Video: Tom Crean talks Thomas Bryant signing, pending decisions, more

  • 04/22/2015 2:27 pm in

Indiana coach Tom Crean met with the media in the Assembly Hall press room on Wednesday afternoon to discuss class of 2015 recruit Thomas Bryant, who recently signed a National Letter of Intent with the Hoosiers.

Crean also talked about several other topics, including the upcoming NBA decisions for Yogi Ferrell and James Blackmon Jr. and offseason workouts.

Watch the full press conference below (special thanks to Peegs after a video malfunction on our end):


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  • inLinE6

    I didn’t even know JBJ was considering NBA. Serious?

  • CreamandCrimson

    So many interesting things were said…

    -Comparisons to Victor Oladipo (personality wise): “He’s like the Pied Piper of that area, people gravitate to him.”
    -Bryant runs the floor and blocks shot, the former is something Crean says they have missed since Cody left (he’s right) and the latter being something that will allow for more pressing (thank goodness).
    -“The class could continue to grow…you never stop and we’re not going to.”
    -“We’ve got to have a better presence defensively. There isn’t one coach or player who doesn’t understand that we need to better defensively.” (It’s been acknowledged, here’s to getting it done)
    -Crean says “we’re pretty far down the road” on Blackmon’s decision and we should know something soon on that front. (WHAT? He’s actually considering turning pro. I really, really hope he doesn’t leave…not just for IU but because he is not an NBA player in any way, shape or form right now.)
    -IU will use Blackmon and Johnson at point guard if Yogi leaves and if James is here. (I’m repeating myself but I just can’t believe Blackmon is still seriously considering leaving).
    -Crean on Davis, “I hope he will be” and sounded optimistic about it.
    -Every reporter I read that commented on this press conference mentioned that Crean was as jovial, upbeat and playful as they’ve seen him in a long time…for whatever that’s worth.

  • inLinE6

    Nice summary. Biggest surprise was JBJ. For what he possesses right now, I don’t think he can be drafted any other year, and this year is particularly deep in guard position. He must be thinking about overseas not NBA.

  • IU22

    You’d think that if he knew Yogi and/or JBJ were leaving he wouldn’t be so up beat.

  • BlakeD1223

    JBJ is out of his mind if he thinks he is NBA ready. OUT OF HIS MIND!

    I wish these players would not be so eager to leave. I understand that the money is hard to pass up but Dipo is the perfect example of how you can improve your skills within 3 years and become a stand out player.

    With that said I always enjoy seeing how players improve from year to year. I can’t wait to see a new Hoosier team on the floor this year.

  • SCHoosier

    I wondered about that. Much more confident presentation than TC gave at his pressers toward end of the season. Even the kidding with the media guys at the end was unusual. I think he’s delighted with TB..knows James is returning and is ready with plan “b & c” if Yogi doesn’t.

  • SCHoosier

    The hot seat has cooled considerably..especially with the signing of TB. If Yogi departs and IU has to play with the guards will be another “interesting” year with the opponents #1 priority: “put pressure on IU’s guards.”.

  • BlakeD1223

    1260am was talking yesterday that they predict that JBJ will transfer if Yogi stays so JBJ can become the pg on another team. I don’t see that happening but I thought it was a very interesting prediction.

    I think this team can be very good this year. Crean said all the right things and you can tell he has a great basketball mind. It’s encouraging to hear him say that they are working hard on their entry passes to the lane. If we can utilize our bigs then that will open up our outside game and we will look like a totally different team.

    But then there’s the defense…. ugh


    Agree, heard encouraging things, but, myself, I’ve become jaded enough that I’ll be waiting to actually see these things happen to become seriously enthused, especially the part about playing with length much more of the time and pressing the other team. I’m really pulling for there to be big changes and even bigger success and really hope he does it and is successful, but like I said, I’ll be reserving my elation until it actually transpires and is successful. I guess hearing it actually come out of the head coach’s mouth is a good start.
    -Talking about needing better defense is a form of Captain Obvious talk and us being not just better, but a whole lot better defensively is another thing. Everyone getting a whole lot better defensively and not expecting TB’s mere presence on the floor to make us better is another form of that same Captain speak. I have no doubt that it will make us better, but that alone is not going to be the answer to getting where we need to be.
    -I’m with you on the JBJ even considering the NBA draft (puzzled look on face to an extreme). That’s a road that should never have been turned onto, let alone went done for any length. If the majority of us feel like one of the things that Yogi would / will have trouble with at the next level is being able to guard opposing teams players at his position, then that alone is enough to lend credibility to it being a bad joke that he would even consider it.
    -Not saying you seen it differently or that you should see it the same way, but rather just MHOs.

  • CreamandCrimson

    I heard that conversation and I know you aren’t lending credence to what they said or anything like that, I just want to add a bit of additional history to that particular show and their IUBB talk. As the season wound down, one of the hosts was incredibly persistent in his belief that Tom Crean was not going to be the head coach at IU because “Brad Stevens was in his head” and that he was going to decide to coach elsewhere and was already looking for another job (he’s not the only person that believed this line of thinking, I don’t know if there was any truth to it at the time but…we know how things played out). That went on a couple of weeks before it just stopped getting mentioned.

    This is a long way of saying that I don’t think the two hosts have any particular insight into the program and I don’t think they are doing anything other than speculating. Again, I’m not posting this to dispute what you said or to write that you believe them…I just wanted to give additional context to how plugged in they may or may not be.

  • CreamandCrimson

    I agree with you on “waiting to see it”…100% agree actually. I was just glad to see the poor defense and lack of on-ball pressure acknowledged. It doesn’t mean anything will change but the problem has to be recognized to begin to get fixed.

    Anyway, I’m with you, all we can do is wait for next season and see if the results are good enough to warrant continuing with the current regime or if change at the top is needed. For now, all we can do is wait and see who’s coming back or going and whether or not this group can make the necessary changes they know are necessary.

  • BlakeD1223

    Though I like those guy much better than JMV you have to take what they say with a grain of salt. In reality you have to do that with everyone that has an “inside scoop.” I personally have an insider that gets a lot of news thrown his way about what is happening regarding IU but most of the stuff never happens. In the end, no one really knows what’s going on until it leaves the mouths of the coach, AD or players.

    I hope to see Crean have a great year. I think he has received some unfair criticism in the past few years. Landing Thomas may have given him an extra year or two. Especially since Bryant said he’d like to stay at least two years.