Film Session: Bellarmine

  • 11/07/2016 10:32 am in

Indiana clamped down on defense early against Bellarmine and it helped propel them to an easy victory on a night the 3-point shots weren’t falling.

We’ll take a look at the Hoosiers’ two forced shot clock violations from the first half, as well as some work from OG Anunoby and Freddie McSwain, in the latest edition of Film Session:

James Blackmon Jr. picks up his man full court:


And continues to heavily pressure him once across half court:


Later in the possession, there’s more of the same in terms of perimeter pressure, this time from Josh Newkirk:


Newkirk continues with it and there’s now just 10 seconds left for the Knights to get some offensive action going:


Bryant wards off a shot with four seconds to go:


The Knights finally gain an advantage on this pass to Tyler Jenkins:


He comes downhill to the hoop, but is pressured by three Hoosiers at the rim. It doesn’t matter. His shot leaves his hand after the shot clock buzzer sounded. Indiana ball:


The early pressure from Blackmon Jr. and Newkirk delayed the Knights from getting into action until later in the possession, helping cause the shot clock violation.


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  • Love the breakdowns. Two highlighting JBJ’s good defense, one of OG parting the Red Sea, and then McFly on pace to grab a rebound a minute of playing time.

  • John D Murphy

    Great work Ryan. The still pics with telestration and comments make it very easy to follow what you are highlighting in the video. I enjoy this feature a great deal.

  • Kwang

    Ryan, I love these! You deserve a big HAW!

  • inLinE6

    Haven’t watched KU this year. Are they good? KU fans predicting double-digit loss for us.

    BTW, why was my earlier comment deleted? I had above words plus a link to KU fans prediction. Nothing intrusive. Strange.

  • Generally speaking, I’m always happy to see opposing fans being overconfident, and hope that the team they follow feels the same way. In this particular case, I’m expecting a double-digit loss as well (but low double-digits, like 10 points) because of the impact of being so injured and having DD in particular start so late.

    If it were two weeks and a couple of games later, I’d feel very differently. Just like I think we’re going to spank UNC. But having KU the first game is great as a learning tool, but I’m just not ready to say we’ll win it or even keep it in single digits.

  • sarge

    I watched them play their last exhibition last night. Long, athletic and a focus on defense and feeding the post. They gave up a lot of easy looks from distance and also looked bad with their transition defense. An average DI team would have kept it close, but they were playing Emporia State. If we shoot well I think we will surprise the experts and really run away with it. I anticipate if we shoot like we did against Bellarmine we will have our hands full. Mason, Graham and Mykhailiuk looked pretty sound although Graham has been fighting cramps during their exhibitions. He probably won’t play more than 30 minutes against us. Josh Jackson looked very versatile, but seemed to lack the killer instinct and was too passive most of the night until late in the second half. Bragg looked terrible, but their frontcourt is big and athletic and should be a good matchup against our big guys. I like that we play them first because I think it is the best time of the year to beat Kansas with their roster being a mix of veterans and new pieces. If we get out and run, knock down the open looks from distance, get some easy baskets in the paint, defend and rebound we should win this.

  • Awesome, thanks for that. Since I haven’t seen them, I’m going to stick with my prediction below. But secretly I’ll be thinking we have a nice chance to win this thing and start the season out right. And then REALLY spank UNC when the time comes.

  • Thanks!

  • Thank you, Kwang.