Film Session: Iowa

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In Indiana’s Big Ten clinching win over Iowa on Tuesday night, Nick Zeisloft started his second straight game for Robert Johnson and again came through in a big way.

Not only did the redshirt senior score an efficient 11 points (4-of-5, 3-of-4 from deep), but he added four rebounds and a key steal in the second half.

We’ll take a look at two of his scores, a rebound and his steal in the latest edition of Film Session:

On Indiana’s final play of the first half — mentioned in the lede of TMA — Zeisloft takes total control. He first motions to Harrison Niego to stick over on the far left side of the court:


Zeisloft then listens in over to the bench for a set call:


With 12 seconds remaining on the shot clock, Zeisloft motions for Juwan Morgan to move from the left corner to the left wing to set a ball screen for Niego:


Morgan obliges and sets the ball screen. Peter Jok, Zeisloft’s man, shades over to ward off the Niego drive:


Niego stumbles a bit as he heads to the lane and throws a high arching pass to Zeisloft, which allows Jok plenty of time to recover back:


Zeisloft dribbles left towards the top of the key:


With just four seconds left on the shot clock, Zeisloft ball fakes and gets Jok in the air:


He maneuvers around him for an uncontested 3-pointer that drops in:


Veteran leadership from Zeisloft to get the freshmen in place for the set. Strong dribbling and an excellent ball fake to make something happen for himself to finish it off.


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  • BL

    A game Nick will never forget. Best he’s played as a Hoosier. Great to see him find his stroke as we head to tourney time.

  • AJ_IU_ColtsFan

    The nice thing about film sessions is that it teaches you things. And the one thing I’ve learned from this one is that we – or at least I – haven’t sufficiently appreciated Nicky Z’s total game. We keep viewing him as IU’s three point threat, yet he’s got a solid enough grasp of the offense to direct it. He knows where to place himself and others to achieve the best effect. He’s considerably more than just the guy you dish to on the perimeter. And it’s nice to learn that from these posts.

  • RDD#76

    Nick has been a solid addition to team by CTC and his coaching staff plus a good kid!

  • BL

    Agree. This teams greatest strength is its chemistry; entire roster made up of good kids.

  • IUforever

    Nick has been huge since the loss of two starting guards. Great find by TC!

  • vicbert caladipo

    Quite a few of you have been speculating as to where Thon Maker will be playing ball next year. I just heard a piece on ESPN insider. Not much definitive or new news, but most indications are we are choice 3 of 5 choices. Most still believe he will be choosing Arizona State because of the strong relationship Makers guardian has with their coaching staff. Next up is Kansas where he has already made 2 “unofficial” visits and has an official visit coming up soon, his first for any school. The last 3 were lumped together, being IU, UNLV, and St. Johns, although it was reported IU has been trying the hardest of those 3 and would this kid really want a school in turmoil(UNLV) or just a terrible team in St. Johns? I don’t know if TB’s decision will have any weight in our recruitment. I’d have to think we aren’t going to get him because of the strong ties at ASU(although they are at the bottom in the Pac-12) and Kansas being such an elite program and losing Perry Ellis, who Maker would replace. There is also a 5-star wing who just backed out of his commitment to Alabama that I hope we take a look at as a replacement for TW.

  • Gdaddy

    And a foul by Jok in the last frame of page 1 that wasn’t called. Would’ve been a lot more upset with the officiating if we hadn’t won that game.

  • RDD#76

    Team chemistry is vastly underrated as is attitude watching JBJ on bench he is in to game and teamates shows you team has bought in to team first and that they like and care about each other.

  • inLinE6

    Thanks for the update (not taking a jab on Nick as this is supposedly a thread to praise Nick). Can’t compare us with ASU as we have totally different elements. But versus Kansas, Maker probably receives less playing time at Indiana. It all depends on Bryant’s status, but at this point he’s likely to return. We’ll be front court heavy next year with Bryant, Anunoby, Morgan and Davis, and Hartman proved he’s more than capable playing stretch 4 (or even 5). Maker is probably the most skilled 7 footer since KG, but his body is probably not quite ready for B1G yet. I agree that we probably should seriously look for another stud wing for next year. Maker coming or not won’t dictate next year’s record that much, just my view.

