Film Session: UMass Lowell

  • 11/18/2016 9:57 am in

While Indiana took care of UMass Lowell with relative ease in its home opener Wednesday night, the Hoosiers were not without some areas of improvement.

On defense, the Hoosiers allowed 1.04 points per possession. While UMass Lowell ran some nice action in spots and simply hit shots over the Hoosiers, there were also plays where Indiana’s lack of communication, fundamentals or awareness allowed for open shots for the River Hawks.

We’ll take a look at four such plays in the latest edition of Film Session:

The River Hawks bring up the ball on the left side of the court. Thomas Bryant, Robert Johnson and James Blackmon Jr. have three UMass Lowell players coming down their side of the court to mark:


Bryant appears to pick up the ballhandler, but there’s no communication whatsoever with Johnson and Blackmon Jr. Tyler Livingston sits behind them on the back side of the defense as neither Hoosier fully commits to a man:


Johnson finally steps up to Stefan Borovoc, but Blackmon Jr. is caught napping and Livingston receives the pass:


Juwan Morgan gives help from the weak side:


But Livingston is able to score the bucket at the rim:


A lack of communication at the beginning of the possession between Blackmon Jr. and Johnson doomed the Hoosiers here.


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  • Iumick22

    Billy Preston chose Kansas.

  • Ms hoosier

    Haven’t hear anything on Maker lately but like Clyde said in his post below. Thomas was a late commit so maybe we can still get a quality big man before its all said and done

  • ForeverIU

    Yes, but at least TB was still available. Who is available to us now? Who is also well-ranked?

  • SilentBob

    Right? Especially considering they touched on our player development program during the broadcast and how it’s one of the best. While Kansas… I’d avoid it like the plague if I was a 5 star. Outside of Embiid it seems every 5 star that’s gone there lately plays below expectations. Even Wiggins had a pretty underwhelming year considering how much he was hyped.

  • BC Hoosier

    Jordan Tucker is still out there. He would be a great get for IU. I’ve said it before in other threads but I think he’s going to special.

  • frankly I don’t know. I’m not a close follower of the recruiting stuff. It’s just to wishy washy and uncertain most of the time for me to follow closely. But that’s just, like, my opinion man. Looks like the well is running dry already. But we do seem to do well finding little diamonds nobody else sees, and there is also the junior college scene.

  • Piker

    Fear not. TC will find away. Remember Max.

  • and Holt. And probably several others.

  • Piker

    Exactly just wanted to add the D1 guys, Graduate or others to your initial list of HS diamonds in the ruff and JC guys like Emmitt to Providence this year. Emmitt did not shoot well vs OSU but still got his share of rebounds, got to the line and played some good D. Was good seeing him.

  • If he doesn’t like these comments, he can step up his defense. Perform or deal with the criticism. I don’t care how much he can score. If (IF) he gives up more layups than FGs he scores, he hurts our team and doesn’t deserve to be on the floor. People act like we’re personally attacking JBJ. Chill.

  • Ben thorne

    Great work Ryan.
    I, for what ever the reason, believe our periodic 🙂 lapses are always position. When you as a defender are out of the play with 1 step from the offensive player, you did not have good position to begin with. As a defender, when you get exposed that quickly and easily, you then put the help defense out of position automatically….thus late to the ball, silly out of position fouls, etc.

    I am certain as we get more games in, it will come together, but this just highlights the domino effect of incorrect or lazy position to begin with.

    I am not sure what I just said