Indiana announces 2016-2017 Big Ten opponents, single plays

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Indiana announced its 2016-17 men’s basketball Big Ten schedule this morning.

Indiana will play Michigan, Northwestern, Penn State, Purdue and Wisconsin twice next season.

The Hoosiers will host Illinois, Nebraska, Michigan State and Rutgers for single plays and travel to Iowa, Maryland, Minnesota and Ohio State for single plays.

Dates, tip times and broadcast information for next season’s Big Ten schedule will not be released until late summer or the fall.

IU’s complete release on the schedule is available below:

The defending Big Ten champion Indiana Hoosiers men’s basketball team will welcome nine league members into Assembly Hall during the 2016-17 conference season. Indiana will play home and home matchups with five schools and will play four teams only at home and four others only on the road. Last year, IU finished 17-0 at home, 9-0 in league play and 6-3 on the road in winning its 22nd Big Ten title.

Dates, times and television designations will be announced at a later date, but league play generally begins before New Years Day. The Hoosiers have a been a consensus top-15 pick in most 2016-17 preseason rankings.

IU will have home and home contests with Michigan, Northwestern, Penn State, Purdue and Wisconsin. The Badgers are the only team that IU faced twice in the regular season this past year.

The Hoosiers also will have home dates with Illinois, Michigan State, Nebraska, and Rutgers. Last year, the Hoosiers traveled to Michigan State and Rutgers only and played a home and home series with Illinois and Nebraska.

Indiana will go on the road to take on Iowa, Maryland, Minnesota and Ohio State. Last year, IU hosted Maryland and Ohio State and had a home and home series with Iowa and Minnesota.

IU will open the regular season November 11 against Kansas at Pearl Harbor in the Armed Forces Classic.

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  • IU22

    15-3 is really possible.

  • WhatsUpKnight2.0

    biggest standout, don’t have to play at msu! gotta love that

  • NC Hoosier

    Ugh; Wisconsin twice.

  • Ms hoosier

    Wisky will be tough to beat it don’t matter where we play them.

  • TomJameson

    IU should be one of the top 3/4 in the B1G this year, but road games are so tough because of the “home court” advantage some places get. Wisconsin is one of them, MN is another.

    Just think though, at least we’re getting back to the point where other teams are saying “darn, IU twice this year”. lol

  • Koko

    Hard to predict a B1G win/loss record at this point….especially 15-3 as mentioned below. Need to see the boys play in the pre-B1G games. I see 8 of the 9 B1G road games not being easy games by any means…..are B1G road games ever easy? Maybe once we see the full schedule can we compare it to last year schedule but at this point it appears we have a tougher path to a B1G title than last year.

  • Oldguyy

    Always a big payday for the referees.

  • Kirk Sundstrom

    As a Hoosier living in Philly I was really hoping to make the trip to up to Jersey to see them dominate Rutgers again…guess this just means I’ll have to book more flights back to Indy to see them play!

  • Tcuomo

    I hate Wisco so much. What I would give to see the Hoosiers beat them in Madison.

  • onehoosier

    Well, we aren’t going to have anyone criticizing our SOS next year.

  • adam

    foul on oldguy. nigel hays shooting 2

  • Hoosierkamp

    need to split that series

  • Hoosierkamp

    Trying to think games we dodged. As MSU is about all that I really can think of. Only play OSU twice who should be better…. but we play on the road only. I guess not going to Illinois is decent…..

    I agree, schedule is fairly tough. But I like us to win every home game still.

  • inLinE6

    Wrong sport. Watch soccer, dude!

  • Ole Man


  • Ole Man


  • marcusgresham

    The five words no B1G coach wants to hear: “You only play Rutgers once.”

  • CreamandCrimson

    We are missing out on three likely road victories (Illinois, Rutgers, Nebraska) based on what we know about the teams at this moment. It wouldn’t be a guarantee but I think we’d be expected to go 3-0 in those three games. Plus, we would certainly be heavily favored to beat Minnesota at Assembly Hall. Playing Wisconsin twice is probably at least once loss based on recent history. So, that’s a net negative, I think.

    Not having to play in East Lansing is a positive, I’m glad we play Purdue twice (a must every season, in my opinion…it won’t be easy at all but I think we should be playing them twice) and I think double-plays against Northwestern, Michigan and Penn State can be classified as “fine”. Overall, it’s probably a slightly tougher than average schedule. I have no clue how people feel they can accurately predict a record at this point, they must have a much better grasp on what our Hoosiers (plus every other conference team) will look like.

  • IULore


  • Zach

    Hard to analyze without seeing how each team fares in the non-conference first, but first impressions are this is a tougher than average big 10 schedule. We missed out on a few of the usually pretty easy road wins like Rutgers, Nebraska, and even Illinois but at the same time, always a blessing not having to go to East Lansing.

    Playing Wisconsin twice made me gag. Getting Purdue twice again is great. It will be interesting as always to see when we play who since last years schedule was so weird with most of the easy matchups in the first half of big 10 play. I think a pretty loaded non conference against some powerhouse teams will have us ready to go.

