The Minute After: Maryland

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Thoughts on an 80-62 win over the Terrapins:

An electric senior day atmosphere shocked the Hoosiers to start. They were frantic and giddy and Maryland capitalized by jumping out to a 12-4 lead.

But once the Hoosiers came into their being, the Terrapins, for all their talent, were run out of the gym. The Hoosiers closed the first half on a 26-6 run, as Maryland scored just six points over the final 10:45 and shot only 6-of-21 after starting 5-of-7 from the field. Indiana swallowed the Terrapins on a number of possessions, as they could only muster up shots late in the shot clock or not at all.

In his final performance under the lights of Assembly Hall, Yogi Ferrell played with some extra razzle dazzle, finding Nick Zeisloft on a next level wrap around pass for a 3 at the top of the key as he drove to the hole. It was the punctuation mark of a half he spent a lot of time shaking and baking all over Indiana’s end of the floor.

Ferrell reminisced about being nervous during his first ever game as a Hoosier yesterday, but he was all confidence in his last go round at home — his growth and transformation into one of IU’s all-time greats complete.

By the time Troy Williams’ contested 3-pointer dropped just before the buzzer to give Indiana a 13-point lead (41-28) heading into halftime, the Hoosiers were on their way to an undefeated season inside Assembly Hall and yet another win over a ranked opponent.

Maryland’s full-court press made Indiana uncomfortable at times in the second half. But each time the Terrapins threatened to make a game of it, the Hoosiers stood tall and punched back. When Maryland got the lead to 10 (60-50) with 9:18 to go, Indiana broke the press and found Nick Zeisloft for a left wing 3 to keep them at distance. Zeisloft (nine points, two assists, one incredible steal) continues to fill in great for the injured Robert Johnson. Did anyone see his impact coming two summers ago?

When Maryland came on the charge again and cut it to nine with 6:55 to go, Williams kept his dribble going and going and going and eventually was able to drive along the baseline and score on a wrap around lay-up to punch the lead out to 11. Juwan Morgan — who played with tremendous fight — scored after a Melo Trimble turnover to give Indiana a 13-point cushion. Williams (23 points, four assists, two turnovers) was also huge to start the second half, as he kept attacking the basket and scored 10 of Indiana’s first 12 points out of halftime. The junior hasn’t been perfect, but his ability to lean more on the side of Good Troy Indiana’s last several games has been big.

Indiana held Maryland to .98 points per possession, marking its 12th opponent out of 18 it kept under 1.0 PPP in conference play. As Alex wrote in ATB, for as good as the Hoosiers have been on offense, their defense won them the conference.

Maryland entered this season ranked No. 3 in the AP Top 25 with an intimidating rotation of players sporting a wide array of skills. But the Terrapins never quite gelled the way it looked like they were set up to and slept walked through parts of their season. Indiana, on the other hand, is wide awake and dreaming.

Just when the schedule got tough, the Hoosiers closed the conference season with five straight wins. They are a scary group that can embarrass you with brilliant play on both sides of the ball. The synergy grows by the game.

It’s March. The Hoosiers are hot and playing their best basketball of their season. Watch out.

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    And if they was to have a problem with doing that, or even not think that it was anything but a good idea to do so, would give me cause for concern. When it comes to one’s health & well being a second medical opinion is never a bad idea, especially when it is your child & that is the voice of experience talking.

  • BL

    Yeah, have to have been there.

  • Sherronhasaheadache

    well i guess my prediction of 12-6 was wayyyy off!! hope the team is at full strength for the dance, did anyone else notice RJ was in street shoes , no boot.


    Almost sounds like I read this comment before posting my comment above, but I didn’t. On the same wavelength sounds like

  • CreamandCrimson

    For what it’s worth…Jerod Morris (host of Podcast on the Brink and The Assembly Call) said that based on everything he is hearing, IU is expecting Robert Johnson to be back for the B1G Tournament. I’ve heard the same from a couple of people have not steered me wrong before. Will he be 100% or in “game-shape”? That seems doubtful but I think it could be beneficial to get a couple of games for him, maybe 30 minutes of game-time total, before we enter the one-and-done NCAA Tournament.

  • I feel the same way, probably two more years.

  • JetpackJunky

    He could use some time off of it, but there just isn’t much you can do. Even rest has a limited effect, it just helps tighten things up and reduce the laxity some. It’s a problem he’s had for a long time, and unless he has shoulder surgery it’s one he can have at any time. I’d heavily limit his minutes during BTT (never fully bench a player unless you have to or they may rust) but play him through. He can have surgery the second weekend in April if he so chooses and be back in about 8-weeks.

    I’d expect he won’t have the surgery though, since he hasn’t before. Seems like it doesn’t bother him enough to justify the risk (in his opinion).

    The whole second opinion discussion is totally right, never trust just one doctor about something so important to your life, but this is not a new injury so he has seen other doctors too.

  • well, just remember that JBJ is probably going to get the last word on this next year, on a loaded team.

  • I agree. Arguably we also win a couple more games, like at Penn St. for example, and Wisconsin.

  • It’s within the range of possibility that he goes over 2,000 points yet this season.

  • Koko

    And I will happily take those two years.

  • that was a legendary play, in my book. all time great play, a classic in the making.

