Film Session: Nebraska

  • 01/03/2016 4:16 pm in

Here’s Ferrell hitting a tough, contested long 2 with just three seconds left on the shot clock. It’s the type of score Indiana had in the second half that Tim Miles described as “these guys jumped up and stuck it in our eye.”


On the other end of the floor, here’s Indiana again contesting a long 2 from Nebraska as Max Bielfeldt gets a hand up on Shavon Shields:


Bryant secures the rebound:


Bryant calls for the ball as Ferrell brings it down the court:


Ferrell doesn’t make the pass. After a kicked ball, the Hoosiers reset. Bryant sets a ball screen for Ferrell and Benny Parker anticipates Ferrell going right. He doesn’t and it allows for separation left:


Ferrell rises and hits the 3-pointer:


On this mini 5-0 run all by himself, this was when Ferrell started to heat up in the second half.


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  • Oldguyy

    Pretty gutsy of Zeisloft to take that charge after three previous Nebraska charges were called defensive fouls.

  • TomJameson

    I think Valentine did what he normally does and called his game against IU. I’ve seen that bias from him for years, going back to the Knight era even. I really dislike him officiating IU games.

  • bleeding crimson

    He should still be banned from officiating any games at Dis-Assembly Hall.
    Looks like he shedded a few pounds to boot his resume to call IU games…but I still don’t like him calling our games for said reasons….that game was a horrilbe called game by the zebra’s