Report: ESPN keeping half of Big Ten rights package

  • 06/20/2016 11:49 am in

Following months of speculation that the Big Ten would end its relationship with ESPN, the two sides have come to an agreement on a new rights package.

The Big Ten and ESPN have agreed to a six-year deal that will pay the conference $190 million annually, according to a report Monday morning by The Sports Business Journal.

The conference and Fox agreed to a seven-year deal back in April for up to $240 million annually that would put approximately 25 football and 50 men’s basketball games on Fox Sports and Fox Sports 1.

The ESPN deal, according to SBJ’s report, is for half of the league’s media rights. CBS has also agreed to a new deal that will keep the men’s basketball conference tournament semifinals and title game on CBS through 2023.

According to SBJ’s report, “Fox will have the first pick every year; ESPN will have the second; Fox will have the third, and so on. ESPN will carry Big Ten football games on ABC, ESPN and ESPN2. ESPNU will see far fewer Big Ten games than it has in the past.”

When you combine the value of the ESPN and Fox deals, the Big Ten should reap nearly $2.65 billion over the next six years.

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  • N71

    I saw a Tweet that said, “Chew on this….Northwestern and Rutgers will be pulling in more revenue on a yearly basis than Notre Dame and Texas on the next TV deal.”

    If the total from above is $2.65B does the math work out as $2.65/6/14 or $31.5 million per year per school? I think Notre Dame is getting $15M per year for football only. Wow…I have this sneaky suspicion watching Big Ten games in the future won’t be free.

  • Hoosierkamp

    cable packages will just keep going up…… in theory, we are all paying for it now

  • Bill Graham

    I personally just moved and the cable company literally wanted to double my current internet bill to add cable (Time Warner – yuck…I think Calipari’s brother secretly runs this company and donates the rip off money to UK)…anyway I’m trying the whole Roku thing this year so getting games across ESPN, FOX, and BIG will be a bit more of a challenge but should ideally be cheaper.

  • TomJameson

    If you follow the viewing trend of network and cable outlets, you’ll see that the trend is to move to internet type of viewing, with the younger generations leading the charge. No big news here, but that means that what we’re seeing is the traditional “TV” lineups need to generate money from somewhere, and that translates to a higher cable bill as everybody transitions away from cable. Just like the home phone landlines and 8-track tapes.

    Internet access to what you want to view is getting better, and will get much better in the future, and the better (and more in demand) it gets, the more expensive it will get also.

    Money. It all comes down to money. Just like CBB and their network deals … just follow the money. And people wonder where all those conspiracy theories come from about “rigged” games just to play in better markets, or rigged draws in tourneys, etc…

    Just follow the money.

  • Shaggy_C

    I would happily pay for a streaming-only option that would guarantee me live coverage of every B1G game. An annual subscription at a price point around $150 per year would be perfect.

    The current BTN2Go option is only available for cable subscribers who already have that channel as part of their cable lineup which kind of defeats the purpose of the offering.

  • thrawnjan

    I have exactly that with the Big Ten 2 Go International package. But you need an IP from outside the U.S.

  • TomJameson

    Ohhh, they make sure that there is 1-2 games that is on BTN2Go, but not playing on BTN. But I’ve found that usually the game is played on BTN on a delayed option, so no more 1-month subscription to BTN2Go for me.