Film Session: Illinois

  • 01/09/2017 10:01 am in

Anunoby ties up Mike Thorne for a little bit:

He’s able to get the ball to Leron Black, but Anunoby denies his attempt to get to the rim:

Black passes out to Tracy Abrams and comes out to set a ball screen for him. Anunoby switches onto Abrams:

Anunoby stays with Abrams on the drive:

And challenges at the rim:

Abrams’ shot doesn’t get anywhere near the rim and Anunoby catches it on the other side of the hoop as the shot clock expires. IU ball:

On the other end, Anunoby sets up in the right corner behind Illinois’ zone as Johnson has the ball on the left wing:

Johnson tosses up the alley-oop as Anunoby moves towards the basket:

The sophomore slams it home for two points:

Nice sequence on both ends of the floor from Anunoby.


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