Report: Yogi Ferrell returning to Indiana for senior season

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Indiana junior point guard Yogi Ferrell will return to Indiana for his senior season, according to a report from Gary Parrish of CBS Sports.

Ferrell has not commented on his plans for next season. The deadline for underclassmen to declare for the NBA draft is Sunday, April 26 at 11:59 p.m. ET.

Ferrell’s return would be a big deal for the Hoosiers as he was a first team All-Big Ten selection for the 2014-2015 season. He was IU’s leading scorer at 16.3 points per game and also hit a team-high 82 3-pointers. He led the Big Ten in assists at 5.2 per game.

Ferrell currently ranks 22nd all-time on the Indiana scoring list with 1,379 points over three seasons. He has appeared in 102 games and has a streak of 65 consecutive games with a 3-pointer made, an IU record and the longest active streak in the NCAA.

The Park Tudor product was ranked as the No. 71 overall prospect in the 2015 draft according to Chad Ford of, but has reportedly opted for the challenge of leading the Hoosiers on a deep NCAA tournament run in 2015-2016.

Keeping Ferrell in the fold would mean that the Hoosiers will bring back their top eight scorers from a team that finished 20-14 and fell to Wichita State in the NCAA tournament round of 64.

Both James Blackmon Jr. and Troy Williams announced their intentions to return to school in recent weeks and the Hoosiers also signed a McDonald’s All-American big man in Thomas Bryant. Most early projections have IU as a preseason top 15 team.

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  • Hoosier1158

    IU still have one glaring issue that needs to be addressed.

  • Ole Man

    I was being nice, Mike..LOL. These guys must not have watched the FF. IU looked nothing like any of those teams, on its best games.

  • Ole Man

    Go a little easy on the “haters” talk. You sound like a Kentucky fan.

  • IU Hoosiers # 34, 1979-83

    With what?

  • D’Artagnan

    Would you prefer “snake oil” salesman?

  • No.

  • curtis south

    1st a msg to Yogi, Thanks so much for coming back IU needs you SO much! Yogi is what IU basketball is all about! He is hard nosed he plays defence and the young man hates to lose!!!! This is the way it SHOULD be for ALL IU players! I cant wait to see this young man again next year! Again thanks Yogi for being a Hoosier!!!!

  • SCHoosier

    Unless there is foul trouble..I see no problem with JB, Yogi, Rob and Nick rotating and all getting a few more minutes. If TC does” Play with more length” next year..that takes some of the pressure off our guard play in terms of minutes required.

  • SCHoosier

    I hope so cause our guards couldn’t stop the guy they had let along protect the rim!.

  • IURob1997

    I see Colin over Hanne because he spreads the court for Bryant and TW. Hanne would just clog up the middle of the court.

  • Nick Hammond

    You have absolutely no one idea what you are talking about. Take a deep breath and truly consider what your opinion is before wasting my time with unobstaintated nonsense.

  • syracuse

  • Oh, okay, no. Michigan beat them, and Louisville won.

  • hmm. wonder where I got that idea. anyway, thanks for clarification.

  • Yeah, I was kind of wondering. 🙂 But still, a tough team and a reasonable loss.

  • IUfanforever

    MSU and Maryland are on a different level ….more so then IU? How so? MSU lost Dawson and a few others. Maryland lost Dez Wells in which was a Senior leader……IU lost nobody of importance and gained a McDonalds All-American Center and two nice big 6’8 players. So how is IU behind these two teams? Everything starts over again and we have some experience coming back.

  • IUBizmark

    MSU Recap from ITH and I added the 247 rankings and other stats for context:
    · Arriving: Caleb Swanigan (247 #18), Deyonta Davis (247 #25), Eron Harris (West Virginia transfer 17.2ppg 42% from 3), Kyle Ahrens, Matthew McQuaid (247 #69)

    · Departing: Branden Dawson (graduation), Travis Trice (graduation)

    So, I’m not sure an IU team who struggled to make the tournament as a 10 seed and adds the #22 player in the class is going to be able to compete with an MSU team that swept IU, went to the Final Four and adds two top 25 players and another guard from a P5 conference averaging +17ppg and shooting +40% from three.

