Indiana offers JUCO forward Freddie McSwain

  • 03/29/2016 9:06 pm in

Freddie McSwain, a 6-foot-6 forward who played the previous two seasons at Neosho County Community College (Kan.), was offered a scholarship by Indiana on Tuesday.

Tom Crean watched McSwain (pictured wearing jersey No. 21) on Tuesday, according to the Chanute Tribune, a small newspaper in Kansas.

“We’ve been talking for a while,” McSwain told Inside the Hall on Wednesday. “They are a great coaching staff. They’ve been telling me they love my game. They told me I don’t know how good I really can be and they believe in me.”

Neosho’s season ended in the second round of the National Junior College Athlete Association tournament with a 73-72 loss to Gillete College on March 15.

McSwain had a team-high 19 points and 11 rebounds in the loss for Neosho, which finished the season 30-6.

A native of Hinesville, Georgia, McSwain was named the Region VI tournament MVP as a sophomore at Neosho and was also named first team All-KJCC and first team All-region.

In a 66-58 upset win over Hutchinson (Kan.) in the Region VI final on March 3, McSwain scored a game-high 17 points, including 12 in the second half.

According to Neosho’s website, McSwain averaged more than 14 points and eight rebounds per game this past season and shot 54.2 percent from the field.

Among the schools recruiting McSwain, who has two years of eligibility remaining, are Auburn, Kansas State, East Carolina, Bradley, Middle Tennessee State, Illinois State and several others.

“There are a lot of schools,” McSwain said. “It’s all new to me but I visited Bradley. That was my first one. I’m going to visit Kansas State and Indiana should be the next visit.”

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  • Koko

    If TB stays he would be a Godsend in my opinion. If TC can get a bench full of horses to buy into coming off the bench, like Roy Williams has this year, we would be somewhat scary in my opinion. No more scholarships? I can think of a couple or three that won’t see anymore playing time next year than they did this year.

  • Koko

    From what I saw in that vid, I would rather have Fernando.

  • Koko

    Maybe we should start calling TC “The Gambler”.
    He did well getting OG and JM last year. Maybe he
    feels he is on a roll.

  • HoosierDom

    Let’s be honest, Priller isn’t getting any minutes. So, we have 5 guys – if you assume Bryant is gone too – that are splitting the minutes at the 4 and 5 and I would think will get a lot of minutes at the 3. If Bryant comes back then I wold think McSwain won’t see much time, but if he leaves then the minutes seem to be there.

  • Eric Wagoner

    Just thinking about how much I heard of the failures earlier in the year defensively were the result of JB’s lack of lateral quickness to stop penetration. A defense quickly breaks down after that point and can easily be scored on in any number of ways. If you don’t think JB read and heard all the criticism directed at him, you must be living in a closet. The criticism was relentless and crushing. For him and his family. I don’t know any player that would stick around with a fan base dogging him so badly. My guess is privately he (and his family) made up their minds to transfer in the middle of the conference season. Publicly he has said the right things – “Focused on the Team” & “Plan on Staying”. It would not be difficult to imagine JB Sr’s circle of close Kentucky friends whispering in his ear and with JB Sr. having to endure the verbal assault on his son, what father would be eager to offer advice to put his son in a less hostile environment? My gut tells me JB is already bound for his father’s Alma mater – Kentucky. Hope I am wrong…

  • Chi-Town Hoosier

    and this is all a guess?

  • Koko

    If he transfers won’t he have to sit another year? I doubt he wants to do that. Would you? Kentucky really? He wouldn’t fit into that team at all.

  • Fivelefts

    I read some skeptic comments about coaches pickup of Freddie McSwain.. All I can say is STOP! CTC has proven that he knows what he needs to improve our offense. This kid looks like he has the athleticism to perform TW’s role, as a slasher and baseline runner. He has better handles than TW already! So.. to me, I’m thinking “Good-Troy” all the time with this kid! How much of a plus! Will that be?! I Love the pick up! Even if TW stays!

  • David Macer

    HAHAHA Not !!

  • David Macer

    Plus he does have a hip issue that prevented him from playing this season.

  • Dooteetime

    What are everyone’s expectations for JBJ next year? Im not sure what to think after all his injuries.

  • Ole Man

    Really? I need to watch that vid. To me, Maker looks like a game changer.

  • Ole Man

    I’d love to see Holt back in an IU uniform. Ultra long shot; but he would be a banger down low.
    Count on Priller for nothing at this point because he simply hasn’t shown anything. He’s the human victory cigar.
    Not to say he couldn’t develop; just that he hasn’t shown it yet.

  • CreamandCrimson

    I would be fine with that if it’s deemed acceptable by decision makers within the university/athletic department/coaching staff (they know Emmitt Holt far better than I do) and if Holt was amenable to it. I will say, McSwain is only one inch shorter (no clue on wingspan) than Holt and he averaged three more points per game and nearly two rebounds per game more than Holt (for a team that had a better record). I’m certainly not making any definitive statements about their comparable quality because I haven’t seen McSwain actually play outside of this film but at the very least, I doubt the gap between the two is very wide and McSwain “could” end up being more versatile (or maybe he’s not)…he hasn’t even visited yet so this could all be moot. It’s the offseason now though, sigh, what else are we to do? haha

  • inLinE6

    OG may be a gamble but JM was a solid 4-star and has been on national rankings his entire HS career.

  • inLinE6

    Been thinking about it. A high character kid, great teammate, top-class student, but just can’t play. I don’t want to strip off his scholarship unless he himself seeks transfer. But can we find him an academic scholarship? Or move him to work as student manager? Oh place him on Coach Wilson’s roster? I just don’t see any possible change as regard to his playing time in the coming season. Locking up a scholarship for 3 years without playing is too bizarre to be true.

