Film Session: Illinois

  • 01/09/2017 10:01 am in

The Hoosiers put on an offensive clinic early Saturday evening against the Illini. Their 1.42 points per possession was their second highest output of the season and best against a major conference opponent.

In the first half, strong defense helped lead to scores on the other end. In the second half, IU’s defense wasn’t as good, but its offense continued to hum.

We’ll talk a look at two scores from each half in the latest edition of Film Session:

Jalen Coleman-Lands beats James Blackmon Jr. off the dribble:

But OG Anunoby is there at the rim and Coleman-Lands’ shot hits only the backboard:

The ball bounces around and lands with Devonte Green:

Green dribbles it up on the break and tosses a no-look behind the back pass to Robert Johnson:

Johnson drives in:

And scores at the rim:

Nifty pass from Green, all set up by Anunoby’s denial at the rim.


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  • BL4IU

    Nice work Ryan.

    Nice ball movement before JN’s outstanding cut to the basket and really liked JBJ’s decision to shot fake. More of all that in the future will certainly help this team.

    Loved the subtle communication between RJ and OG setting up the alley-oop.

  • IdahoHoosier

    LOVE to see TB making post moves in the dang post in that last clip. There is no quick answer to solving the defensive problems IU has, but increasing offensive efficiency helps win games. Still hate seeing JBJ lunging at the ball putting himself out of position like in the first clip. He has the speed to keep up with guys he just can’t give them driving lanes. Great set of examples and love seeing guys looking for teammates!

  • Hoosier Hall

    I was at the game and that DG pass to RJ was something special. RJ was a little surprised by it but finished nicely. It was one of those plays where even the crowd was kinda behind on it, like “what just happened???”. Green impresses me with his toughness and fearlessness. Great ball handler too. He could end up being one of those guys that goes from unranked to the NBA.

  • Hoosierkamp

    An engaged OG annuoby makes up for a lot

    Coming into the season, I think we are knew JBJ was needed for scoring and his D would be OK at best. But the assumption is that the other 4 guys would be great defenders and this would be a really good defensive team

    I think every player (minus RJ) has slightly underwhelmed on D verse expectations. I expect more (fair or not fair) from TB and OG especially

  • John D Murphy

    JBJ does fall for the dribble fake readily. In fairness, he may have seen one before this year as there wasn’t any need to use one to get by him. JBJ is trying this year on D. I will give him credit for that.

  • IdahoHoosier

    The issue wasn’t falling for the fake as much as lunging at his man in an attempt to get back into defensive position. If JBJ’s man had gone right initially JBJ would’ve tackled him since his momentum was lunging at the man. Just poor positioning and overcommitting on D. Certainly something he can improve with work.

  • mharv2631

    That was a nasty pass!

  • ForeverIU

    Not trying to be an alarmist here, and it’s something I’ve avoided asking before seeing more evidence. Does anyone think that OG gets winded easily. Granted, he is a very active player, but I can’t count the number of times I’ve seen him gasping for air as the camera focuses on him. Someone on here mentioned a long time ago that some players have smaller lungs than others and it results in lower endurance. Like I said, it could be he’s just more active than other players, but that might explain some of his more limited minutes, because he might just be more efficient. And I’m not just talking about point production; he is extremely active on defense.

  • Kwang

    I wonder how he did with the high altitude mask in the sand pit.

  • Josh Hauser

    Blackmon Jr with the classic blow-bye to the lane. He couldn’t keep a snail in front of him if he tried. The kid needs to get in a good defensive stance, force the guy away from the middle of the floor, and play lock man-to-man defense. The classic blow-byes of him & Newkirk defending are atrocious. Either Crean can’t coach lockdown 1-on-1 man defense or Blackmon has no incentive to take pride in playing defense. Don’t get me wrong, he has one of the best shots in America. But there is no desire or passion to play on the other end of the floor other than letting his man get on the side of him so someone can come over & help him every possession that his man drives on him.

    Not to mention they should play 8 guys.

    Green (PG)

    That’s it. Its tiring watching Newkirk be the designated point guard when everyone sees he has an issue dribble the basketball when tightly guarded. Give Green the opportunity at PG, give him the confidence & tell him it’s his spot to run the offense, be a leader & take pride in not turning over the basketball. It’s ironic… Crean hasn’t had to recruit a true PG in 4 seasons with Yogi being a toon PG in America. Crean saw the production & leadership a PG has on the team. But knowing Crean didn’t go out & get a good PG to sign & on top of that, not having a room PG this year signed is BRUTAL recruiting. Say what you want about Crean’s NBA-type development with Oladipo & now OG. He’s the same guy that has lost Luke Fischer, got nothing from Jeremy Hollowell (top recruit), lost Mosquera-Peres (top recruit), & in 6 seasons without any recruiting violations with scholarships, he’s reached the Sweet 16 three times & hasn’t gotten any farther. Sweet 16 is Crean’s ceiling at Indiana until proven otherwise. If he didn’t have an NBA HOF in Wade, he never would’ve gotten to a Final Four.

    It’s either bad coaching or no incentive of the players to play lockdown defense & take care of the ball. Two things Crean’s teams do every single season. No adjustments.