Revamped 2015 Indiana basketball recruiting board

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Following last week’s news that Devin Davis and Hanner Mosquera-Perea have been dismissed from the program, Indiana now has two available scholarships to give in the class of 2015.

As a result, we’ve reinstated our 2015 recruiting board and will keep it updated in the coming weeks and months as the Hoosier staff looks to fill the two open¬†scholarships¬†for the 2015-2016 campaign.

2015 Indiana Basketball Recruiting Board

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  • TomJameson

    I think getting Max and Ododa would be the best at this point. They are experienced, and defensive minded, big men who can have an immediate impact with this team by adding bench support and relief to the front court. Practicing against these guys would have to help TB as well. PLUS, those 2 will only take 1 year scholarship which will leave room for next years class which I think will be substantial.

    That said I like Dickerson as well. I think it would pay dividends for him to practice and play with this 2015/16 team before that substantial part of it leaves after this season. sort of smoothing the large recruiting class bubble.

    I believe it will probably be a 5 or 6 player class as it is (JBJ, NZ, Troy, Yogi, and the 2 1-year transfers) If any ‘surprise’ transfers it could be more.

    Not even getting into the Thon debate because I don’t think he comes here.

  • SCHoosier

    Really like Ododa..problem is he can start for a number of teams and at IU would be the back-up to TB. Of course you’ve got the B-10..national TV. etc…but if he’s looking to impress for a pro-career..I’m sure the kid wants playing time. Not certain a backup role would provide that?? Would love to see him sign with the Hoosiers.

  • TomJameson

    He would also get to participate in a (hopefully) deep run in the NCAA. And at this point I’m not sure a transfer would be starting in anything except a lower D-1 or mid-major school. I could be very wrong though. lol

  • PBzeer

    Hopefully, they won’t use them for a couple of guys to sit on the bench.

  • TomJameson

    If you look at them as “replacements” for HMP and Davis, then they should be contributors. I’m only saying that because HMP and DD were supposed to be contributors as well. Not starters, but contributors.

  • At the Quarries

    I wasn’t expecting DD to be a contributor though. The latest report stated that he wasn’t even allowed to have any contact. Especially considering CTC’s reluctance to use two bigs in the game at the same time, I think it’s very possible the second scholly goes to a guard (not that there is one available, but who knows).

  • Bk39

    Don’t think IU could go wrong with your take on the recruiting.
    I also like Smith out of Harvard for center or Grielo out of liberty at the four.
    Smith 6-8 245 4.3ppg 2.5 RB 1.1 blk
    Grielo 6-9 220 12 ppg 6.3 RB 0.1 blk 40.7 3 pt
    Smith has girth while Grielo can stretch the floor

  • Drew

    Pretty sure we have 2 scholarships available at this point.

  • At the Quarries

    Yes, so I mean one of them will go to an inside player (a Hanner replacement), but the other might very well go to a guard if there is one available. I was responding to Tom’s point that we would be “replacing” Hanner and DD. My point is that IMO DD was not going to contribute much, and that we do not really need to fill what would have been his role.

  • OhioHoosier

    Watched video on him today. Excellent timing blocking shots, could be a good stretch 4/5. Solid athleticism too.

  • PBzeer

    We definitely need someone to fill in at the 5. Other than that though, I’d just as soon see Burton or Ritchie pick up the other scholarship, as a “traditional” 4 just doesn’t seem to have a place in Crean’s offense.

  • SilentBob

    I like Dickerson and won’t have one complaint if we get him, but I don’t see him offering a whole lot more than the combo of Emmitt and Juwan already do. Outside of maybe girth, but being bigger doesn’t always mean stronger. A good offseason for Juwan and Emmitt, Emmitt whom missed on a lot of off season workouts last year, could see considerable muscle growth for both. I also believe both Emmitt and Juwan have higher ceilings.

    Continuity is nice but you have you get it in the right spots. Right now I’m assuming Thomas Bryant stays two years, and James and Troy leave after this season. That’s a sophomore center. Then one senior, junior, and two sophomore competing for 3 and 4 spots. Plus a junior guard leading the team. And who knows maybe the Thriller improves. I’m most concerned with continuity amongst rotation players. So I see a need for a guard here. Won’t be surprised to see us in the grad transfer market again next year. And of course a stud like Alkins could help smooth things out as well. Or maybe Harrison Niego steps up as a walk on.

  • Everyone assumes Ododa would play backup to TB if he came to IU. I don’t see any chance he wouldn’t be a starter for us if he came here.

  • TomJameson

    Yeah, the only reason I said that about DD is paraphrasing CTC who said that IF DD played he would be a contributer. I took that as 10-12 minutes.

  • TomJameson

    I think we need one more big to help down under. I see TB as the main “center”, with Holt & Juwan in the mix for some relief minutes along with their “other” minutes. But after Yogi & JBJ leave after the 15/16 season, we will really need another guard.

    I’m kind of hoping Harrison will surprise everybody. With his work ethic and a year of working with Yogi and RJ, I think he might just do that.

    Problem is that with 6 men leaving, we will have a lot of holes to patch up. Speaks to the continuity that Silent Bob talked about above.

  • Ododa would be an immediate starter. The guy is a defensive monster.

  • At the Quarries

    So if we get Ododa and Max (look at me being all first-namey and chummy with him!), we end up with three grad students in our main rotation? Not counting Yogi. Isn’t Yogi starting grad school soon too (mid-year?).

  • Ole Man

    Mich didn’t want Max and they had as scholarship for him. What does that tell you?

  • SCHoosier

    Man..I know TC says he never “promises” a role of playing time..but he had to do some mightily big talkin’ to get Bryant to commit….and only Bryant knows what he was told.

  • At the Quarries

    I thought they ran out of scholarships with LeVert coming back.

  • Ole Man

    Not true.

  • Bill Graham

    If we are gonna go after 1 year transfers we should go after Gielo or Washington they offer stretch 4 capabilities… I smell Watford-Zeller replays.

  • TomJameson

    Yeah, I like Harrison Niego as well. I mostly like his defensive mindset and his work ethic. Plus he really does have skills. I’m very glad he’ll get to work alongside Yogi, RJ, JBJ and Troy for a year. With a year of work I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets some pretty darn good minutes in the 2016/17 season. He’ll probably get some this season as well.

  • Maybe TB has a higher ceiling than Odada, but right now Odada is much better defensively than TB. It’s not even close. There is no way he’d transfer to IU to sit on the bench. Of course, promises to TB need to be respected too, so if Odada comes over, I’d expect to see them on the floor together.

  • Lance76

    I would have liked be seated next to Bryant & Maker @ IU/MSU game and listened to their interaction. I understand the concerns that a mid season player could bring to chemistry, but the risk could be worth the reward. Bryant/Maker combo would make for an interesting Purdue game. 2nd open scholarship to the best defensive big available.

  • Outoftheloop

    4 guards: Yogi, James, Robert and Nick plus Niego.

  • Outoftheloop

    Everyone makes mistakes. By April 2016 we will know who made the mistake on Max B.

  • Outoftheloop

    Why? We have them already without using the scholarship!