News and notes from Tom Crean’s radio show

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On Monday evening, Indiana coach Tom Crean spoke on a previously recorded version of his weekly radio show hosted by Don Fischer. Crean recapped wins over Illinois and Northwestern and discussed a variety of other topics. Marni Mooney, assistant athletic director for retention and learning services, also joined the show for the final segment.

Below are news and notes from Crean’s comments:

· On the biggest adjustments since losing James Blackmon Jr.: “The spacing has changed because of the way the defenses have played us. So we have to adjust to that. And we have to do a much better job of getting body movement. The ball movement is important and the thing that is so strong there or what has to be strong there is the accuracy of your passes. But we have to move without the ball better. James created a lot of open looks for his teammates because of how they guarded him.”

· Crean noted that Max Bielfeldt has already made more 3s this season at Indiana than he did in his career at Michigan.

· On the team having lower turnovers in recent games: “The first three games of the year we had 56 turnovers and 41 of them were from Yogi (Ferrell), Troy (Williams) and Rob (Johnson). We couldn’t come in and say ‘Okay, don’t turn the ball over.’ Nobody is trying to turn it over, right? We had to get better at taking care of the ball. We had to get better so we tried to do different drills and bring different concentrations to it but at the same time you keep imploring them to understand how simple the game is when you just make the next pass.”

· Crean said that Indiana was shooting 60 percent on 3s against zone defenses going into the Northwestern game.

· On Indiana controlling the pace in the Northwestern game: “We do not want to let teams set the pace and that’s easier said than done. But that’s where you’ve got to get stops so you can get your break going. That was key for us.”

· On whether IU’s chemistry right now is at an all-time high: “It’s growing because they’re maturing and we’re getting very good leadership and guys aren’t afraid to say something to somebody. And I think that’s really important. You have to coach that. We’re not very good when we get quiet. And that’s where we’re going to get really tested on the road as we go into these games because you can’t let the environment control your talk. You can’t let the environment control your ball movement. You can’t let the environment let the other team and the runs or anything dictate your mindset. That doesn’t mean you’re going to win. But you have no chance if your mindset has been affected.”

· Crean noted that IU has carried a 3.1 team GPA during his tenure in Bloomington and credited Mooney for being able to “wear a number of hats” in her role with the program.

· Crean said that two of the players who left this past offseason fell under a 2.6 GPA, but that the others who left were in good academic standing.

· Crean said that he flew out recently to see De’Ron Davis play in Denver. “There’s a lot of upside. He’s got a good touch, he rebounds the ball. I enjoyed his defense because he had to guard out on the perimeter some.”

· Crean was asked by Fischer if Davis is 6-foot-9 or 6-foot-10. Crean said that Davis is 6-foot-11 and he “wouldn’t be shocked if he got to 7-foot.”

· Crean said that Curtis Jones is going to have to get stronger, but said that he’s playing outstanding. Crean noted that Jones is not only scoring, but is also putting up a lot of assists and rebounds.

· Crean noted that Indiana remains “very active” in recruiting.

· In terms of the keys to the game at Wisconsin, Crean mentioned that Indiana has to take care of the ball as the Hoosiers gave Wisconsin “32 or 34 points off of turnovers” in their first meeting.

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  • Koko

    Whoa….Davis is 6’11”? Now I’m getting giddy on this kid!

  • Koko

    Now that is a lot of points we gave Wisky off TO’s in our first game.
    I wasn’t aware it was that high. Need I say what will happen if we keep
    the TO’s under 10?? Of course not….we win going away.

  • Ms hoosier

    I was shocked when he said D Davis was6’11 that makes getting him even better

  • Yes it does.. I just hope they aren’t measuring him in ‘high heel’ shoes…lol… Ok, ok I’m just kidding.. 6′ 11″ is great.. Now if Bryant just stays and we have both of them.. Awesome…

  • MM

    I think what is lost on the improvement of the defense is really the decrease in turnovers. IU’s defense has certainly improved in the half court, but IU is saving 15 PPG simply by cutting down on TOs and fast break points by the opposition!

  • BL

    Really good point. Also, going to a more traditional 2-guard lineup improves defensive rebounding (fewer 2nd chance points).

  • BL

    and – Indiana remains “very active” in recruiting.

  • IULore

    Crean is usually pretty frank about height measurements. He called OG 6-7.

  • IULore

    Imagine him coming off the bench!

  • Ms hoosier

    Can you imagine if we get Thon Maker how long our front court would be!!!

  • BL

    If we get Maker we’re definitely rated top five preseason. If TB were to stay for another year, we’d have to be favored to win it all. That said, we’d need to exercise patience early on because TC would be faced with the same challenge KU faces most years; how to get a massively individually talented group to play as a team.

  • hardly

    unless something crazy happens, Bryant is staying – he’s maybe in the 2nd round on the draft boards. Frontcourt of Bryant, OG, Davis and Morgan, and Hartman? wow..i think that makes us all very, very happy. In fact, Williams is slated at 51 right now – so he could be back too…that would be stellar.

  • Chi-Town Hoosier

    Live in the present everyone!! Let’s enjoy Yogi for as long as we got ’em.

  • Ms hoosier

    Man I really hate this is Yogi’s last year. He is really playing good basketball right now!! I’m excited about this team and I’m anxious to see how they handle the Khol center tonite especially Bryant. Will he keep his emotions under control or will he lose it?

  • HoosierStuckInKY

    Imagine him improving his vertical 9″!!!

  • HoosierStuckInKY

    Holy smokes. Absolutely no way we play 3 guards with all that firepower.

  • HoosierStuckInKY

    The season’s not close to being over and I am already beginning to miss Yogi. I’m going to ball like a baby on senior night…probably around a Jordy Hulls level.

  • SilentBob

    Davis sprouted up to 6’11?!? Man with his touch and those additional inches the kid is going to be special

  • INUnivHoosier

    Let’s just imagine, however unrealistic it may be, that we have a sophomore TB alongside Davis and Maker.

  • INUnivHoosier

    I think TB will keep it together. He’s just an emotional guy, but he doesn’t seem to let it affect his play too much.

    I think the key for him will be how the refs are (not) calling fouls in the first five minutes.

  • wat? wow.

  • and OG and Morgan

  • Probably top-ranked. They’d be huge, with experienced guards and senior leadership.

  • Absolutely my feelings exactly. Best part of winter!

  • plus Rob, Colin, OG, and Morgan. And Newkirk. That’s tough.

  • Chi-Town Hoosier

    We deserve some off-season magic considering our past three off-seasons have been hell. Well, except for getting the gifts of Max and Zeisloft. Everyone was skeptical of Crean for getting both of those guys!

  • TomJameson

    You mean UK … right?

  • TomJameson

    You are pretty optimistic … lol

    Seriously, I think TB will be back, but he’ll be able to make the jump if he really wanted to. IMO he’ll work his tail off in the off-season, have a fantastic sophomore year, and put himself into the guaranteed money.

    Troy will go, I just don’t see him staying because he’ll be first round for sure. The only way he’ll stay is if IU has such a fantastic team that there is a very real chance for a NC.

  • BL


  • Ole Man

    TB is around 17, which is first round; and trending upward.

  • IU diehard from CT

    No way tb is league ready. He’ll be back

  • IU diehard from CT

    and jbj

  • hardly

    what draft are you seeing? I looked at some others (originally only looked at 1) and the highest I saw was 23…and I do agree there is more season so good chance he will go up.