and we lose. I think I have seen this story line before. Sung to the tune of Bill Bailey. Brad Stevens wont you please come homeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Jeff Funk

    The entire program is in free fall. When is Glass finally going to recognize it’s time for a change.

  • TomJameson

    Contract ends in 2020. in July 2017, his buyout goes down to 1 million.

  • Jeremy Jackson

    I have a ticket to the Purdue game and now doubt I will go to the game.

  • kennygeorge

    yx tom.

  • Speed

    There is no waiting for a decrease in buyout. If Crean is here in July he is staying. Hard to believe that money is not available. Clearly Crean has lost this team. All up to Glass now.

  • TomEke

    On the Fischer’s show after the game last night, Crean said along the lines of “he wasn’t going to comment on the refs”, basically saying that the refs had cost his team the game without saying it.

    Maybe it’s just me, but I really don’t feel like, even with the free throw discrepancy, the refs cost this team the game. If anything, they gave us a chance in overtime on a no-call involving Thomas Bryant under the basket at the end of regulation. I felt like reason for the 19-47 FT discrepancy was quite simply that we fouled more.

  • David Schwind

    I had a change of heart – instead of not watching the game and watching Forrest Gump and drinking Hop Slam, I didn’t watch the game and watched Rain Man and drank Sierra.

  • GetMeSomeOGFlyers

    Being outcoached cost us the game, again

  • SCHoosier

    No way this team should go to ANY post season..but the $$ will make the NIT a “have too”…I guess.

  • PBzeer

    On the bright side, we did sweep Penn St this season.

  • Bud Jenkins

    being out of position on defense leads to a lot of these fouls

  • jozink

    All I have to say is that I’m proud of the fact we ended regulation with 2 timeouts. It seems Tom has such great foresight to realize that we can save them for later.

    Clearly, that was a joke, but I am surprised there has not been a deeper dive into this particular issue. It’s like a video on loop. Indiana melts down, coach watches the meltdown, we lose the game, and we have 2 or more timeouts left. I personally believe this one statistic alone is an indicator of the quality of the coach that we have, in that he may not even believe that he has the ability to provide useful instruction from the sideline. I’m tired of watching our team meltdown and the coach not providing the instruction you can see the players are looking for. Just look at our guys faces down the stretch last night. They needed it and they got nothing.

  • crimson11cream

    That’s because we’re a horrible team with without anything to praise!

  • crimson11cream

    That’s another common Crean thing over the years. However it isn’t like Crean aka Clappy Mcpacer can come up with a plan during a timeout anyway.

  • GetMeSomeOGFlyers

    Well I don’t disagree w that, but even when we had Yogi and Vic, the guy constantly praises the other team. He talks about McCafferey like he’s a coaching wizard. “You see McCaffery, in the refs ears. You see McCaffrey switch to full court press”

  • Sherronhasaheadache

    It will be 9 in a row here shortly

  • mharv2631

    We have lost every game the tall bald ref has called.

  • HoosierOne

    No kidding. What on earth has to happen for him to realize it’s time for a change? Glass should be getting more scrutiny himself too.

  • Jeff Funk


  • TomJameson

    I am not advocating waiting for an easier buyout. As a matter of fact, If CTC leaves it should be as soon as the season is finished. It would be extremely rough for recruiting if it went any longer than that.

    Actually, Glass should be zeroing in on a replacement right now. Wait a minute … I think … yes, I believe that I hear Steven’s phone ringing right now! LOL

  • TomJameson

    Come on … “Clappy Mcpacer”? Can’t you do better than that? Pretty lame, pretty old, and just looking for a sound-bite.

  • TomJameson

    I wouldn’t say that the officiating cost us the game, but it was very poor officiating which leaned heavily in their favor. Jok had more free-throws that the entire IU team.

    It’s not really the calls that are made, the issue is the calls that are not made. If you watch the game with an eye on Iowa and their defense in the middle, you’ll see a bunch of calls not made that are clearly fouls.

    Maybe IU didn’t lose because of it, but 23 points is a huge discrepancy! Personally, I’d be more apt to put the loss on the 22 turnovers.

  • John Mathias

    Hey everyone this guy is cool and drinks cool beer. Thanks for sharing

  • David Schwind

    Thanks, John, but I think you missed the point. Bud Light and Seinfeld re-runs are an equally good alternative to watching sh$t hoops.

  • Outoftheloop

    Out of position and slow and behind the shooter!

  • Outoftheloop

    That is encouraging news! Do it then Mr Glass!

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  • Jeff Bryant

    It is clearly because Crean has no plan. We make it on the talent of the players, not the coaching. Unfortunately, this is why if we do go to the tourney, when we get beat, it is in double digits. A good coach will see with a visit of the tapes how to beat us. We play the same with the same issues every season, regardless of the roster. The only common denominator is Crean.