Derby Festival Basketball Classic recap: O.G. Anunoby

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Class of 2015 Jefferson City (Mo.) forward and IU signee O.G. Anunoby was one of three future Hoosiers who participated in the Derby Festival Basketball Classic at Freedom Hall.

Inside the Hall was there for both practices, the Night of the Future Stars event and the game and will be recapping the weekend for all three recruits.

Game stats

12 points (4-of-7 FG, 0-of-1 3PFG, 4-4 FT), four rebounds (one offensive), one assist, one steal in 18 minutes

Player observations

Along with Louisville recruit Ryan McMahon, Anunoby was one of just two recruits selected for the Derby Festival Basketball Classic without much of a national profile, but used the weekend to showcase that he belonged. A long, athletic wing, Anunoby is a legit 6-foot-7 and showed off his ability to rise and finish at the rim in Friday morning’s practice. In fact, one of the event organizers told me that many of his peers believed he would win the dunk contest on Friday night, a prediction that didn’t come to fruition after he got off to a rocky start on his first dunk and never recovered.

The upside with Anunoby is obvious as he has the wingspan to grow into a very good defender, but like Morgan, he has significant work to do in the weight room. He showed an ability in Friday’s practice to step out and hit the 3-pointer and in Saturday’s game, he was aggressive in going to the rim and drawing contact. While it’s not accurate to describe his first step as explosive, he’s sneaky in that regard as he was able to glide past defenders a few times on Friday morning. Overall, Anunoby appears to be a prospect who has plenty of long term potential and while his role may not be a substantial one as a freshman, he has the tools to contribute and develop into a rotation player.


“I’m a versatile, athletic big guard and wing. I can shoot, pass, defend. I like the wing.” – Anunoby to WDRB on his game.

Video recap

3-point shootout

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  • N71

    Would love to see OG adopt the path Victor and Will took where they seemed committed to defense from day 1 and then let the offense come in time. This team has offense in spades, a lock-down defender would be a nice piece and provide him some minutes ahead of schedule.

  • Gdaddy

    Looking forward to seeing O.G. in candy stripes this year! He could really be an X-factor!

  • IU track Alumni

    Whatever happened to redshirting? I feel like this would be a perfect guy to do that with since we are deep at the 3/4 spot. He would be logging at least 20 min per game from day 1 next year as a redshirt freshman and have 4 years to do some amazing things. I feel like they should have redshirted JA and TP as well. No point to sit them on the bench and waist a whole year of eligibility.

  • Hoosier Hall

    Troy: We know you will be a first round pick in the 2016 NBA draft so for your final season with us we’ve found you a padawan. Teach this young man your rim-destroying ways so he can carry your torch for you.

  • hoosier93

    PS: Don’t teach him how to shoot. Let someone else. Just worry about the dunking part.

  • marcusgresham

    If his line regarding playing “guard” is true, he may be in line for more minutes than you think as the only backcourt player on the bench is Nick Zeisloft.
    I agree that Priller and April were wasted seasons, but I think April’s may have been more of his own doing from some of Crean’s comments about his effort. I also think there may be some feeling that you don’t necessarily want to use 5 years of scholarships on those two.

  • marcusgresham

    I think Anunoby is already a better shooter than Troy.

  • Hoosier Pride

    is anyone concerned about his motor or is he just a little slower than we are used to watching troy?

  • IU track Alumni

    If he is 6’8 with guard qualities he should be in the rotation for sure I just haven’t seen enough of him to see that. I’m with you on April though. There’s nothing worse than having a big for nothing player on the end of your bench.

  • inLinE6

    6’8 with guard qualities and plays the point as an experiment. Sounds familiar? Yup. That’s Hollowell. A proven failure.


    marcus your probably the one with the ITH pedigree to answer this, what is the phonetic spelling of this young man’s name. Have been listening for some time now and can’t recall hearing it plainly. Hate pronouncing someone’s name incorrectly, even if they can’t hear me. lol

  • marcusgresham

    I haven’t heard anyone say it yet.
    I’m assuming it’s “ANN oo NO bee”

  • marcusgresham

    Who said anything about playing the point? His quote says
    “I’m a versatile, athletic big guard and wing. I can shoot, pass, defend. I like the wing.”

  • kaponya44

    I like the inclusion of defending more than anything in that quote…. I might have mentioned commenting in the Bryant recap how I feel OG may just play enough defense to offset his lacking areas and surprise right away..

    He needs to add weight ,but if he can get in front of somebody and cover a lot of ground ,there is an immediate value..Usually a freshman comes in and their defense negates what they stand to offer early..OG doing the right things with his time this summer makes it pretty realistic but that could relegate someone to more bench time as well…I am curious as to how that balances out if Crean does not use an RS on anyone.I would not be against using it on OG so long as he does not come in and establish himself as one of our top 3 or 4 defenders right away.

    I am not discounting the value of his offensive skill set .Having a large guard type with handle is a luxury in CBB..Plus defensively OG is more of the type of player I envision helping the backdoor and post..Yogi was that guy last year so there is long term and short term value and a unique offering,if he comes out hitting 3’s right away…Troy nor Vic came in with a reliable 3 point shot and Watford seemed to have no better shot,defense,or athleticism when he arrived.Rankings are also relative to class top to bottom..In a better class(which I am not implying completely) OG is just more likely to be a better player with a lower ranking ..I am assuming he has less exposure than C Wat had..I still see more ceiling without struggling to imagine it..I am just trying to put OG into proper perspective…Kid could be the unexpected gem this year.He might be a little raw but it is no less about the net result of your minutes.Mark my words ..If he is not a liability on that side of the ball or in particular match up situations he might play more than widely expected.

    With the versatility,I see a future “cog” type player who Crean will be able to “plug” into different situations/roles.The more he does early the bigger the bonus.