Film Session: Michigan

  • 02/10/2015 9:17 am in

In Sunday’s 70-67 win over the Wolverines, Troy Williams scored a team-high 20 points. Williams got eight of those points on dunks and would have had 10 of them via slams had his finish of an alley-oop in the first half from Yogi Ferrell not have been called off due to a dubious offensive foul call on Ferrell.

We’ll take a look at his four dunks that counted in the latest edition of Film Session:

On the first possession of the game, Michigan plays some good defense and Indiana just has five ticks left on the shot clock. Collin Hartman sets a screen for James Blackmon Jr. at the top of the key. Williams is in the left corner with Ricky Doyle on him, but giving space:


Blackmon Jr. heads for the rim with Aubrey Dawkins shadowing him pretty well. But the freshman is making enough noise where Doyle comes from the weak side to help:


With Doyle fully committing and going for the block, it completely exposes the basket area for Williams to come in and do his thing:


He times Blackmon Jr.’s miss perfectly and it’s an easy two as he puts home the dunk:



Williams has a knack for timing misses well. And if he’s got plenty of space like this, it’s usually an easy putback slam for the sophomore.

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  • Candy Striped Kid

    grab some toast because here comes the jam (i didnt make that up)

  • Lance76

    Yogi breaking down defenses is a thing of beauty. Troy is nice to watch dunk, but needs a better handle and an outside shot to go with his athletic rim moves. Weds will be interesting with Maryland. I wonder what Maryland’s players are thinking with IU coming to town?

  • Doug

    greatest film session ever

  • Oldguyy

    I wish Williams would teach Perea how to time his jumps.

  • fourputtsforsnowman

    I agree Lance. I thought coming into this year that if JBJ and RJ grew up faster than most freshmen, and TW had an aok short to midrange jumper, then IU could overachieve by anyone’s definition. They don’t seem far from it. I think that when TW reviews his year, a short to midrange jumper will be his #1 priority on offense. On defense, the whole team, including yogi, needs to dedicate itself to improvement. I’m a little surprised IU hasn’t gone to a swarming, motion defense for short stretches of time to dispute tough-to-defend teams…just try to get them out of sync.

  • fourputtsforsnowman

    True, but you have to give it up for Perea…he got out and rebounded a UM layup miss when yogi lost the ball near half court on an inbounds play. How Perea beat yogi down the court when yogi started at half court is beyond me.