Report: Michigan grad transfer Spike Albrecht considering Indiana

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According to a report from Jeff Goodman of ESPN, Michigan graduate transfer Spike Albrecht is down to seven schools and Indiana is one of his potential destinations.

Joining the Hoosiers in the running for Albrecht are Purdue, USC, Milwaukee, Syracuse, Wichita State and Texas A&M.

Michigan initially announced that it would block Albrecht from transferring to another Big Ten institution, but later rescinded the restriction after public backlash.

As long as the conference grants a waiver for Albrecht to join another Big Ten program, which it did last year with Max Bielfeldt, he would be eligible immediately at either Indiana or Purdue.

According to multiple posts on Instagram, Albrecht was in Bloomington this past weekend for Little 500.

Originally from Crown Point, the 5-foot-11 Albrecht signed with Michigan in 2012 out of Northfield Mount Hermon prep school in Massachusetts.

He scored 17 points in the 2013 national championship game against Louisville and averaged 3.9 points over 115 games at Michigan.

His health, however, is a question mark moving forward as he appeared in just eight games this season for the Wolverines due to hip issues. In a recent interview, Albrecht said he’s 85 percent recovered from double hip surgery that ended his senior season at Michigan.

“I got another doctors appointment in two to three weeks,” he said on April 13. “I want to make sure I’m 100 percent healthy and that I don’t just come back to come back. I want to come back healthy and able to help a team.”

Indiana is currently full on scholarships for the 2016-2017 season, but that would change if Troy Williams opts to stay in the NBA draft or another player opts to transfer.

The Hoosiers are currently hosting junior college forward Freddie McSwain on an official visit. McSwain, who is also considering Kansas State, is expected to announce a decision on April 24.

Indiana has actively recruited the graduate transfer market in recent seasons. In 2013, the Hoosiers added Evan Gordon from Arizona State and in 2014, IU added Illinois State transfer Nick Zeisloft, who had two years of eligibility remaining.

And last summer, Indiana added Bielfeldt, who went on to win the Big Ten sixth man of the year award, from Michigan.

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  • dwdkc

    I think Newkirk is the better candidate for a breakout year. A team with an obviously more congenial playing style compared to where he’s come from, and most of a year to prepare for it in practice against Yogi. Couldn’t be better prep than that.

  • dwdkc

    Out of those 6, only 3 are certain to be rotation guys. If Troy comes back then we will be crowded all around the roster (except at true C which is a rarity in college anyway). Which is why I would think no way does Spike come if Troy comes back.

  • Michael Whelan

    Dump Priller and take Spike

  • cooper

    He could play Ziesloft’s roll and I’d rather he have the scholarship than a certain white guy on the end of our bench. Regarding McSwain, meh… not sure I see it. Rather a grad transfer who has proven he can play.

    This is a big year especially if Williams goes. Have to keep the momentum going

  • I came in here SPECIFICALLY to call this one out to you. By your theory, this guy is perfect for us. 🙂 Both hips worked on? Check.

  • Didn’t Bo Jackson play baseball after hip replacement surgery?

  • Ole Man

    Think you are entirely correct.
    Here’s hoping he’s overcome his injury; and can turn it on without turning it over!

  • Ole Man

    According to Alex he does have a degenerative condition.

  • Ole Man


  • BL

    Per POTB, pretty cool to hear about VJ III dropping 40 in a D-League game. Video on youtube, search: watch?v=QUQ_Okh6cFs

  • What I got on you about was when you said he would be no better than a 11th or 12th man on the rotation. and he’d be lucky to see more than garbage minutes. I said you have no way of knowing that.. You’re entitled to your opinion if you think McSwain would be better off elsewhere.. But your inference of what he could conceivably achieve in terms of playing time was what I found fault with. I said that we already have six guards.. a true fact. Hey I never professed to be an arbiter of recruiting.. I just don’t think when you get on here and sound like the almighty sooth saying expert player analyst… of how good a player is going to be. It’s total BS, because you have no way of concluding that.. I was very clear that I was not making any claim as to Spike’s ability or non-ability.. But on a 13 scholarship situation 7 guards is too many in my opinion. You can puff up your chest all you want and act like Mr. All Righteaous dude… doesn’t make you any smarter than anybody else.. I have never gotten on here and found fault with a guy just based upon a video clip.

  • We have six guards.. now, you going for seven on a guy with a degenerative hip condition? Don’t call that exactly a “toss up”.. That leaves five guys at the three and four positions and one five… Seems like we’d want to find another big, for possible spelling of Bryant, before we sign a 7th guard..

  • I kind of doubt that CTC called up Spike and said.. How ya doin buddy? Pretty sure Spike called IU first.. likely because of Max’s success here.

  • He has a degenerative hip condition.. according to Alex.

  • He’s 5′ 11″ not 6′ 4″ and has bad hips.. Still think he can do what NZ did? No freaking way.

  • SeeingRed

    I wouldn’t have a problem with it. If he has the go ahead from the docs, he’ll contribute and he’s got some proven moxie and leadership ability. What he wouldn’t be is a mascot riding the end of the bench. As far as the hips are concerned, you don’t need or expect him to play heavy minutes and he’d only need to keep it together for one season.

