Open Thread: Predict Indiana’s regular season record

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Thanks to our friends at Underground Printing, we’re back once again with a contest for the 2015-2016 season.

As we’ve done for several years now, we’re giving you the opportunity to predict IU’s regular season record for the upcoming season. There are 13 non-conference games and 18 Big Ten games for a total of 31 contests.

Now that it has been announced, our schedule page has a complete listing of this season’s late and is available here for your reference.

This year, UGP has upped the ante and will reward the contest winner with $75 to spend either online or in-store. In addition, the winner will receive an ITH t-shirt.

Here’s how this will go: This thread will remain open until the season opener on Friday, Nov. 13. The only way to enter is to post your prediction in the comments below this post. Submissions via email, Twitter, Facebook or anywhere besides the comments below will be ignored.

Your guesses will then be locked in and following the Maryland game in March, we’ll revisit the comments and pull out all of the correct guesses. Everyone that gets the regular season record correct will then be entered into a drawing for the prize. If only one person nails it, no drawing will be required.

Feel free to provide an explanation with your prediction, but please post the final record as the first thing in your comment. It makes for easier record keeping. Also, one entry per person, please.

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  • SilentBob

    Ya know about 8 or 9 months ago I thought there was no way Stevens would ever return to the college level at all. He is to good of a coach not to succeed and doesn’t strike me as someone who would pull a Nick Saban (saying there is no way you’re leaving then leaving shortly after). However, as a Celtics fan, I think Ainge has made some real boneheaded decisions lately. He has made some good ones too, but they have been offset by the bad ones but Stevens makes them look alright.

    Despite the past four first overall picks playing in the west, there are some good young teams on the rise in the east. The Bucks will keep rising, the Magic will be better, and I love the Myles Turner pick by the Pacers who will have a fully healthy Paul George back. The Hornets are a hot mess, but they have more talent than the Cs and had a terrible case of the injury bug. The Heat will be better with a healthy Bosh. The Cavs, Hawks, Bulls, Raptors, and Wizards aren’t going anywhere.

    I really see my C’s caught in no mans land unless those Nets picks turn into high lottery picks which is possible. Kind of like the pacers before they got Paul George. Not bad enough to get a great pick, but not good enough to really do anything. And in Boston they expect championships. Despite having money next offseason, Boston isn’t South Beach and they simply don’t have the quality players to attract high profile free agents.

  • curtis south


  • Nimbi63

    24-7 SWAG.

  • Brent Booth

    Thanks timmyh I’m stoaked about the season

  • IUBizmark


    Non Con:
    Losses: Duke, Kansas,
    The only marquee wins we’ll have will be ND and arguably Vandy.

    Losses: @ Wis, @ UM, @ MSU, Purdue, @ Iowa
    This sequence of losses, where we’ll go 6-5 over 33 days, and all toward the end of the conference schedule will prompt the usual questions of “why do Crean’s teams always collapse late in the season?” Reality is the schedule is much more difficult for us in Feb. It’ll be a tale of two halves.

  • IUBizmark

    Nebraska and Illinois aren’t going to be strong teams this season.

    Terran Petteway went pro leaving Shavon Sheilds as the only rotation player remaining.

    ILL lost Tracy Abrhams (again) due to a torn ACL and F Darius Paul got himself arrested (again) while on their exhibition tour in France and subsequently booted from the team.

  • IUBizmark

    That Vandy team is not a good matchup for us. About the only saving grace is that their 3 point D was terrible last year.

  • Jtime

    23-8. 4 Seed. Post play is gonna be a problem again this year.

  • pcantidote


  • jmfriedman

    24-7 That’s it and that’s all……

  • gr8iufan

    3- non-conference

  • INUnivHoosier


  • Show-Me-State HOOSIER

    26-5 I am hopeful our inside game can compete with the best. Our guards can play with and beat the best! D gets much better this year with Bryant.

  • dtfreed


  • hardcore_hoosier


  • Outoftheloop

    25-6; Maui 5-1 (Kansas); 6-1 Non Conf (Duke); B1G 14-4 (away WI, MSU, and 2 out of MI, MN, IL, IA).

  • msdiu81


  • IULaw10

    22-9 and a loss in the B1G Tournament finals.

  • 20-11


  • HoosierInChapelHill


  • CreanFaithful


  • Jrod


  • cpjason311

    22 – 9


    23 wins and 8 losses. I can’t predict the B1G schedule games, i just feel we’ll go 12-6. Non con, we lose at Duke, and in the Maui championship game to Kansas.

  • thrawnjan


  • brad

    11-2 non-conference 14-4 conference 25-6 overall

  • Jeremy

    11.2 non conference 12-6 conference 23-8

  • Jeremy

    Oh ye of little faith !!

  • hgdownunder

    What is the point of putting the same scores someone else has already put?


  • StevieV610


  • Kelin Blab

    23 wins with 8 defeats

  • straight no chaser


    … unless they don’t lose steam midway in the regular season. They could go 26-5, with the right coaching and discipline.

  • hardly


  • Chappy Dan

    So without the suspensions we would go 29-2?

  • Graham


  • Arch Puddington

    No, I was predicting that individual players would be suspended a total of 9 games for various transgressions. I should have said “games missed.”

    And more to the point, the post wasn’t meant literally. Just venting.

  • David Macer

    No hedging allowed, unless you work for Wall Street

  • Aceman_Mujezinovic_07

    11-7 conference

    Would’ve thought better before the Holt/Bryant situation but after hearing coach say “no leader” and limping down the stretch last season I have to think that it could be another season much the same.

    Hope I’m wrong and I’ll root like crazy we win every game!

  • Meadows007


  • IU Hoosiers # 34, 1979-83

    25-6,,,,15-3 conference

  • Brian Goodman


  • Max


  • Bill Graham

    That’s not necessarily a bad strategy.

  • millzy32

    Thinking off court issues have affected morale going into the season. Also thinking I don’t want to be disappointed so I’ll shoot low and be amazed when we far exceed it. 19-12

  • Hoosierkamp

    27-4. National Champs.

  • HoosierNtexas


  • Danfromva


  • ’11Hoosier


  • GaHoosier


  • Hoosierfan323