• CreamandCrimson

    Thank you seniors…what a fun season (hopefully the best is yet to come).

    Nick Zeisloft’s story about Maui (to paraphrase, Crean looked at them after the debacle in Maui and said, “Do you play AT Indiana or FOR Indiana?” Zeisloft says that he and his teammates thought about that and it hit them hard. Zeisloft, “I can now honestly say that myself and all of my teammates play FOR Indiana.”

    Print the t-shirt and start counting your money…that line is what it’s all about and this group has clearly “gotten it”. Best of luck moving forward but I can honestly say I’ll never forget this B1G season, no matter what happens in the “second season”.

  • BL

    Right on!! Comment by Zeisloft was an all-timer.

  • VanPastorMan

    I thought it was a great moment in Nick’s speech. He really hit it out of the park when he emphasized, FOR Indiana. As a preacher I was very impressed with his delivery.

  • vicbert caladipo

    There was some talk on these boards after the Iowa game about how hot Uthoffs GF was. From the looks of Yogi’s speech, my man didn’t do too bad himself.