    Can you have too many experienced, hard-nosed guards if the injury bug bites again? I don’t think so, especially in CTC’s system. A lot of this about Spike is whether Crean thinks his next team is really ready to make a deep tournament run. If he does, Spike makes some sense.

    It’s like a baseball team — if management feels they are on the edge of doing something next level, they pick up a veteran puzzle piece to get over the top. That’s what he would be.

  • myrddin

    Even if I agreed with what you’re saying about our guard depth and Albrecht’s health, McSwain, who likely is an even higher probability to choose IU, isn’t the guy you’re hoping for. Which is of course when talking about divvying up minutes and the depth chart was what I was comparing Albrecht’s situation to as a “toss up”.

    Given that legit big men are rare finds this late in the recruiting cycle, what are you hoping for? Can’t be McSwain, who’s a 3 or undersized 4. Sounds like you’re not high on Albrecht giving depth and leadership at guard. Has to be I assume that Troy comes back, right? Crean can’t sit him, or move him to the 3, so Bryant’s backup is . . . Davis. If Troy leaves that opens the door for Davis to move to the 4, but begs your question of how to start Davis at the 4 if there’s no true backup for Bryant. At all. I think Davis is stuck behind Bryant, no matter what happens to Troy. Because what else is there?

    And if Davis does split time with Bryant, like that turns out to be the plan, then barring injury your point about who backs Bryant up is already answered and you’re back to Albrecht and McSwain, unless you know of some legit true center still on the board we have a realistic shot with.

  • Fifer39

    It’s a good point though. As stacked as we think we are next year, we really don’t know who’s going to play the point and there’s going to be a learning curve for whoever that it is. We have options, but none of them come guaranteed.

    Having said that, Albrecht is no guarantee either so I still think I’d be taking a chance on what we have and saving any slots we have for McSwain particularly since Albtecht is only a one year deal.

  • BL

    All time favorite. Nowhere near the same after the surgery.

  • Who is playing point for us next year?

  • Sure, I was just trying to think of an example. 🙂

  • Outoftheloop

    Are you giving away your car? I thought not. You need it, right? So stop giving away another kid’s scholarship! He does everything that he is supposed to do, is a great kid and teammate, and needs it!

  • Outoftheloop

    Such a low-life comment!

  • pcantidote

    Ken, you are being hypocritical. You have know way of knowing what Spike might be able to do for us. Even if we had 7 guards, if he was in the top 3 of those, would it matter? You have no way of knowing whether he could be better than the other guards. Next time just let people have their opinions and save us your holier than thou attitude.

  • b_side

    Laughing @ the purple reference. Do we have train the commenters on the main site too?

  • b_side

    Found myself nodding throughout this comment. Well said.

    Lot of ifs with other recruits, but Spike adds a dimension this team currently lacks: starting point guard experience. When you add on that he’s been to the Final Four (2013) and Elite Eight (2014) there’s a strong appeal for me.

  • The_Bob_Michaels

    Newkirk and RoJo, I’d assume.

  • You know I’m not the only one on here that has written we should take a pass on this guy. But Hey, I’m ok with whatever Crean decides. After all he’s running the show thankfully, not some idiot on a blog.
    But, doesn’t it seem strange to you, that you can’t carry on a conversation without resorting to name calling and derogatory remarks? You always want to leap to all kinds of ill thought out conclusions and making assertions that aren’t there. You have someone put something out there that is a little against your thinking and you come all unglued.
    Oh well, I’m sure you’ve been the same your entire life. What happened did your mommy take you off the nipple too soon? Good luck with all that in your repertoire Chump.

  • Correction, we have three Freshman.. You really have to include GG I would think.. regardless.. he I’m sure will have a scholarship and a roster spot. I guess I could be convinced we could use a really high quality, experienced back court guy.. Not sure about the hip problems though.. and essentially think that slot could be better served by a ‘big’ transfer, in the mold of Max.. I realize one of those might not be in the cards this year though.

  • myrddin

    Sorry, I realize that part of the passage wasn’t specific. I was referring to the guards on next year’s roster I think Crean would use at the 1/2, where Albrecht’s minutes would be.

    As noted elsewhere in these threads, in Crean’s system i think GG’s minutes, whatever they are, are likely to come at the 3. That’s why I didn’t include him in that “backcourt” calculation for minutes that Albrecht might occupy even though in many college systems, Crean included, the 3 is basically another shooter and could be considered part of the backcourt.

    I think Bryant will be backed up by Davis, especially early, but I wouldn’t turn away a late find true backup at Center! Because without a different backup for Bryant there’s really little way to have Bryant and Davis on the floor together, which would be ideal late in the season if you had a reasonable way to spell Bryant other than Davis.

  • I agree and when you listen to Davis’ interview.. One of the reasons he gave for being thrilled that TB is coming back.. He won’t have to spend as much time playing the 5.. So, he likes himself as a 4. I think we’re a much more formidable team with TB and DD on the floor at the same time, however as we know and as you point out, that begs the question, how do you effectively spell TB for foul purposes or just to give him some rest..

  • Scott Fields

    Loose a handicap parking space and a scholarship?