Video: Freddie McSwain vs. Hutchinson Community College

  • 04/25/2016 1:06 pm in

Indiana added a fifth member to its 2016 recruiting class on Sunday night when Neosho County Community College (Kan.) forward Freddie McSwain committed to the Hoosiers.

On March 3, McSwain scored a game-high 17 points (7-of-13 shooting) as Neosho beat Hutchinson Community College, 66-58, to win the NJCAA Region VI championship. McSwain also added seven rebounds, two blocks, two turnovers, a steal, an assist and four fouls in 26 minutes.

Here’s a comprehensive video look at McSwain’s performance against Hutchinson, which also includes missed shots, rebounds and a few other plays, to give a better feel for what the Hoosiers are getting in the Hinesville, Georgia native.

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  • WhatsUpKnight2.0

    one thing’s for sure, the dude ain’t no stranger to the weight room. obviously needs to work on shooting, but he’s got something to work with. far as i can tell, he has a decent stroke. and that was a pretty nice spin move to the left.

  • MK

    With all out players and ability to create mismatches and imbalance the floor there should be plenty of opportunity for Freddy to contribute.

  • BeneathTheBanners

    Alot to like here. It’s like he’s playing on roller skates, he’s so quick. A little out of control like Troy. That shot looks pretty good and he’s obviously confident enough to take them. It looks to me like he’s playing a little out of position here? I can’t imagine that we will have him posting up that often but he did here and quite a lot of those post-ups resulted in buckets. It will be interesting to see how we utilize him and whether or not he can turn more wing play into a strength for him.

  • Fivelefts

    A little sloppy.. but overall a plus!! This guy is definitely TOUGH!! I LOVE how physical he is! Really looks like he gets after the boards! He’s not as long as Troy, but he is definitely more physical in the paint! I think he will be great on the defensive end! Kid’s a Star in the making!

  • AZIU71

    Paging the shot doctor. You have a new patient #21 Mr. McFly.

  • Zach

    Kid’s gonna be a great depth option at the wing position. Definitely raw but you can see the scrappy nature in his game. Shot mechanics aren’t bad so he’s got the foundation to improve a lot in that category. Looking forward to seeing his development this summer. Anybody have any idea if he’ll be arriving in Btown around the same time as the incoming freshmen?

  • PS IU

    In an interview with Indianapolis Star, Freddie has been playing organized basketball since his junior year in high school. Is motivated to learn and get better. He said he was surprised that he received interest from major universities. Humble and grateful person.

  • BL

    Smiling watching him play. Certain our coaching staff will have a blast working with him. First impressions:

    1. Really put together, surprising he’s so athletic (hops and quicks);
    2. No idea on stroke without up-close video but he definitely shows good touch (soft looking shot);
    3. Needs to work on shot off dribble, understandable with his inexperience;
    4. Uses both hands nicely around the rim; and
    5. Two biggest questions – how good are his handles and defense in space? No real footage in that regard. Would be shocked if he couldn’t defend in space with his athleticism.

    As expected, little bit of a project but boy it’s going to be fun to watch.

  • Downtownhoosier10

    Biggest thing I notice is his low release…he kind of just flicks it at the rim. It’s very noticeable on his FT attempts, but even his jumpers look to be a low release.

  • Fifer39

    It’s a small sample size, but first impressions are certainly some shot mechanics to work on. Looks stronger around the rim on both ends but at 6’6 will find that much tougher in the B1G. Definitely athletic though and looks like he will bring hustle. Would feel better with the full 4 years to see the development but looks like he’ll be able to have some impact straight away although you would expect with limited minutes like OG this year. Let’s hope he follows a similar progression too.

  • plane1972

    Raw! This kid needs to become a rebounder and defender for us. He is definitely a 3rd or 4th option scorer at best in the B1G. Not knocking him. Just doesn’t project as an immediate impact guy at first glance.

  • The kid really needs some polish.. but that’s what he came here for.. to get better. So I am glad he chose us.. I think he can contribute.. probably not 15 minutes a game right from the start, bt I’m betting by the time the b1G season gets rolling he’ll see some important action. he’s a real hustle guy.. I like that. Very quick and can jump. Needs work on the shot, but again, that’s why he came here. Welcome Freddie, you’re going to be great and you’re going to be glad you chose IU..

  • Heck, if he was 7 for 13 shooting in that game, he must have missed all six in that video clip. I think they only caught two or three that he made. Oh well guess we can’t say they were only showing us the good stuff. He needs some wrk, but he’s got great potential. Glad to have him.

  • Are you sure he’s not as long as Troy? Troy doesn’t have an exceptionally long wingspan.. troy would likely be an inch taller, but as far as overall length, it’d be interesting to know what McSwain’s measurements are.

  • Fivelefts

    No.. I’m not sure if he is as long or not.. I really would like to know? You might be right.. Troy could be taller, McFly’s wingspan may be longer..? Doesn’t look like we would lose much production at that position! So I’m pleased!

  • SCHoosier

    Not the first guy IU will want to be taking the jumper. Obviously some work needed on his stroke outside and at the line. That said..FMc can be deadly on drives..the boards and if he can/will play defense..can accuse serious minutes fromhis overall ability.

  • Bob,notBob

    Low release lead to getting blocked a couple of times.

    Notice a couple of good fundamentals

    – he sets screens !!! love a big guy who comes in understanding the importance of a good screen.

    – He also wasn’t shy about directing traffic on a couple transitions. Communication and/or leadership.

  • BottomLine

    Funny looking shot. Every basket, except the 3, was in the paint. Kinda flips the ball with little follow through and shoots the ball low. Think he needs to visit the Indiana shot doctor. Rest of his game looks pretty good. Good first step and definitely likes to get to the basket. Do I see a little of TW here?