Film Session: Michigan State

  • 02/16/2016 9:32 am in

On Michigan State’s first possession of the second half, here’s the same exact play the Spartans started the first half with. Harris has the ball on the left wing as Forbes sets a back screen for Valentine on the right block. This time, Ferrell is cognizant of the action and is on Valentine as he moves to the left block:


Ferrell fronts Valentine to deny him the ball:


So Valentine moves out further from the basket to get open and Harris passes him the ball:


From there, Valentine simply backs Ferrell down as he gets to the paint:


He turns over his right shoulder and uses his length on Ferrell for the bucket:


Better defense this time, but same result. A Valentine bucket.


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  • BL

    1. We need to stop going over ball screens. Picker’s defender needs to strongly communicate the pick prior to it being set and allow room for the defender to slide under. Alternativley, switch. Better to take chances with a mismatch then to guard neither offensive player well. We did both of these successfully against Iowa. Rather see Valentine taking 25 footers. He’ll hit some but percentages are in our favor.
    2. YF has had success guarding large guards and wings but only when they are pure perimeter players. This was a mismatch. We would have been better off using OG and JM to guard Valentine forcing him to shoot over their length.

  • pcantidote

    On ball screens, Bryant needs to stay home and the man guarding the balls needs to fight through the screen. I would rather give up 3 point attempts than drives to the basket. Play the percentages.

  • Jack Nolan

    Bryant needs to get faster. Maybe next year when he’s more comfortable, but he consistently gets beat off the dribble.

  • Oldguyy

    Three straight moving screens by Schilling on #2. So much for those being a point of emphasis for the zebras this year.