Film Session: Nebraska

  • 01/03/2016 4:16 pm in

Robert Johnson hands off to OG Anunoby on the right wing in Indiana’s dribble weave:


With Ferrell covered on the opposite wing, Anunoby can’t make the pass. He hesitates for a split second and Shields doesn’t have him squared up to the hoop. So he takes the space:


He has daylight to the basket:


Anunoby sticks with it and finishes over the Cornhuskers for two points:


On the other end of the floor, Anunoby gets in the passing lane for a steal:


He’s got two Cornhuskers on his heels:


But he’s able to rise up and lay it in. Timeout Nebraska:


Anunoby’s score in the half court and his steal and transition bucket put the Hoosiers up 11 points:


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  • Oldguyy

    Pretty gutsy of Zeisloft to take that charge after three previous Nebraska charges were called defensive fouls.

  • TomJameson

    I think Valentine did what he normally does and called his game against IU. I’ve seen that bias from him for years, going back to the Knight era even. I really dislike him officiating IU games.

  • bleeding crimson

    He should still be banned from officiating any games at Dis-Assembly Hall.
    Looks like he shedded a few pounds to boot his resume to call IU games…but I still don’t like him calling our games for said reasons….that game was a horrilbe called game by the zebra’s