The Minute After: Wisconsin

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Thoughts on a 65-60 loss to the Badgers:

Wisconsin shut down Indiana’s perimeter weave. The Hoosiers couldn’t drop in a 3-pointer. Turnovers were rampant.

It was the kind of start that should have absolutely doomed the Hoosiers at the Kohl Center. And for a little bit, it looked liked it was going to, as Wisconsin went up 12 (22-10) at the 8:34 mark of the first half on an Ethan Happ lay-in.

But Indiana played inspired defense. Wisconsin wasn’t sharp with the ball. It allowed the Hoosiers to erase the lead and enter halftime down just three points (27-24). The stats for both teams at half were not pretty. The Hoosiers scored just .75 points per possession. Wisconsin wasn’t much better at .85. Both teams turned it over on 25.1 percent of their possessions. And shooting from both squads was similarly poor (Indiana eFG%: 38.9, Wisconsin eFG%: 38.5).

For a team that hasn’t won in Madison since 1998, though, you’ll take just about any kind of game to keep it this close.

The Hoosiers kept coming in the second half and despite never taking the lead — they got as close as two at the 10:39 mark and were within three points twice in the final minute of the contest — Indiana played Wisconsin about as even as you could have hoped considering the circumstances. As Alex noted in At The Buzzer, the deciding statistic in this one was Wisconsin’s 12-point advantage at the foul line (23-10) and its 10-point advantage off turnovers (16-6) — despite a similar turnover percentage between the squads (Indiana: 23.7%, Wisconsin: 20.6%).

After tossing up a career-high 27 points in Indiana’s triple overtime win against Penn State earlier in the week, Josh Newkirk had another strong offensive outing (22 points) this afternoon in Madison. Newkirk’s penetration was a problem for the Badgers in the second half and he was the only Hoosier who hit consistently from distance. Newkirk made 4-of-6 from the 3-point line. The rest of the Hoosiers made just 3-of-14 on an afternoon they shot 35 percent overall from deep.

Indiana failed to get the ball inside to Thomas Bryant early and he only had seven shot attempts the entire contest. But he made the best of his opportunities and finished with 11 points on 5-of-7 shooting. However, his four turnovers were second worst on the team to Newkirk’s five. Robert Johnson hit just 5-of-15 from the field to go along with three turnovers. He also continues to take too many long 2s inside Indiana’s offensive sets. De’Ron Davis had a nice run in the middle of the second half where he hit two buckets on two consecutive possessions, reminiscent of how he gave the Badgers a lot of trouble in Bloomington the first go around this season.

This one goes in the books as a loss, but it was a valiant effort for the Hoosiers against the class of the Big Ten. If the Hoosiers get James Blackmon Jr. back in action for the Purdue game at home on Thursday night, it’ll go a long way to helping out an offense that has struggled for stretches without him over the last three contests.

And a raucous Assembly Hall faithful against the rival Boilermakers should help, too.

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  • vicbert caladipo

    You came at me like I am one of the CTC bashers which anyone that reads me knows I am not. I just got done calling Sandra out on another repeated blast at CTC. I have been posting since games end about my displeasure with the refs and I thought this was the time for Coach to light a fire under the refs. It couldn’t have hurt we lost anyway and we got hosed all throughout the game which the majority of the posters here agree with. I am normally pretty peaceful just hate losing every stinking game to UW especially when our tourney lives depended on that game

  • Piker

    Yeah I just could not stand the negative on anything tonight I get that way. Thought the whole team played well where no one wins. The 15 in a row now there kills me. And yep we need the next five for sure now….the last two scare me.

  • vicbert caladipo

    CTC can never look as bad as Quinn to critics. What a choke job.

  • Missing Moye

    I’m sure if it’s close the committee will put us in as a 13 seed with a first round matchup against Kentucky.

  • Jonny McClain

    I don’t know if I really want in this conversation but is it not fair to state that there is quite a bit of talent on this team still? I feel this team’s performance is getting somewhat of a pass based on the injuries and I get that to a degree but things were not exactly trending upward even when everyone was healthy – could they have turned a corner? Maybe so. I just think we should expect more out of this group – our freshman / transfers have logged plenty of minutes and RJ has been playing since day 1 and we are nearing the end of his junior year / Thomas Bryant will be playing in the NBA. If Crean’s strength is recruiting – then why are we not expecting more from these kids? It just seems we need superior talent to have a decent season. Others have stated it before but when is the last time Crean got the ‘whole’ to be better than the sum of it’s parts?

  • Freemason

    Who is whisky? When do they play beer?

  • Chappy Dan

    I especially agree with you on point #1!!!! The announcers were falling all over themselves to praise Happ…when clearly Happ grabbed DD’s jersey!

  • Chappy Dan

    Is it possible the refs enjoy the attention that a lengthy Wiscy home court winning streak brings?

  • Hoosier Hall

    I flipped out when that happened. The announcers said nothing about it. They just kept gushing about Happ. Even showed it in the replay. Absolute garbage no-call at the worst possible time.

  • TomJameson

    Is it possible the refs enjoy the manila envelope that a lengthy Wiscy home court winning streak brings?

  • Bob Roser

    Crean should get a T every game with his antics.

  • mharv2631

    IU is 0-3 with that officiating crew. The tall bald ref is the worst.

  • David Schwind

    Gotta love when that’s the most positive Crean comment on here. Wow, our coach is better than the worst coach choke job ever. Classic.

  • IdahoHoosier

    I can’t up-vote you enough Mark. My sentiments exactly.

  • Lance76

    I would like to film plays and show it to 100 referees. They can then log in to a computer and vote as to charge/block—- foul/no foul. I am betting it would be interesting. Taking that point a step further would be interjecting the variable of who’s court the game was player on.

  • disqus_qZBK7SROvl

    Why do they always look lost coming out of a timeout, like they didn’t draw up a play? How can you not know how many seconds are on shot clock outta timeout? Puzzling..

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