  • JohnIU

    Did we offer Goodluck Okonoboh?

  • SilentBob

    Gotta assume this is done in expectance of someone on the wings leaving? Either way, the highlights are nice. Looks like a slightly shorter hybrid of OG and Troy. Think he would fit well.

  • Sandra Wilson

    You’re way off on this one…..He’s coming back to Assembly Hall….First, he’s not about to sit another year and second, he would just ride the pines at UK…..I dislike Calipari immensely, but he is a great defensive coach and he doesn’t play kids that can’t or won’t play defense…..UK also has the #1 class coming in…..Payroll was up again this year I guess.

  • Jim Miller

    I get your point but isnt UNC in the midst of proving you cant have too many athletic talented wings?

  • cbags05

    Absolutely. Sucks but he has a scholarship to play ball. I bet there are big guys on campus that could do more on the court. At this point he should be capable of stepping in when the regulars get hurt or in foul trouble. Never happened this year.

  • inLinE6

    It’s a joke to play walk-on ahead of scholarship players, provided they’re healthy. I was grateful for Burton’s contribution but he was so lost in the UNC game. Can’t blame him because that’s all he has as a player. But it’s frustrating to know we have 6’9 scholarship sophomore on the bench, and all he was able to do was to watch on the sideline…

  • Sandra Wilson

    This could be a great pick up, I really don’t know…..I do have a question though….Have they stopped playing basketball at the Indiana high schools ?

  • SCHoosier

    If for no other reason..than to keep Matta and Pitino off this kid for a while..they seem to folo IU along the “offer” trail!)”

  • Missing Moye

    I expect him to play defense, or sit on the bench if he doesn’t.

  • Ole Man

    In my mind, I can’t really compare the two.
    Holt has a much bigger wingspan; plays more like a PF; is heavier; and would be much more of an inside presence.
    McFly on the other hand seems like a generic, plug-into-Crean’s run-and-gun system player.
    He probably shoots more outside and has a much better outside shot than Holt.
    I’d love to stay away from the 3 guard/wing concept, but Crean seems wedded to it and will probably return to it.
    However, when he was forced away from it by JBJ’s injury is when IU gelled this year.

  • IULore

    As i said. Its about getting the best players, not only the positions. Denny crum won titles with what we would consider a bunch of wings. If tb stays we will be fine down low.

  • Jeremy

    Everyone keeps saying if we get this JUCO he is a back up at best. Does anyone remember Keith Smart? He was a JUCO transfer and we can thank him for a banner.

  • IUBizmark

    This guy’s highlights are super athletic. I’m guessing his defense is invisible at this moment in time, but could be decent with a year of practice. Looks like a guy I’d like to have on the squad if his character is good.

  • marcusgresham

    I don’t think there’s any reason to assume Morgan won’t be back next year. Sitting out an entire season is an incredibly long time to heal from a surgery to fix shoulder dislocation.
    From the website of the Cleveland Clinic:

    “The phases of recovery include the initial postoperative period, through recovery of flexibility and strength and ultimate return to work and sports. Recovery often takes between one and four weeks for mild shoulder instability. For complete dislocation, the patient may wait six weeks before a rehabilitation program can begin and an additional 10 weeks before a return to competitive sports.

    Return to contact sports may not be until the six-month mark and will be somewhat dependent on the individual case.”


    Totally agree


    Him being given a scholly there would probably open him and his dad up to way more criticism than he has gotten/ will get here.

  • hardly

    Burton wasn’t the only one lost during that game.

  • BL

    Settle down Ole Man. Let’s give him the benefit of the doubt. Naturally, he’s got more info than us guys that are purely speculating. Hell, maybe he knows TW is gone, JM’s in for a really long recovery and Maker is toast. Kid has a good number of top tier schools after him and he’s definitely a big time athlete like TW/OG. Remember that kid from Garden City Community College?

  • BL

    Well, your right, that was some time ago. However, also know a kid (dated my daughter) that had labrum surgery five years ago and he also had to sit out a year. May not be relevant because he was a pitcher.

  • BL

    Going to the end of the thread rather than reply to multiple posts.

    If TB stays and TW leaves and we get McFly (rofl), our front line rotation would be very much like last year: TB/DD vs. TB/MB; CH/OG/JM/McFly vs. TW/CH/OG/JM Naturally, I doubt McFly is TW II but he appears to have similar athleticism and shoots it about the same from three. He’s also an ex-football player which explains the supposed rebounding prowess. Will be interesting to see him in action and I’m curious to see how versatile he is on the defensive end. If TW leaves, I hope we can land this kid. Ole man, I definitely don’t want to go back to a 3-guard lineup but I love playing wings; with their length, much more versatile. Naturally, the longer the better.

    I’d love to see us add one more legit big if we could somehow get out from under the Priller scholly. I liked EH’s enthusiasm and frankly, would like to see the kid get a second chance but he’s not a legit big. He’s JM without an outside shot. If TB returns and we could somehow land Fernando, we might be legitimately ranked pre-season #1.

  • BL

    Yes, you’re probably correct but there are cases where they take much longer than the normal six months. You called it correctly during the season that he would keep suiting up (although he did become a helluva lot less effective) so we’re counting on you to get it right again 🙂

  • jahluv33

    He signed with SMU yesterday

  • BL

    Yeah, saw that. Bummer.

  • MadMaxfor3

    Love love love some of the plays they run for him to get those lobs. Teach him to cut like Troy and Victor did and he should be solid. 3 point shot looks smooth. I’d love to see more stats on him.