  • Hoosier Hall

    I’m guessing because anything is possible…? If we’re looking at it that way, I’m thinking 18-0 is more likely. Lol

  • VAHoosier

    ever the pessimist!

  • Ole Man

    Ever the realist.
    Which isn’t being a pessimist at all.

  • Ole Man

    1 @ PUke, Wisc, PSU (they’re better and they beat us there last year).
    So, that’s 3 already. You’re saying only one more loss with 4 tough single plays away from home.
    A sweep of Mich (not very likely as they’re a sleeper pick to take the conference), a sweep of NW (which is nightmare city for IU on the road and they are also much improved).
    12-6 if I’m an optimist 🙂

  • VAHoosier

    Tomaeto, Tomawto. I don’t blame you–I’d rather be pleasantly surprised than bitterly disappointed.

  • IULore

    I don’t see a single game where I think “oh yeah, definitely a loss.” I think we will be a different team than last year, but a better one, Yogi is a huge loss, but TB, OG, JM, and DD will have our frontcort really stout

  • Bill Graham

    Well at least we don’t have to play at the Breslin Center…but we still have to play in Madison….I heard this year the refs are just going to start the game by letting Nigel Hayes shoot 30 free throws before the jump.

  • Bill Graham

    I’m saying 13 and 5. Given splits with Wisky, PU, and Michigan. One away loss at Maryland and one loss where we should have won (think PSU last year…or the year before)

  • pcantidote

    Who are the 7?

  • BL4IU

    I’m going to take the easy out and say I can’t predict this year’s BIG record until I see us near the end of the preseason schedule.

    Backcourt – we lose Yogi but barring injury, we’ll be a lot deeper. When Yogi’s shot was off, we struggled. RJ, JBJ and JN can all play ball and shoot. I like the fact we’ll be less reliant on one guard and more likely to play through the paint. I’m also anxious to see CUJO and DG; if either or both can play some minutes, we could really get after it defensively by seriously pressuring the ball for 48 minutes.

    Frontcourt – TB will definitely be improved, especially compared to last year’s regular season play. Just imagine him playing like he did in the NCAA tourney but even better. Major open question – can OG replace and possibly improve on TW’s play? When you factor in both ends of the floor, I think it’s possible but we’re just going to have to see it before we know the answer.

    Intangibles – How big a hit will we take in terms of leadership, three point shooting and bench play? We know RJ, JBJ, JN, CH, OG and TB can all shoot the three so notwithstanding the loss of some really good shooters (YF, NZ, MB), I think we’ll be fine from distance. We’re returning several upperclassmen and rotation players that have seen what it takes prep wise and have all played in numerous big games. Accordingly, I think we’ll also be fine leadership wise. MB, OG and JM were awesome off the bench last year. We know what we’ll get with JM and he’ll no doubt be improved and healthy. Question is, what will we get from DD, McFly and CUJO. Can’t replace MB’s experience but those are three gifted athletes and DD and CUJO are highly ranked recruits. Personally, I don’t think we’ll see any significant drop off, especially later in the season.

    We could be worse, we could be better or just about the same. Like I said, just can’t opine until I see a few games early on next year.

  • dwdkc

    Your realism is forgetting how weak the conference will be this year. I think weaker in the middle than last year. 11-7 is possible but would be a major disappointment when you see what every team returns compared to last year.

  • dwdkc

    It would be interesting to see what the Vegas over/under would be on the Big 10 records. I bet for IU it would be at least 12.5. I would take the over

  • SilentBob

    I disagree. I personally believe we’re deeper and more talented than every team in the league. Crean showed nice growth last year. Not many teams have a future lottery pick (Bryant), potential Big Ten defensive player of the year (Anunoby), and quality scorer (Blackmon). Yea James is a crap defender, but we look pretty solid otherwise defensively. Also believe we will rate out great on the boards. Yea we can’t replace Yogi, but with Blackmons return and Bryant demanding a higher usage rate, we have two nice cornerstones to build an offense on. I’ll make a bit more optimistic prediction as usual and say 13-5

  • Ole Man

    I think it will be stronger than last year. Not sure where you see weakness. I see better overall balance.

  • Does anywhere list every team’s B1G schedule? Would love to see who plays who overall, get a feel for which of the top teams have the easiest/hardest schedules.

  • Ole Man

    JN isn’t known as a shooter.
    Guard play will be unsettled until conference season.
    We had Nick last year; not just Yogi.
    Real strength is front court. Do the guards play through them? Big question mark!
    Sorry; way too many IFS right now.
    I’ll wait and see.

  • BL4IU

    We’re saying the same thing. Too many IFS. Must wait and see. JN shot 43% from three as a freshman. Regressed as a sophomore; I believe due to injury. He’ll be fine.

  • E Foy McNaughton

    My guess is Michigan, PU, WI, OSU, & PSU will be improved teams. MSU will reload and be strong. Iowa and Maryland will take a step down.

    Sooo – I’m with ole man in saying the conference will be stronger.