  • nobody, which is why it was great.

  • CreamandCrimson

    Great post (as usual) Marcus. I have no clue why most bracket projections have us currently being shipped off to Des Moines or Denver (despite being a “3” or “4” in everything I’ve looked at…thanks for the geographical preference for a “protected” seed). You are correct, UNC will definitely be playing in Raleigh and Duke will likely find their way there if they can put together any kind of success in the ACC Tournament. Oh well…I have no doubt our fans will flock to wherever they send us.

  • There is nothing like being on campus when IU is hot in March. What a great game to get to see as a student. Enjoy what remains. It’s always special, but could be really really great this year. And take a lot of pictures!

  • TomJameson

    I can agree with that, and I wouldn’t doubt that they are doing that very thing. I misunderstood your initial comment to read that you thought they would intentionally put Juwan out there just for the win. IMO Crean would probably take a game loss rather than put one of his at risk.

    The thing with an injury like Juwans is that it is different for everybody. Some go on like normal and some are out for a couple of weeks. I’m sure it progresses differently for everybody as well. I’m also positive that they are keeping up on it, doing therapy, and planning for the long term.

  • CreamandCrimson

    Yeah, Marcus wrote that Nick has turned into a serviceable defender (he is right and Nick was GREAT against Sulaimon yesterday) so Blackmon has NO excuse. Well, in a vacuum, he is right. But what if Blackmon is no longer able to move laterally at an adequate level? That would be truly unfortunate and I really, really hope his knee problems and defensive frailties are a thing of the past in 2016-2017 but it could end up being the case and it would, unfortunately, end up being a valid “excuse”. Guess we’ll just worry about that once this fun ride concludes!

  • Koko

    Classic hippie era line…..Faaaar Out Man! Well played game and well coached I might add. The boys are playing tough. Ran Mary into exhaustion. We beat a very talented team…..going away. If Izzo had that Mary team they would be undefeated in the B1G and ranked #1 in the country. Now on to the tourneys. One and done games are more intense and the mental game is front and center. We have some finely tuned, athletic players who don’t look tired or wore out. What’s more exciting is I see a team with an excellent mental game. A lethal combination going into the tournament. I’m no medico so I have no comments on JM playing or not. But if the coach feels he needs less minutes next game then it would be a good time to give RB some minutes…..we may need him in the tourney.
    If Lawrence Welk were still around he’d say….Everybody Stay Happy and keep da bubble machine on…..Go Hoosiers!

  • True enough, except it’s a pet peeve of mine that so often the camera is in the absolute worst place, especially later in games. My opinion: do your reaction shots and all that, but get the camera on the ball at the beginning of every possession.

  • Oh, and on that note: I remember a couple weeks ago watching a player roll the ball in like that, and thinking: why doesn’t anyone ever go after it? I now know the answer: because 99.9% of players aren’t as quick as Yogi.

  • Koko

    I was watching a game RMK was calling for espn. A team was letting the ball roll to save time and Knight said (not exact wording)….go after the ball. I would never let a team do that.

  • Koko

    Shows you who wanted that game more….great sight seeing Yogi sliding across the floor….great great move. That to me is a good example of how Maryland has played this year….bad observation of the game in front of them and little to no communication. Two guys didn’t see Yogi sprinting for the ball till it was too late?…
    Yogi made ’em look silly.

  • dwdkc

    The first round closest location is St. Louis, followed by Des Moines, so those two would be the preference locations. Just so happens this year that two different regionals are closer still (Louisville and Chicago). UK or IU would have to win 2 to get there. Since I can (and will) drive easily to the first 2 choices for first round, am rooting hard for that.

  • BL

    Yeah, no way do I believe anyone with the program would put JM in harms way intentionally. Just know from experience that it’s human nature for everyone involved with the team to be highly motivated to get a player back on the floor, including the injured athlete. Sometimes it’s helpful to have a truly independent party help everyone see the forest through the trees.

  • dwdkc

    Will have to thread the needle between allowing the ankle to be 100% for NCAA and getting him some minutes to shake off the rust. My hope is that avoiding ankle issues is the priority because we can probably get away with him shaking off the rust in a game against a #14/15 seed. However that isn’t always enough and the second game is likely to be a really tough game. Lunardi has it against Arizona, for example.

  • BL

    Quick return for a high ankle sprain but that would be great. Agree that if he’s healthy, you want to get him some game time as soon as possible. Be nice to hear that he’s back practicing; that’s always the first sign that game action is coming.

  • dwdkc

    I think this argument has been overdone. JBJ was also a very good passer, and we saw a lot of great offense and ballsharing when he was in. When he was playing, the whole team wasn’t rolling as much in general and so we had more instances when the offense stalled and either James or Yogi went one on one (and Troy). I agree with your last comment.

  • BL

    Also was a very good rebounder.

  • WhatsUpKnight2.0

    one of the great things about this team, even when they got down early, i saw absolutely no sign of panic. it’s like they knew they were the better team. watching the game, i got that very same impression. we’re not just better, but way better than MD.

    now on to the next challenge, what can they do on a neutral floor? lookin like they’re gonna have to get through PUke in order to have their revenge game against MSU, and CS had a monster game against Wiscy last night. dang i’m nervous already!