Video: T.J. Leaf Elite 24 highlights

  • 08/27/2015 12:06 pm in

2016 5-star prospect T.J. Leaf, who recently re-opened his recruitment after initially committing to Arizona, scored 14 points for Team EZ Pass in its 111-110 loss to Team Doo Bee Doo in the Under Armor Elite 24 game in Brooklyn, New York.

Watch his highlights in the embedded media player below:

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    He seems very.. awkward? Maybe that’s just how he dribbles? Definitely what he needs to tighten up in the skill area. Moves kind of awkward as well.

  • N71

    I read your comment and then watched the video thinking I’d see awkwardness. Instead I see windmill dunks, tomahawks, put backs, assist. If he’s awkward I would have loved to have been awkward myself.

  • sarge

    I think he looked great. Great athlete. That reverse dunk reminded me of my lil sisters favorite iu player of all time… Will Sheehey.


    Then you obviously didn’t see him dribble.


    It isn’t like it’s an awful thing to be awkward. Him abs Thon both are. Mainly while dribbling. But not everyone can have the word handles of Noah Vonleh at their size.

  • Kyl470

    I still think he will attend a west coast school, but I’m hoping we can get him.

  • Thanks for your evaluation based off the five dribbles he made in the entire video…lol

  • jmac

    I’d take him in a heartbeat!

  • Spooky

    I wish you would just get out of the comment section… It’s not like anyone cares about your opinion anyways.

  • Bill Graham


  • CEP

    If we can get this kid out of the West Coast, it’ll be the biggest recruiting win for us since Cody.

    He’s better than Cody, too.

  • Hoosier Hall

    Dude… Just stop.

  • What’s wrong with the comment? I’d add to it, did you see the aura that guy is giving off? He needs to get some better crystals, and fast. It’s a real bad vibe, for sure. We need to be going after kids with better energy profiles, for real. Maybe CTC should get a better astrologer on staff.

  • RocketRod

    Based on…? Regardless of “stars”, rankings, highlights, region, etc., nobody’s proven until they actually get here and play some conference games. Richard Mandeville was Mr.Basketball in California, Andre Patterson Mr. Basketball of Texas, Neal Reed Mr. Basketball of Louisiana, Charlie Miller (was something, scoring leader maybe) of Florida. We saw what kind of bust that highly rated recruiting class turned out. 2012 “Movement” class was worse, but not as highly rated – remember all the fans that penciled in that entire class as the new starters? LOL.

  • VladT

    If UCLA gets him, and he and a few others stay for a year with Lonzo Ball coming the following year…
    (Salivating over keyboard)
    -A UCLA fan who longs to get past the sweet 16

  • whomikewho

    Ball looked great every game I watched. You have solid PG coming in.


    Observation skills is the area that you obviously need to tighten up in.