  • inLinE6

    This guy can shoot lights out, and we all know. But I’m most impressed by his defensive improvement. He kept in front of his guy and had more deflections than I can remember.

  • inLinE6

    Most people think Indiana is a very talented team, which I agree, but that’s simply downplaying Crean’s ability to evaluate and develop talents. Look at this roster, how many of them were heavily pursued by other blue-blood programs? You can’t just say, I know Nick is a sharp shooter or OG is an awesome defender because hey, you really didn’t know, until they came to Indiana and played. I’ve seen Nick’s stats at ISU and OG’s HS clips, but those were nothing special. You get to credit Crean for seeing something others can’t, and turn them into productions. I think we have a great coach on the rise and I’m glad I have always supported him.

  • inLinE6

    Great teams always find ways to win despite bad officiating, which was exactly what we did.

  • vicbert caladipo

    I totally agree. Could you imagine the opposite? Minnesota right now is in terrible shape. Dismissed 2 kids last year and 4 this year. Three probably won’t be returning. That’s why everyday I am thankful for the values CTC instills in these kids. None of our kids are really a lot alike in their personalities. We have laid back guys like Max, RJ, and OG and JBJ. You’ve got your tough guys in TW and Yogi. You’ve got excitable guys like NZ and TB. You’ve got your chemistry guys like RB, CH. Your wet behind the ears but eager to get their shot in JM and HN. Like perfect pieces to a puzzle and CTC has assembled that puzzle. The sum of all our parts I believe is the best in college ball as far as chemistry and the coach is responsible for that.

  • inLinE6

    Absolutely. I love the way CTC builds this program. It’s a winning program, and it’s clean. It wins with right value and fashion. It’s the place that parents want their kids to be in. They’re great athletes and also great students and human being. I’m proud of our program.

  • mdtreat

    I doubt that Bryant is “likely to return.” Seems to be “likely a top 20 draft pick.”

  • Koko

    Maker could probably go wherever he wants to go. Why he wouldn’t pick a top tier team is beyond me. UNLV, St Johns and ASU? Really? Maybe he doesn’t understand what winning a conference and national championship really means…he won’t get those at UNLV, St. Johns or ASU. Maybe it is all about him and a team is just a vehicle.
    Same with Ben Simmons…..why in the world did he choose LSU? He could have gone to any top tier team he wanted. IMHO LSU has totally under utilized him and his teammates actually seem to ignore him at times. What a waste of talent for a guy with his caliber of play. Good coaching and good teammates and he could have been the monster he was predicted to be. And even without the coaching and team players he is still a really really good player.

  • vicbert caladipo

    My guess is Kansas. He probably won’t choose the team approach we offer especially if TB stays. ASU is only top dog because the staff is so close with Maker and his guardian. I think it’s a cold day in h ell if he chooses STJ or UNLV. All this talk about CTC turning the season around and how it coincidently occurred when JBJ went down, I have my own theory as to how he got it turned around. When folks were criticizing him about just being a gateway to the NBA coach, and our NBA hopefuls were struggling, I believe he sat them down and said no one is to speak about the NBA anymore except Yogi who CTC has several times spoke on his behalf as far as being a good pick for the pros. I think once our hopefuls realized their NBA stock was suffering cuz they were too concerned with it we started playing team ball. This I believe if I am correct was CTC’s best adjustment because we sure weren’t playing like a team early on. CTC probably said….”we win and all the NBA talk will take care of itself.” Sure seems like a totally different team. There was a quote just recently where he said “they already had the chemistry and love off the court…they just needed it on the court” or something to that effect. I think Maker could disrupt our chemistry so I am not too worried especially if TB comes back. I would like them to work hard on this kid, whose name escapes me, who decommited from Alabama. 5-star very athletic wing that we’ll need cuz I believe TW is gone next year. We may not have a ton of size but we do have a ton of 4’s and 5’s…DD, TB(hopefully), OG, JM, CH.

  • Koko

    I thought the same thing on the kid who decommited Alabama. I’m sure it came across TC’s radar.