    Maryland we have a better chance with, but they’re also in the driver’s seat to land the No. 1 transfer this off season in Damion Lee.

  • IUfanforever

    You watch too many rankings with ESPN instead of looking and what fits a team best with players . I will take Bryant over Swanigan all day long and feel we will give MSU a lot of problems. Please remember MSU is good and I will never take anything away from Izzo, but we swept them a couple of years ago…when we had experience and not youth like last year. MSU losing Dawson and gaining Swanigan is a Minus in my book and I would bet Izzo would agree from the experience factor.

  • Yes, yes and yes. I know this may be a little hard for you to comprehend, but even in the NBA, a defensive presence in the middle, can make a huge difference. I think the additional size will also help. When you go into a game 2 to 3 inches per man smaller than your opponent, it is a lot more difficult to defend the larger team. Anyway, at the risk of getting too far above your head.. You really don’t want to believe it anyway, so forget it and believe what you want to.. You’ll be fine.. I promise. You’ll come out of your ‘haters’ mentality, in time. Have you tried a good single malt Scotch? Just stay away from those left handed cigarettes.. they’ll bring you down.

  • I think there is a lot of reason for optimism, next year. We’ll be bigger, stronger, have a better presence in the middle… and have a summer to help work on our defensive skills. You can go ahead and keep believing what you will, and place your ‘cookie cutter’ around them and keep harping, ‘but they can’t play defense’. but I choose to be optimistic about our team for next year. I think we will be vastly improved in all aspects of our game. Wait and see.

  • TomJameson

    Tell you what Ole Man, you need to go a little easy on being the hall monitor and telling people what they can and can’t say. I’ll worry about what I say and you should worry about your own words.
    Hopefully that was said in a nice enough way to be able to pass your editing process.

  • TomJameson

    Come on Forever, when the used car salesman moniker was used in this case it was not in the most endearing way. The entire post was extremely negative and bordered on a personal attack.

    Now you and I differ in opinion on a few topics, but we get along with that. That’s because, I think, we both realize differing opinions are what makes the world interesting. I just don’t like personal attacks.

    Another thing I don’t like (nothing to do with this stream) is somebody using rude language, and name calling, to tell somebody else they’re rude and calling names! LOL What hypocrisy!

    Anyway, I love all the good news we’ve gotten about IU basketball. The pieces are coming together, now it’s time for them all to get to work and make the effort to be the best.

  • TomJameson

    Wasn’t sure about Nick because of the redshirt. As far as Holt is concerned, I put in the disclaimer about having a great year because of all that you said. LOL I really hope that he does stay for 3 years because his 3rd year we will need some upperclassman leadership.

  • IUBizmark

    I hope you’re right. Just out of curiosity, what problems do you think we’ll give MSU?

  • Barancy Peloma

    This means several things:
    No “this is a young team” etc.
    No banner for a big10 championship again (the next coach should take that last one down)
    No sweet16 rings either (provided they even make it that far)
    Clappy’s run out of excuses and anything less than an elite8 should be grounds for dismissal.

  • IUfanforever

    First of all we should have great perimeter play with experience. Having a Senior guard with Yogi is instrumental. If you look at MSU’S run in the tournament last year…they play well when Travis Trice played well….he was a catalyst for their deep run and late season success. Yogi and Zeisloff are 4 and 5 year seniors at the guard position…this is something we haven’t had for a while. With Bryant on the court and a Senior back-up up in Hanner Perea in the post will allow our guards to have more freedom. We have the right mix of talent that IU hasn’t had in a long long time. Please don’t forget Emmitt Holt, Troy Williams, Juan Morgan and OG Anogaby. This team has depth. Blackman and Johnson wow. Our defense will improve just because of Bryant will demand respect and will allow our guards to pressure on the perimeter and not help as much inside the post area.

  • Ole Man

    Not being a hall monitor, Tom. Just offering an opinion. Because someone disagrees with you doesn’t make them a hater.

  • TomJameson

    Hahahaha … You should have followed this with another “Don’t know why this posted twice” post. LOL

  • TomJameson

    Mike, I think you nailed the question of the year. To paraphrase, to what degree will the defense improve?

