Open Thread: Predict Indiana’s regular season record

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Thanks to our friends at Underground Printing, we’re back once again with a contest for the 2015-2016 season.

As we’ve done for several years now, we’re giving you the opportunity to predict IU’s regular season record for the upcoming season. There are 13 non-conference games and 18 Big Ten games for a total of 31 contests.

Now that it has been announced, our schedule page has a complete listing of this season’s late and is available here for your reference.

This year, UGP has upped the ante and will reward the contest winner with $75 to spend either online or in-store. In addition, the winner will receive an ITH t-shirt.

Here’s how this will go: This thread will remain open until the season opener on Friday, Nov. 13. The only way to enter is to post your prediction in the comments below this post. Submissions via email, Twitter, Facebook or anywhere besides the comments below will be ignored.

Your guesses will then be locked in and following the Maryland game in March, we’ll revisit the comments and pull out all of the correct guesses. Everyone that gets the regular season record correct will then be entered into a drawing for the prize. If only one person nails it, no drawing will be required.

Feel free to provide an explanation with your prediction, but please post the final record as the first thing in your comment. It makes for easier record keeping. Also, one entry per person, please.

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  • Hoosier Hall

    So, worse than last season? I don’t really see how that could happen but anything is possible. I would likely kill my liver if you are right.

  • Robert Golden

    I’ve said all along IU will be marginally better than last years team. They return the same players and coach and add one underdeveloped freshman in Bryant. Other than that – its all-you-can-eat at Golden Coral for $5.99.

  • TomJameson


  • whomikewho


  • twarrior87


  • HoosierStuckInKY

    The Tom Crean’s wife and padawan bits had me dying lol…I pictured a cartoon sketch of Joani literally looking under the bed while Tommy had the covers pulled up over his nose shaking nervously.

  • PDXHoosier


  • iubase


  • srhise

    22-9. Losses in Indy to ND and at home to Purdue.

  • Kwang


  • Lance76

    23-8 We really need to show the Badgers some love so beat them twice. MSU in East Lansing is tough.

  • Tucson Hoosier


  • IU track Alumni

    I hate this post but you are so spot on. Let’s hope out Hoosiers figure it out.

  • banarish

    22 Wins
    9 Losses
    Go Hoosiers!

  • BFowler

    23-8, 10-3 pre-conf, 13-5 conf

  • Bk39

    23-8 losing 4 of the last 6 conference matches. 10-2 preseason. Loss Kan, Duke. Loss to @Wisc,@Mich,@Mich St,vsPurd,@Iowa,vsMaryl.

  • The Hound


  • Arch Puddington

    I’m with you all the way. I hated writing it. But it’s where I am right now. I will be thrilled if we play well, look coherent doing it, and stay out of trouble. Anything beyond that — like a big tournament run — would just be a bonus.

  • Jeremy Staley


  • SeeingRed

    22-9 sounds about right. I would like to be a couple games more optimistic — but this staff will fritter away at least two wins.

  • Aaron Wilson


    Other predictions:

    Tom Crean is considered by all as the best IU coach this millennium and makes a Final Four before his current contract ends. Tom Crean will be thanked for saving IU basketball. Brad Stevens never coaches at IU. Bob Knight dies a grumpy old man and never returns to the program that helped him as much as he helped it. Assembly Hall becomes the greatest place to play college basketball again after the renovations are completed. IU is #1 party school again soon. Police officers try to bust Yogi for jaywalking in Bloomington before he is drafted.

  • 21-10

  • And One

    26-5. Most will find his wildly optimistic. All must agree, however, that it is possible. Noncon losses to Duke and KU, conference losses @MSU, @UW, @Iowa (really). Perfect at home.

  • Kyl470

    Exactly we pretty much traded Bryant for HMP which is an upgrade, but I’m not 100% confident that the rest of the guys will improve that much on defense.

  • Kyl470

    I don’t think CTC will make a Final Four, but I think you are right that Stevens will never coach at IU, Bob Knight will never come back to IU to receive any type of honor, Assembly Hall will be the #1 college basketball venue, IU will earn a #1 party school ranking by someone. However, I don’t think Yogi will get busted for jaywalking. Instead I think Yogi will get busted for receiving free games of bowling at the Back Alley (bowling lanes inside the Indiana Memorial Union) and be forced by the NCAA to pay back the free games he received and sit out two games.

  • oldiugymnast

    Wait. We agree on something? 🙂

  • oldiugymnast

    Nicely done.

  • Pianoroark


  • JBishop0425


  • PBzeer

    If all we do is switch TB for HMP, I don’t really see were we pick up any more wins than last year, so 20-11.

  • Guyton25

    Optimistic: 26-5
    Realistic: 23-8 or 24-7

  • 19-12

  • Bill Graham

    I liked everything except the Knight part….

  • Bill Graham

    Interesting…I figured you would’ve had us at 6-25.

  • Bill Graham

    My thoughts…I’m not going to officially post my prediction until November. The last thing I want to do is predict our record and then read about TB injuring himself or something (yes I know that was a blasphemous statement)…but I’m gonna wait a bit.


    Cheater lol.

  • whomikewho

    Who are we losing to in the non conference? Duke and Kansas?

  • whomikewho

    Lol second that

  • Bill Graham


  • Bill Graham

    Interesting that the lowest prediction is coming from a guy who’s name is Banner#6.

  • Bill Graham

    Hey you abbreviated Wisconsin wrong you put NEB….

  • Bryan

    18 – 13
    Just don’t trust this team to be that much better on defense, or thrive in the rock fights allowed by Big Ten officiating.


    I’ve counted up 69 guesses. And here’s the breakdown.
    17-14: 1
    18-14: 1
    19-12: 3
    20-11: 4
    21-10: 8
    22-9: 14
    23-8: 12
    24-7: 10
    25-6: 9
    26-5: 5
    27-4: 1
    28-3: 1

  • airnel48

    23-8, but we lose to Purdue so it’s a waste. However, we then we go on a surprising tourney run to the elite 8 and miss the final 4 on a last minute miss. Still doesn’t make up for the Purdue loss. But nothing does

  • Keith N Tammy Napier

    25-6 11-2 Non-conference and 14-4 Big Ten

  • HoosierBG


  • timmyh75

    I’m going B1G, 25-6. I think I’m being a bit optimistic, but they’re my Hoo, Hoo, Hoo, Hoosiers!!! I can’t wait for the season to start!!!

  • timmyh75

    Atta boy Brent!!!

  • Ole Man

    20 – 11.
    Either fourth or more likely fifth in the conference.
    Six seed. ……bad draw they don’t get past the opening game in the tourney.

  • BMusic