Open Thread: Predict Indiana’s regular season record

  • 09/11/2015 10:11 am in

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Thanks to our friends at Underground Printing, we’re back once again with a contest for the 2015-2016 season.

As we’ve done for several years now, we’re giving you the opportunity to predict IU’s regular season record for the upcoming season. There are 13 non-conference games and 18 Big Ten games for a total of 31 contests.

Now that it has been announced, our schedule page has a complete listing of this season’s late and is available here for your reference.

This year, UGP has upped the ante and will reward the contest winner with $75 to spend either online or in-store. In addition, the winner will receive an ITH t-shirt.

Here’s how this will go: This thread will remain open until the season opener on Friday, Nov. 13. The only way to enter is to post your prediction in the comments below this post. Submissions via email, Twitter, Facebook or anywhere besides the comments below will be ignored.

Your guesses will then be locked in and following the Maryland game in March, we’ll revisit the comments and pull out all of the correct guesses. Everyone that gets the regular season record correct will then be entered into a drawing for the prize. If only one person nails it, no drawing will be required.

Feel free to provide an explanation with your prediction, but please post the final record as the first thing in your comment. It makes for easier record keeping. Also, one entry per person, please.

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  • marcusgresham


  • Drew

    Personally, I think we’ll lose twice before the non-conference portion of the schedule and finish with a 13-5 conference mark, good for 2nd place. After that, anyone else’s guess is as good as mine.

  • Kyl470


  • HoosierFan08


  • CreanFaithful

    No matter what the outcome of the 1st game in Maui, IU will play at least one additional game, making the total 32 games. If they advance to the 2nd round, they will play 3 games win/lose that game, making it a total of 33 games.

  • JT Thomas

    21-10 and a 5 seed in tournament

  • MorrisHoosier

    23-8. 11-2 in the non-conference, and 12-6 in B10 play.

  • twoturntables

    24-7 with losses @Duke, @NEB, Wisc, @MINN, @Wisc, @Mich, @Mich St, and @Iowa. I don’t think they will everything in Maui but it looks like we’re just considering the first two known games.

  • Spanger

    They play 3 games no matter what…

  • Spanger


  • There are a total of 31 games, including the three in Maui.

  • Beard

    23-8 with 6 losses in the big ten, hopefully good enough for 4th and a 5 seed.

  • Gregory Spera

    21-10. Should be better with this talent and my prediction would have been more optimistic a few months ago, but confidence is not high right now. Might need to adjust this further, one way or the other, before Friday, Nov. 13.

  • Brent Booth

    25-6 I think this team is gonna be special

  • TJ21

    19-12, hoping I am wrong…..

  • Banner#6


  • Joe Pop


  • IU22

    On paper 24-7 looks about right.

  • CreanFaithful

    Indeed. Thanks.

  • ArghSonOfOhCrap


  • Ted Adams


  • inLinE6

    25-6. Will lose in the round of 32.

  • Hoosier Fanatic


  • ForeverIU

    20-11 will get humiliated by Duke then regain some stature then start fizzling out midway in the regular season.

  • Brian F.

    22-9. 10 and 3 for non-conference and 12-6 for Big 10. The last 6 games of Big 10 season look troubling, especially with history of Crean coached teams fading down the stretch. Think IU struggles to end the season again. Hope I’m wrong but fear I’m right.

  • Gregory J. Haggard


  • ILHoosier31

    26-5, We lose at Duke, at Michigan State, and at Maui Championship. That gives me two games of leeway.

  • Nike_Hoosier0527


  • Zach


  • 25-6

  • STLHoosier


  • edwardkchase

    22-9 -> I’m hoping I’m wrong and they exceed that record but the Holt thing really brought my expectations down a bit as I was hoping he would be the one to surprise people this year. I feel we are, once again, very light in the post.

  • IULore


  • HoosierZ


  • SFIU

    28-3. Hell, I’m optimistic and will have bragging rights if magic happens.

  • Hardwood83

    23-8. 11-2 Non-Con, 12-6 in the B1G, good enough for 3rd. I don’t think anyone (including Maryland) runs away with the conference this year.

  • jacobdetroy


  • Sherronhasaheadache


  • Noble Bush




  • Rosco73


  • calbert40

    23-8, 12-6 B1G. 2-1 in Maui.

  • brntn


    lose to Duke, Wiscy, MSU, Maryland, Mich, Purdue, and a couple “fire Tom Crean” losses to keep things cynical

  • IU track Alumni

    18-13.. I think we will be a bubble team and part of the last 4 in by the selection committee. This team still have some continuity and leadership issues and it will result in yet again a disappointing season and early departure from the tourney. I really hope and pray I’m wrong.

  • VAHoosier


  • Jordan

    25-6. You heard it here first. 😉

  • Arch Puddington

    20-11. Other predictions:

    Games lost due to suspensions: 9
    Times we will beat Wisconsin: 0
    Our final defensive ranking according to Kenpom: 97
    Players who will transfer or be kicked off the team after the season: 1

    I wish I were happier. I’ll need to see something different than I have seen for more than two years now before my gloom lifts.

  • IUBizmark

    Would love a list of the 14 losses.

  • Hoosier Hall


  • SilentBob


    I still have some bad vibes over the Holt dismissal but I’m a positive guy. We have all the talent needed for a great year outside of a quality back up for Thomas. Also being a history nut looking at Tom Creans Marquette teams, between 04-05 seasons and 06-07, I think this is the kind of growth we can expect. With more talent on his hands it should be a bit better of a result.

    I say we get nearly get upset by Wake Forrest, causing our guards to lead us to an 8 point victory over a good Vandy team the next night. We will keep it competitive with, yet again, another overrated Kansas team but will be ultimately beat by their front court. We lose my double digits to Duke, but Thomas will have a good night outplaying Jeter and co to raise his draft stock.

    We lose both games to Wisconsin because Tom Crean’s wife has to check under the bed for Bo Ryan before Tom can go to sleep. Lose at Michigan State, because it’s at MSU and the padawon simply isn’t as powerful as the master. We beat Michigan on the road because Crean actually has someone’s number. Then Crean is good for two big home upsets each season which I say will be Maryland and Purdue (pretty please). He is also good for dropping at least two no shows against teams he should dominate which I won’t guess on. I’ll keep the minimum on this one because of the infectious motor Thomas has.