    I really don’t think anybody can argue that the defense won’t improve to some degree, just because the addition of a true big with real talent (knows how to play basketball, not ‘just’ an athlete who can jump) will do that. But I think there are other factors involved that gets me excited about the POSSIBILITY that this team will be good defensively. By good I’m talking 60 – 80 range by the end of the year … maybe better.

    1. Per CTC, the defense will be a focus of all the players and coaches. The offense is there, they need to focus on defense. Makes sense to me.

    2. The talented big guy – finally a true center.

    3. OG and Juwan are defensive minded already, at least reportedly so. That may be a wait and see item, but they are athletic, tall, and have length. They should both do well in the deflections category.

    4. JBJ and Troy have NBA aspirations depending on their defensive growth. Pretty sure those are 2 very motivated young men at this point. (I’m positive Troy will go next year regardless)

    5. RJ, don’t forget about RJ. He has great BB IQ and I’m thinking he will be one of the most improved in almost all categories,

    6. As an umbrella clause, I expect a “sophomore jump” from all last years freshmen.

    Overall I expect their defense to be markedly better from the outset, and get better as the year progresses. IMHO this preseason will be a good measuring stick for the team as a whole, and show where things need to be tweaked (as a good preseason should do).

    Now don’t anybody construe my enthusiasm to be wildly optimistic, I do have reason to my madness, I just think this group of kids will work hard to improve as a group where they need it, and a few are VERY motivated to improve individually. May not end up with an elite defense (10-20 range) but a good one.

  • TomJameson

    I think Hanner will thrive at the 4, and with a true center with him. His last year so he could, and should, just let it all hang out.

    I agree with your thoughts about so many options. What a great position to be in.


    Agree, the sum of what MSU is gaining may very well outweigh the sum of what they will lose. Out of the three newcomers MSU gains, I just have a feeling that the one that most of the so called experts think the least of, McQuaid, will turn out to be the biggest surprise. He just seems like the kind of player that will flourishes quickly under Izzo.

  • ManovSteelo

    Good for Yogi; GREAT for IU. Both parties get to have their steak and eat it, too.


    I know, I agree with you. I haven’t done the research, and to be truthful I’m not going to do it lol, but I’m wondering if any team has ever went from a defensive ranking of well over 200 to a ranking in the mid 60’s in just one season. I use the mid 60’s number because I think that is around where we would need to be ranked, defensively, if we are going to dominate like some think we will. Some think that we will just jump to that kind of ranking simply because we added a quality 5 and now everyone has a(nother) season under their belts. We won’t be the first team, who was really bad defensively one year, to add a quality big and have a bunch of players come back for the upcoming season and I don’t recall ever hearing anything about that kind of a jump in just one season when it came to their “team” defense. Even if there has been someone do that in the past, it is a rarity, and it does not mean that we will magically be that way next year. I never coached at anything close to Div 1, but I coached enough and have been a student of the game long enough to know that that kind of a jump defensively is harder to make happen than a lot think, is it impossible to make it happen, no it’s not, is it harder than a lot of fans think it is, oh hell yea. I think it goes without saying that that is what places so much importance on Crean filling McClain’s spot with a coach that has a proven track record of excelling when it comes to defense. All just my opinions and that along with a dollar will get you a small bag of chips. lol

  • marcusgresham

    My hope is simply that, once Bryant makes his way to Bloomington, he and HMP commence to beating the hell out of one another on a daily basis. Hanner’s freshman year he had Zeller to play against but he was nowhere near ready for that kind of challenge. Last year he didn’t have anyone near his size against whom he could match up in practice (at least during the summer, as April was a late addition, and even after April got there he was in the same unprepared position Hanner was when he was a freshman.)

    What I do think we have to look forward to is the fact that Hartman will 2 years removed from his injury. The fact that he was back last year was amazing, but I’m sure he wasn’t at his physical peak.


    Whether or not he tries to just plug TB into HMP’s role this past season is the number 1 thing that I’ll be waiting for an answer to next year. IMHO Crean’s decision of whether or not he does that will be the biggest factor in if it’s a season where we just win a few more games than we did last year or if we challenge for / win the B1G, the B1G tourney and make a deep run in the big dance. If he’s ok with just a few more W’s than last year he’ll swap TB for HMP and run the same thing with that one change. Choose wisely Tom you’re future employment may very well be riding on that decision.